Xiao Yuexian held her daughter back after a slight hesitation.
"Hou Aiqing" Yang You said.
"When I arrived at Changsunfu, my grandson should avoid getting drunk, so I have to bring him." Hou Jungong handed me a gift and took out some letters from the cuff.
"This is what I found in Changsunfu. Please take a look," Hou Jun said.
"hmm!" Yang You took the letter and opened it. He suddenly flew into a rage and said, "Don’t be jealous!"
Grandson avoid one leng slightly drunk dimly watching Yang You hasn’t fully wake up.
"Grandson, you should collude with the pseudo-Tang Dynasty in an attempt to subvert the Hou Jun of the Great Sui Dynasty. You sent him to Dali Temple to be tried together with Xiao Xian’s rebellion." Yang You said and told a few words before.
Hou Jun nodded and said, "Yes, I do!"
Soon Hou Jun arrested his grandson, who was still drunk and hazy, and brought him to Dali Temple. Hundreds of guards guarded him and escorted him from the streets of Chengdu. At this time, it was daytime, and many people witnessed this scene. Many people in Chengdu knew that the three became tigers. After Liang Wang Xiao Xi rebelled, Chang Sunji also fell into the whirlpool of rebellion and became a hot topic in Chengdu for a while.
People talk about it in succession. I’m afraid that someone will fall to the ground soon when the situation of the imperial court of the Sui Dynasty rises. Is it possible that the Sui Dynasty will split before the day is unified? Perhaps this chaos will make the Sui Dynasty flourish and decline, and some people with lofty ideals look worried when they see that it is very dangerous.
Not only the people talked about the courtiers, but also talked about hearing the case in succession. Wei Yunqi felt that the pressure increased greatly. The case of Sun Ji was a little better. Although there was a grandson’s scale as the background, it was not as good as Xiao Xian’s Xiao Hou and Xiao Yu’s current pursuit. Today, Xiao Hou is a day grandmother. Xiao Yu is a court official with a very high status, and Xiao Yuexian’s harem status is also very special. I don’t know how many people will be offended if Xiao Yu is convicted! This makes Wei Yun difficult.
Xiao Yu once came to him and told him what Xiao Hou meant. Even if Xiao Xian made a big mistake, after all, he was a relative of the country and the country, he had to find a way to save his life. However, the day gave Wei Yunqi an order, that is, everyone is equal before the national law. Wei Yunqi let Wei Hou test the idea of heaven, but Yang You changed the subject of his mother’s inquiry without revealing his color or even playing. Wei Juan asked for several times, but he still couldn’t get the result. He had to give up the whole big Sui court. It seemed that mountains and rains were coming, and Yang You, blood shed, was The pressure of mother, mother and wife did not retreat at all, which made the whole Chengdu people know about it. The subjects of the Sui Dynasty all recognized that this time they were serious about starting with royalty! –2721
Chapter 19 Throw a brick to attract jade
In front of the Dali Temple, Xue Wanjun and Li Zhian dressed up as Bashu people and pretended to be watching the people in the crowd. From time to time, they looked at the front and observed the situation of Dali Temple.
Yang Maoran laughed and looked at his wife’s worried face. "Zitong, don’t you worry about this? I already have a plan."
Duguyan bit her lip and suddenly said, "If Liang Wang is beheaded, I’m afraid the country will be in turmoil."
Yang You reached out and patted Duguyan on the shoulder and said, "Zitong, when do you think I have suffered losses?"
Xue Wanjun outside Dali Temple couldn’t help but sneer at the two points. He had already seen Xiao Xian being escorted to the grandson’s jealousy, but it was tied up. The people gradually dispersed in twos and threes, talking about this big case. Xue Wanjun cocked up his ears and listened carefully. He couldn’t help but smile.
Xue Wanjun stretched out his palm and Li Zhian hit his face with a smirk.
"Brother Xue succeeded!" Li Zhian low tone is full of joy.
Although Xue Wanjun was very happy in his heart, he could control his emotions. He knew that he should never be angry with his face, so he nodded and said, "Go back and talk."
Li Zhian nodded and the two men took a glance at Dali Temple and left in a hurry to get to the residence.
Shortly after the two left, Lv Dong walked out of Dali Temple slowly. He was very happy, humming a Bashu ditty. This time, he successfully reported Xiao Xian’s case today. Dali Temple Qing has decided to sentence Xiao Xian and his grandson to rebel. After the examination and approval of the punishments, he will ask for an answer.
Lv Dong is very clear about this matter, so to speak, punishments have been settled, but it is just a formality, and it will be approved. If punishments accurately say that the day doesn’t want to kill two people, Dali Temple Root won’t convict them. Lv Dong walked out of Dali Temple backstreet and wandered around for half a ring. He suddenly got into the crowd and ran towards Xue Wanjun’s temporary residence.
When Lv Dong arrived at the mansion, Xue Wanjun and Li Zhian were waiting for Lv Dong’s good news to knock at the door. Li Zhian excitedly got up and said, "Lv Dong must be back!"
It was Lv Dong Li Zhian who opened the door and welcomed him into the door and quickly walked back to the door. "Brother Xue is the Lu brother."
"Brother Lu, sit!" Xue Wanjun squinted and motioned for Lv Dong to sit down.
Lv Dong arched his hand and said, "Brother Xue and Brother Li!" Sit down first.
Lv Dong took a sip of wine and told the witness about the interrogation of Dali Temple before Xue Wanjun asked. Lv Dong’s words were very powerful. He told the story in its original place. Xue Wanjun couldn’t help laughing. This result is already very good, but it is strange for Xue Wanjun that his original ideas are different from the interrogation situation.
Xue Wanjun hesitated for a moment and said, "What happened to Tian Tieshan?"
Li Zhian snorted, "Xue Dage can rest assured that I have told him to go back to China and tell him about it."
"Tian Tieshan is a doubt, but now it seems that this anti-Sui day is a thin lover, and he is bent on killing Xiao Xian." Xue Wanjun said that he can understand this idea. After all, Xiao Xian is a lean generation, and it is the best way to get rid of the roots.
Li Zhian is interested in another thing. "What did Brother Lu give you?" His mouth is naturally Yang You.
Lv Dong laughed. "I originally gave twenty taels of silver. Today, the case is settled. Wei Siqing said that there is another reward. I don’t know what it is."
"Twenty taels of silver" Li Zhian is very interested.
Lv Dong can’t help Li Zhi’s mind. Behind him, he leaned into his arms and took out an ingot with twelve taels of silver. He put it on the case several times. "Brother Xue and Brother Li are humble. This is a little token of my gratitude. Wait until the reward is given in the anti-Sui days to honor the two eldest brothers."
Xue Wanjun didn’t make signal with the lips. Money is not worth anything to him. Now he has the word "revenge" in his heart. Li Zhian impolitely put the silver in his arms and patted the wine bottle carefully. He was about to speak when he suddenly hurried to his feet.
Li Zhian one leng door was suddenly opened and a man rushed in, saying, "Xue Dage’s event is bad, and a large number of Sui troops are on their way."
Li Zhian was surprised that the wine bottle landed with a crunchy sound, and the wine splashed everywhere. "What Sui Jun is here?"
Xue Wanjun frowned and suddenly got up. A sense of foreboding rose in his heart and he took a deep breath. Xue Wanjun said, "Don’t be chaotic. Now the city is in turmoil. Maybe this batch of Sui Jun has another purpose."
Lu Dongdao "I’ll go out and have a look!"
Xue Wanjun grabbed him and said, "No, you mustn’t appear here." After thinking about it, Xue Wanjun added, "You should pay attention to going out through the back door."
Lv Dong should run towards the back door. Xue Wanjun took Li Zhian out of the house and walked towards the door to see what happened. Two people just took dozens of steps, and one person ran to the door and said, "Xue Dage Sui Jun is kicking the door!"
As soon as his voice just fell, he heard a dull sound from the gate, and the gate collapsed. Hou Jun, Pei Hang Yanyan, Luo Shixin and others rushed in to kill the Sui generals. Dugu Martial Arts took several royal guards to guide the way. Someone tried to stop the Sui soldiers from being split in half by Hou Jun’s hand.
Hearing the brothers scream, Xue Wanjun changed his face. He didn’t understand what was going on at the moment, but at this time, the situation didn’t allow him to think much. He quickly turned his head and left. Li Zhian followed a line of people behind him and ran towards the back door.
At this time, the back door has been opened. Presumably, Lv Dong has escaped. There is no Suibing in the back door of Li Zhian’s exultation. As soon as he arrived at the back door, running all the way listened to him and drank several arrows and came to Li Zhian to avoid being staggered by disorderly arrows.
Xue Wanjun was a little slow for two steps before he was shot to death. He glanced at Li Zhian’s heart in a pool of blood and cried it cold. Xue Wanjun looked around in an ambush ahead. It seems that he is going to die here this time, but he is unwilling. Xue’s brothers are killed and wounded. The only hope for revenge is that he can get revenge in this life.
At this time, the footsteps in the rear were clearly audible, and more than three or four people around them were frightened and looking at Xue Wanjun, hoping that he could take a notice. Xue Wanjun’s eyes turned and his heart suddenly moved. He pointed to the front and shouted, "Brothers, rush over!"
"Rush over?" A few people were taken aback, but they immediately remembered that Sui Jun was not far away. They couldn’t help shuddering. They pulled out their horizontal knives and rushed towards the back door to kill them. They rushed out and survived.
Xue Wanjun sneered. He quickly stepped aside and jumped into the pit to survive. He was able to do this. Several people rushed a few steps and were suddenly shot down by the dense arrow feather.
Pei Hangyan, Luo Shixin and others killed fifteen or sixteen people all the way to the back door and saw a well-dressed man fall in a pool of blood. I think this person is the mastermind of this rebellion.
"What a pity!" PeiHangYan shook his head.
Luo Shixin ha ha a smile "kill time! What a pity? "
Pei Xingyan glanced around and said, "This man is a thief, but it’s a pity that he didn’t catch this man, otherwise we can find out who is behind the scenes. Isn’t it a pity that he is dead now?"
Hou Jun came quickly and said, "Although this person was not captured alive, it was a great achievement to finally behead the thief."
Luo Shixin sneer at a "pursuit of English shall be affected by such a trick? The thief’s coming to Bashu to cheat is just a joke. "
Pei Hangyan said in a daze, "Do you seem to know something from what you said?" Pei Hangyan is also quite a divinatory figure.
"This time, thanks to Yin Yuyi, Yin Kaishan, Liu Hongji and others who secretly handed back the pseudo-Tang trick, they realized that Liang Wang was framed, so they set a trap. This Lv Dong really did it!" Master Du Guwu walked quickly around and took a look at it. At the end, he told everyone, "Yin Yuyi, Yin Kaishan and Liu Hongji are all false Tang eyeliner. A few people know that if I am in charge of the Royal Guards, I don’t know about it. You brothers should keep it a secret!"
"This is natural!" Hou Jun, Pei Xingyan and Luo Shixin bowed their hands and promised Luo Shixin to wave their hands and said, "Move these bodies out of the house and seal them up and go back to the palace to get back to me!" "hey!" The soldiers answered and got busy-2723