Luo Shixin suddenly rushed to hand up the knife and fell to the ground. Two people around Yuan Taizuo fell to the ground. Yuan Taizuo was forced by Luo Shixin’s momentum to stand unsteadily, but his face was not afraid.
Yang You quickly stepped forward and looked at Yuan Taizuo coldly. Suddenly he smiled and said, "Yuan Taizuo, it is not so easy for you to burn food."
"Hehe!" Yuan Taizuo suddenly laughed. He knew that being caught by Sui Jun would lead to death. He knew that he had few days to live. He was not afraid of death, but he was unwilling. Although it was a matter of time before the city was broken, he could not burn the food. This was his greatest failure. At this time, Yuan Taizuo could not help but feel some resentment. Why did you build a granary so strong that it could be set on fire and waterproof?
"Dog thief, what are you laughing at!" Luo Shixin heard that Yuan Taizuo was like crying and laughing. He kicked him in the previous step and held Yuan Taizuo’s housekeeper to chop him to death with a knife. Then he looked at Yuan Taizuo coldly.
Yang You walked slowly forward and looked at Yuan Taizuo and suddenly smiled. "Yuan Taizuo once told Yuan Pure Land that I would definitely attack Goguryeo, but what don’t you believe?"
Mrs. Yuan suddenly opened her eyes and once told him one thing, saying that a young Sui man vowed to win Koguryo this year. At that time, Yuan Pure Land laughed and admitted that it was always abnormal for the young Sui man to be either delusional or crazy.
At this time, a listen to Yang You said so, Yuan Taizuo cried to react, so the young man was Yang You! He looked at Yang You strangely, his eyes widened, and Yang You looked at him with a wave of his hand and said, "Tie Yuan Taizuo up first!"
"Ha ha!" Too deep suddenly gave a series of desperate smiles. He suddenly got up and the young people ran towards the fence at a speed comparable to that of others.
"Stop him!" Yang You reacted for the first time. He knew that Yuan Taizuo was going to die.
Luo Shixin came or didn’t speak, and chased him towards Yuan Taizuo. His pace was fast and big. Even if Yuan Taizuo tried his best to run, he was still being chased by Luo Shixin. "Where is the bastard!" Luo Shixin drink a hand stretched out like a cattail leaf fan toward the deep just grasp to go to.
Knowing that he would be humiliated if he was caught by Yang You, Yuan Tai-tai quickly twisted his body and leaped to the fence with all his strength. The fence was broken by a sound, but Yuan Tai-tai also slowed down and didn’t finish falling.
Luo Shixin quickly grabbed a pick-up Yuan Taizuo and struggled to pick him up. Yuan Taizuo struggled to resist two thin fingers and grabbed Luo Shixin at random. The back of his hand was scratched by him.
"get up!" Luo Shixin, a folded drink, struggled to make the deep too shallow, but just listening to the tearing sound of the cloth, Luo Shixin felt that the light deep in his hand was too shallow to fall to Luo Shixin, and he quickly reached out and grabbed it, but he couldn’t get it, but he watched the deep too shallow fall.
It’s a pity that Luo Shixin sighed that this great achievement should slip through his fingertips!
Yang You walked quickly to the fence and stared at Fang Jianyuan, who fell to the ground and didn’t move at all. Think about it, it’s also at least twenty feet from the ground. If you can still live, it would be a miracle. Yang You sighed, "The thief is dead, but his body can still be taken away by General Liluo."
"hey!" Luo Shixin answered and hurried away.
Yang You stared around, and Sui Jun’s efforts to put out the fire have gradually been extinguished. In many places, the flames have been invisible, and the smoke curled up and waited for half an hour. The fire was completely extinguished and the losses were counted.
It is estimated that there are 300,000 stones of grain burned in this granary, and the loss of grain is less than 5,000 stones. This is not a big loss. Yang You can accept it. With this grain, more than 50,000 people in Yang You will no longer be worried.
Yang You walked into the granary and stared at Sui Jun’s source of life. Before he died, Yuan Taizuo did not forget to destroy this batch of food. It can be seen that this person would rather die than die. Yang You walked to the front of Yuan Taizuo, who had already fallen bloody, and looked at his thin body. Yang You called several soldiers and told them to make a stand.
Just after that, soldiers rushed to the front of Yang You, kneeling and fuels, saying, "General Dugu got the information, and an army of 10,000 people appeared 20 miles away and was coming towards the national city!"
Du Ruhui said aside, "It should be that Yuan Taizuo sent an ambush and came back after getting the news!"
"If I didn’t guess wrong, it must be the combination of Yuanji Glass and Yuangai Suwen!" Yang You laughed and added, "Close the gate first. Now the situation in the city is not stable." Yang You commanded.
"hey!" Luo Shixin and Pei Hangyan were brought away.
Du Ruhui said, "Bi Goguryeo’s reinforcements have come all the way. General Hou has ambushed the main road. Maybe they will fall for it!"
Yang You ha ha a smile "I naturally hope so, but the dense forest with wide terrain in this area is not necessary. They may not enter the ambush, but more importantly, they have been calculated by me once. I think they should be very vigilant and won’t be fooled again."
Chapter 6 Actors
Deep season coloured glaze and Yuan Gai Su-wen took the army all the way back to Guocheng. Because the soldiers’ physical strength declined greatly, the army stopped the entrance three miles away from Guocheng. At this time, Yuan Gai Su-wen and Yuan Ji coloured glaze were afraid of Yang You and avoided being attacked by Sui people. They sent several scouts, Fiona Fang, to deliver messages back and forth for twenty miles.
It is precisely because of this that Hou Jun was found ambushing in the dense forest that he retreated disgruntled and returned to the national city to inform the news.
He was still very proud to find Sui Jun’s ambush, Yuan Gai Su-wen, but soon after he got the news that Guocheng had been captured, Yuan Gai Su-wen’s face collapsed. Coming to Sui Jun to break Guocheng not only meant that his father and Goguryeo were too far away from Zhiyuan, but also must have been captured.
Guocheng fell into Sui Jun’s hands, and his father’s life and death were uncertain. When Su Wen got the news, he immediately rushed outside the city with cavalry to see that the flag of Guocheng Chengtou had been replaced by the red flag of the Sui Dynasty.
Just as Yuan Gai Su-wen arrived outside the city, Yang You also visited Chengtou. He had received news that a group of Koguryo people were coming towards the city, so he came to see that his eyes were a group of Koguryo people who had stopped. Yang You’s eyes were sharp and he found Yuan Gai Su-wen impressively.
Yang You couldn’t help laughing at the sight of Yuan Gai Su Wen sneaking around in the crowd. He waved his hand and shouted, "Somebody bring me Yuan Taizuo’s body!"
"hey!" Immediately, soldiers rushed to the wall and rode horses towards Mo Li’s mansion. Yuan Taizuo’s body had been placed there, and Qinbing reached Mo Li’s mansion after reading the layers of corpse sea and smelling incense, and people moved horses and ran towards Chengtou.
At this time, Yuan Gai Su-wen also found Yang You. He gnashed his teeth and lamented that Yang You wanted to peel him off and cramp him, but it was only here. Yuan Gai Su-wen observed half a ring and found that Guocheng gradually calmed down, that is to say, Sui Jun had occupied the city, and the smell of blood brought by the mountain breeze made Yuan Gai Su-wen determine that Yang You, the butcher, must have carried out a tragic humanitarian massacre in Guocheng.
At the thought of this, Yuan Gai Su Wen felt more distressed than he did. He was silent for half a ring and was about to leave when someone moved in Chengtou.
Yang You commanded a cross to be erected. Yuan Gai Su Wen rarely saw such a thing, but when he saw it clearly, his eyes almost popped out. A body was nailed to the cross. The thin face of the body was old and impressive. Koguryo was far from the branch!
His father was dead and his body was so insulted after his death, which made Yuan Gai Su-wen very angry. He clenched his fist and clicked his knuckles for a moment. Yuan Gai Su-wen couldn’t stand his anger any longer and rode out.
"Yang You, how dare you do this to my late father!" Yuan Gai Su Wen rushed over and swore before he reached the wall.
Yang You sneered at Chengtou, "Somebody give me a hard slap!"
"hey!" A soldier should take out his whip and severely beat Yuan Taizuo’s body. "Bang!" The body was twitched, the clothes were smashed, and the pieces drifted away with the wind. One piece fell beside Yuan Gai Su Wen, and he reached out and grabbed the pieces with poverty and hatred in his eyes.
The setting sun is like blood. Yuan Gai Su Wen stared at a pair of red eyes and stared at the Sui people who were whipping their father’s body. He listened to Yang You’s sound and his teeth clicked.
"Yang You’s revenge will not be reported to me!" Yuan Gai Su-wen’s whistling sound is extremely tragic.
Yang You sneered, "Yuan Gai Su Wen said you would be loyal to me, but you secretly did something bad to me. Don’t you know that you and Yuan Ji Liuli want to ambush me?"
"Koguryo Da Sui is a feud. How can I betray Koguryo’s loyalty to Da Sui? You are wishful thinking! " Yuan Gai Su-wen shouted that his father was dead and he had military scruples in his hands.
"As you said, the great Sui Goguryeo is a feud, and I have to go too far. Come and smoke hard and don’t stop! " Yang You said with a wave of his hand, QinBing whipped Yuan Taizuo’s body more violently. At this time, Yuan Taizuo’s blood had not solidified soon after his death. As QinBing whipped Yuan Taizuo, his skin was raw, and a few drops of blood flew in the wind and splashed on Yuan Gaisu’s body.
Yuan Gai Su Wen was even more furious. He suddenly pulled out a lance and waved it to avenge himself. Deep season coloured glaze quickly stopped him and said, "The archduke must hold back! Yang You children are absolutely not to anger you! "
"Wouldn’t it be a shame not to report such great hatred?" Yuan Gai Su-wen shouted that he wanted to leap forward again and leap forward. He was riding a war horse and holding him tightly. "Dagong must not!"
Yang You looked at Yuan Gai Su Wen coldly. He suddenly laughed coldly. "Yuan Gai Su Wen, you stare big eyes. This is your father’s deep sorrow. Don’t you watch him being beaten by wind and rain here? Are you still alone? "
Yuan Gai Su Wen heard the words and screamed with anger. The steeds kept struggling. Yuan Ji coloured glaze clung to him and didn’t dare to let him rush away. Otherwise, Sui Jun crossbowman didn’t see that Dagong would be shot into a hornet’s nest.
Yuan Gai Su Wen struggled for half a ring, and his arms gradually softened. When he saw that his anger seemed to have subsided, he quickly said, "Dagong, this is a trick of the Sui people. They want to provoke Dagong! Now that Mo Lizhi has been killed, we need the archduke to lead us to avenge the Koguryo people! I hope the archduke will calm down and calm down! "
Qinbing all around also said, "Dagong said that he would stay in the green hills and burn the Sui people without firewood. I hope Dagong will take care of himself and lead us to restore Goguryeo!"
As soon as Yuan Gai Su-wen let go of the palm of his hand, the weapon fell "clang" and Yuan Gai Su-wen said with tears in his eyes, "Hateful!"
Yuanji Liulile turned the horse’s head and said, "Dagong will go back first!"
Several QinBing escorted the two people drifting away and disappearing. In Yang You’s sight, Hou Jun came slowly. He snorted, "This person really has the courage. If it is not for the deep season, the glass will be buried, and Goguryeo will die."
Yang You squinted at Hou Jun and suddenly laughed. "Hou Aiqing, although you have read a lot, you are still a little poor in sense!" Yang You said and stepped away from the wall.
Hou Jun was about to leave Du Ruhui when he grabbed it. "What do you mean by assistant minister Du?"
Du Ruhui stopped and whispered, "Did your performance just now by Yuan Gai Su Wen want revenge from Yuan Taizuo?"
"Isn’t it?" Hou Jun is one leng.
"If Yuan Gai Su Wen was such a strong-willed person, he wouldn’t have been so grovelling in front of him." Du Ruhui also stepped away from Chengtou with that.
Hou Jun inclined his neck and thought for half a ring. This was the way it turned out. At the beginning, Yuan Gai Su Wen worked like a dog. Now he is so passionate? The purpose is to unite Goguryeo soldiers and expand the hatred limit against the Great Sui Dynasty, so that Yuan Gai Su Wen can successfully control this army and ensure that their morale will not be affected by the fall of the national city.
At the thought of this, Hou Jun suddenly remembered that he was an actor in every word! Although Hou Jun doesn’t know what the actor means.
Yuan Gai Su-wen retreated to the big army with a group of people. Yuan Gai Su-wen was very sad and announced that the national city had been captured by Sui Jun! This news shocked Koguryo people, and some people looked more disappointed than others. It is another thing for more people to get the news.
Most of these soldiers are citizens of Guocheng, and their families all live in Guocheng. Now that Guocheng has been invaded by Sui Jun, what about their families? According to the performance of the Sui people the other day, their cruelty will definitely lead to slaughter in the city. Many soldiers are chilled at the thought of this.
They are not afraid of death, but they are worried about the safety of their loved ones. Just when they are about to ask questions, Yuan Gai Su-wen is even more sad. He tells everyone that his father Koguryo is respected and Mo Li-chih has died in his country, and this is nothing. His body was hung by the Sui people at the south gate of the country, and it was extremely unfilial to be whipped by the Sui people.
The soldiers were shocked. It is normal for a soldier to die in battle, but even the enemy needs respect! It’s a great insult for Koguryo that the Sui people whipped Mo Li! Goguryeo soldiers were all excited at the thought of this. At this time, they obviously forgot that the heads of the soldiers of the Sui Dynasty in Liaodong City were built into Jingguan.
"Don’t take revenge on your family!" Many Koguryo soldiers shouted slogans louder and louder.
Yuan Gai Su Wen wiped his face with tears and shouted, "You Sui people took my country and killed my family. This blood feud must be reported! I, Yuan Gai Su Wen, swear here that we must kill Qian Qian’s 10,000-year-old Sui people and take revenge on Koguryo people! "
"I am willing to accept Dagong’s revenge on Koguryo’s family! From now on, Dagong is Koguryo Mo Li! " Someone shouted, as his voice became more and more, more and more soldiers began to echo hatred, and many soldiers did not pay attention to the wording of Yuan Gai Su.
Yuan Gai Su-wen wiped his tears and flashed a sly look in his eyes. He knew that in the face of the national crisis, he had United this group of Koguryo people, and kept them in sufficient morale. With the motivation and courage to continue to live, he could say that he had completely controlled this army of more than 20,000 people. If he wanted to benefit this army, he could achieve his long-cherished wish.
Now Gao Jianwu, the king of Koguryo, has fallen into the hands of Sui Jun. It can be said that he is no longer a Koguryo but a lackey of Sui people. At the right time, he is the dream of Wang Yuanjia of Koguryo for many years, and it may come true in his hands.