"I know that I will learn more and watch more to help Longge be a big housekeeper!" Small four is not melodramatic. Longge’s future success will definitely not stop at this steel mill. What’s wrong with being a big housekeeper for Longge?
Longyou heart stretched out his hand and lamented a small four’ chest’ mouth "you little! However, it is not hypocritical at all. Since you want to learn, don’t push the’ door’ in quickly? " It turns out that the two people have reached the "door" of Li Yan’s office.
Longyou and Xiaosi pushed the "door" and entered Guo Fu and others, but they waited for the inside early. Li Yan sat in the chair and left the tea without saying a word. Guo Fu was also not good at sitting and was very embarrassed.
In the office, the two of them did not expect a Mr. Zhang, a Mr. Moritani, a meeting recorder of the sensible meeting and a technical talent he pulled from Sakura resources
"Ha little dragon is coming! Come and go, everyone is here. Don’t be silly. There are sofas over there. " Li Yan sipped his tea and greeted with a smile.
Deputy Guo and others don’t know how long it’s been here. Root hasn’t received half a sentence. At this time, when Longyou came, Li Yan greeted everyone, but there was a feeling of being touched by Longyou light, and there was a sense of indescribable subtlety in my heart.
"Hey, I’m here today to discuss the future development of steel mills. It should be Xiaolong. After all, it’s Xiaolong Yanshu, the major shareholder. You won’t dispute with Yanshu today, will you?" Li Yan said smilingly that Longyou hurriedly got up and said the scene words. This posture is like knocking people, but Longyou knows that maybe he thinks differently.
Li Yan, the director of the whole steel plant, and several other senior qualifications have also become more profitable. Although he is now the major shareholder of Longyou, Li Yan’s prestige for decades is still there.
"I don’t know that there is a saying in the ancients that if you are poor, you will change, and you will pass. I don’t know which ancient face it is. It means that people are poor, just like thinking about change, you can get access to it. This truth is the same. Everyone can see that we can’t be lost by the tide. It is indeed time to change the key." Li Yan did not poke the fake Yang and the cloak man, but talked about the future of the steel mill.
"This point is haunted. When there is a little dragon, I caught the ghost man who pretended to be a god." Speaking of this, Uncle Yan took a sip of tea and paused.
"Isn’t he making trouble? If it weren’t for previous events, where would this happen?" Guo, deputy, heard here that the main event was to the bottom of my heart because I was assured by Li Laotou that I had a good hand and muttered a few words.
"Guo Zhu, you mean that Moritani technology can’t make a production line improvement plan and cause employee dissatisfaction? Oh, Moritani, let me talk about it. Don’t worry! " Small four follow longyou come in good coincidence unfortunately heard guo, vice this muttering lest the day is not "chaotic" embellished said.
"Bang" Moritani Yuichi didn’t know anything yet, but when he heard this sentence from Junior Four, his face immediately changed. He threw his hand clip and said gruffly, "Master Guo, if you think I’m not strong enough, you can invite someone else!"
Longyou listened to Moritani Yu, and a pair of Guo Fu questioned that it was hard to hold back a smile and quietly erected a thumb toward Xiaosi. Guo Fu meant for Longyou, but being misinterpreted by Xiaosi directly became a complaint against Moritani Yuyi.
Moritani Yuichi speaks fluent Chinese, but after all, he is not Chinese and a different worldly guy. After a brief reflection on Guo Fu, he feels that Guo Fu is complaining that he has not made good plans and led to this incident.
"Not … me … this!" Deputy Guo faltered. How can this be explained? It was complaining about Longyou’s blind command, but now it has been misinterpreted as questioning Moritani’s strength, which directly offended this very difficult technical talent.
"Hey small four can’t talk, don’t’ mess’! How could Lord Guo have such a meaning? Right, Lord Guo! " Longyou choked back a smile and reprimanded Xiao Si with a straight face, but turned to Guo, the deputy army.
Good Li Yan and others advised Moritani Yuichi that he didn’t make too much trouble with Guo Fu, but he breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to stay up all night these days to write out the plan to prove himself!
Although we all know that the plan was broken because of ghost, even so, half of the plan is being implemented and the effect is very obvious
Chapter 37 planned exposure
There was a little interruption in the incident, but it quickly got back to the topic. Li Yankou pleaded guilty and threw a piece of information lightly. He said, "Speaking of this haunted incident, there are no imps and ghosts, but there are three or two people who are familiar with the factory behind the scenes, so those who are not long-sighted and deliberately harm the interests of steel mills!"
Uncle Yan threw words like a bomb, and Xiao Si knew who was waiting silently with a round of his eyes. However, Longyou’s heart was really different, and Guo’s deputy was afraid that there was something bad in that document, for he was forced to suppress his heartbeat and felt calm with his eyes closed and his nose closed.
Moritani Yuichi, though not born and bred, knows that this time is not his own time to take a look, but it is good to look around Mr. Zhang, and Mr. Zhang should go to the whole room first.
Mr. Zhang a wry smile know this kind of thing is not so simple, I’m afraid his best choice is not to go to the muddy water.
But I picked up the information after all.
Mr. Zhang hasn’t read two or three lines of words. Vice Guo also picked up the information to read.
Moritani Yuichi consciously is a technical talent. He is here to help with this semi-public secret. He still has some people who look at this information with different expressions.
"What did you do!" Mr. Zhang didn’t expect to do so many things against the steel mill in such a short time even if he had known earlier that this ghost was a half-generation old man in this steel mill. Guo Fu slowly looked at the lack of information and things involved in him, so he had to be cautious enough. Even Li Laotou might not be able to dig it out.
Longyou watched indifferently from beginning to end, and Xiao Si smiled.
"It’s not the interests of the local ruffians who will be tempted. No one can escape this little’ mixed’ and’ mixed’ speech is not necessarily true, but it must be part of the truth. But we really can’t let him go if he is suspected. Pay attention to the words and deeds of people around us and see who has motive!" Looking at Longyou, I emphasized word by word that "Xiaolong encourages the reporting system. All workers in the steel plant can report people who are suspected of having criminal motives and leave them to the judicial machine!"
Longyou knocked on the table to consider the decision without refuting Li Yan.
Guo Fu breathed a sigh of relief. Although Li Yan called them here to say these things, Li Yan’s tone meant to beat them. At least for the time being, he didn’t worry about his failure.
Li Yan took a look at Guo Fu’s slightly hunchbacked shadow, sighed and patted Guo Fu’s shoulder and said, "We are all old when we are old! At the beginning, Guo Zhu was also full of energy. Now a young man has a beer belly and crow’s feet. After Nanchang Steel Plant, it is a group of young people! "
Yanshu said this words to others, but there was no feeling that Longyou and Mr. Zhang looked at each other at the moment, and Guo Fu looked at the corner of his eyes with sweat, and his face was strange.
Looking at Yan Yan’s eyes turned and turned, I thought to myself whether this was true or false.
Xiao Si rolled his eyes a few times and suddenly leaned over to Low Dragon Tour’s ear and said, "Brother Long Yan seems to be trying to unload the rhythm?"
Longyou laughed and patted Xiaosi on the shoulder and said, "Your brain is turning fast this time. It’s pretty fast to learn!"
Li Yan finally made a little summary. This small meeting is over. Uncle Yan waved his hand to signal everyone to go out and then shouted "Xiaolong, you stay first!"
Yan Shu smiled and took a sip of tea when he walked to the last door of the fourth office. "Is it right for Yan Shu to handle this little dragon?"
"Uncle Yan, where can there be a mistake? A small meeting not only completely solved the haunted incident, but also strengthened everyone’s confidence in reforming the steel plant. Guo Fu also released his mind to kill three birds with one stone. If you don’t count against Moritani’s’ sex’, I’m afraid this time it’s an external shutdown. I’ll come up with a feasible new plan these days, but I’ve hit a nest of birds!" Here, Longyou learns to hold out a thumb towards Yan Shu in the small four "spicy! Ginger is still spicy! "
Longyou, this is a statement to prove that he has not dug deep into this matter now.
Li Yan rarely sighed silently for a long time. "I know what you mean when it happened to Xiaolong. Now it’s a young man. I can’t help him if he makes such a big mistake!" But you and I will think about it again! " Although Longyou is very good, what caused Yan Shu to be so reluctant to take too many gestures, but since Yan Shu doesn’t want to say that he doesn’t need to expose his scars.
"Director Wang, where are you now?"
Guo, vice dialed Wang Jing’s sincere words and asked anxiously.
After coming out from Li Yan, Vice Guo still has some worries about the information. There is not much evidence, but Vice Guo can’t think that if someone digs it up …
At the other end of the sentence, it was Wang Jing who answered casually, "What’s the matter, Lord Guo?"
"Our plan seems to be exposed!"
When you say this, Wang Jing’s sincere face suddenly changed color.
I can’t believe I asked, "What did you say? It’s impossible to know this plan, but how can someone find out about it? Don’t talk nonsense. Are you kidding me? "
"What’s teasing you? I mean, it’s all good, right? I guess we have a ghost, otherwise how could he know our affairs so well! "
Shake a shake eyes Guo deputy guess this thing.
That Wang Jing is also very much in favor of this statement, but I don’t know who that person really is. The bottom of my heart filter people who may betray themselves.
"According to my inference, which leopard should it be? It’s a little unreliable. If he visits them, we’ll be in big trouble."
King’ Jing’ Cheng is cold to hum a few words. He thinks the leopard is the most likely person.
Wang’s "fine" sincere "yin" face is considered as his dragon tour again? That can’t stop his plan, or he will die.
"I said the factory director wang that what should we do now? I really want to skin that leopard and kill it! Incredibly dare to betray us "guo vice * * * a mouth’ lips’ mercilessly said.
After a little meditation, Wang Jing honestly answered him, "I think we need to hide for a while this time, because if the leopard goes against it, they know that everything has changed after the plan, and they can’t go according to the original route, and it will be even worse if they catch the current words."
"Do you have to hide? Is this too timid?"