At the same time
Ordinary people don’t know secretly.
Those who were managed by [AO] to find an excuse to come to [gods] also survived the initial problems and barely rested for a while.
Even if the strength is greatly reduced, there are only nine Niu Yi hairs [Shenti], [Instinct], [Godhead] and [Divine Power] … which are also restricted by the orientation.
But at least it’s no longer as lonely as when I first came.
I have restored my strength to a level that is far from being close to the [all] vertex by ordinary people.
And thanks to a little afterglow in the past, they are definitely better than ordinary people and demigods of the same magnitude at the moment!
It is also said that if you don’t die, you will already protect yourself.
Then they realized that there was no big problem, and they walked out of their temporary hiding place one after another and wandered around.
While observing the situation in various places, I tried to find the so-called "destiny slate"
It seems to them that since [AO] has thrown his group of guys here, [destiny slate] should be nearby.
You can’t limit it to the Astral World, can you?
If that’s the case, it’s really desperate and difficult. It’s enough to last forever …
There are many "gods" wandering around incognito.
I am also quite satisfied with the situation of the [church] that belongs to me, and I agree with the reaction of my staff.
And then continue to hide …
Why are they not directly associated with their own genus?
All this is simple, too.
First, they are not sure whether some of their genera are truly and absolutely loyal, and they can not move some crooked thoughts when they see the [gods] in trouble.
After all, "Gods" are now just like mobile gift packages. If you kill them, you can immediately harvest their "Gods" …
Second, they don’t want to be early birds for the time being.
In this period, their enemies are not only those mortals.
Yu Shen is also a threat.
Eyes are definitely a good time for some guys.
The strength gap between all the "gods" has reached a historical low. I don’t know how many ambitious guys who are dissatisfied with their past "clergy" and "divine power level" are also looking at those who are also in trouble and stronger, and intend to take the opportunity to swallow them up …
Maybe … [God] will have a big reshuffle.’
I don’t know how many [gods] can’t help but come up with this idea after realizing the crisis of opportunity.
It is precisely because of this.
Even if you have regained some strength, it should be ill to protect yourself in general.
But those [gods] still chose to remain anonymous but dared not take the initiative to stir up.
Afraid of accidentally giving him yin.
The whole "Torre’s World" doesn’t ring, and it also smells like a "werewolf killing game".
Guess who I am?
Guess where I hide?
Chapter 1317 Damn good deep scheming …
[Bottom Abyss (DND Plane)]
[Torre’s World] What happened inside is naturally not from this side.
But just like those mortals don’t know anything about things
[Bottom Abyss (DND Plane)] Many forces are naturally equally confused.
Root is not white [gods] play some strange tricks.
The overall situation is similar to that of mortals.
They also feel that the "gods" are not falling, but are temporarily out of order or plotting something.
After all, it’s not very reliable that the massive fall of the [gods] is true …
Therefore, the vast majority of [Demon Lord (DND Plane)] are puzzled by the face of [Demon King (DND Plane)], and after looking around, they withdrew their attention as if something had happened, and did not deliberately note what to continue to [Bottom Abyss (DND Plane)] and compete for territory …
After all, the situation in Torre’s World doesn’t matter to them …
It can be said that there is a guy named "Abyss Godhead"
They are temporarily out of the way.
(ps [Abyss Godhead] is similar to [Godhead] but only limited to [Bottom Abyss (DND Plane)]. As soon as it comes into effect, the effect will have to be broken on the spot.)
But look at the chaos in this piece of fat [Torre’s World]
Some guys still don’t raise some ideas.
For example, since there seems to be something wrong with [the gods], maybe you can take the opportunity to rob them and turn around and run …
I can’t help wondering how I can get some benefits …
Due to the eccentricity of several gods.
This is the group, although it is ok, but it really can’t be a big climate waste.
After all, the original intention of creating this group of "Abyss Demons (DND Plane)" by [Shenshen] is only to find some trouble for [Shenshen] and by the way, to check the current situation of various [worlds], but it is not really a big deal.
This directly leads to the fact that these guys are not very limited in strength and there are not many connections with the World. For example, there is no connection between the Burgess World and the Bottom Abyss (DND plane). At most, there are occasionally a few miscellaneous fish [demons] who used to fight for soy sauce, while the Torrell World has many connections with the Bottom Abyss (DND plane). The inside of the World is extremely large.
Therefore, the situation there will be more noticed.
Generally speaking,
This [plane]
The so-called "leading role" arranged by the "gods" is always the group of "gods"
This group of [Abyss Demons (DND Plane)] is the actual position of the whole [Bottom Abyss (DND Plane)], which is probably a group of famous villains.
You can force yourself to do things, but it’s common to be beaten …
For example, ten thousand years ago, the Celestial Biological Allied Forces beat up more than half of the Abyss (DND Plane), and even the tyrant race-Obilis Demon, which ruled the Abyss (DND Plane) at that time, declined completely, which led to the overthrow of the Tanali Demon created by their own boss by their descendants …
Therefore, in Olga’s eyes, this group of waste guys forced the "demons" in the hometown of lw, except that they should be able to eat some "time dividends" in the future due to the birth of "high-level planes", which led to a more or less promising future. There is nothing practical to watch …
Overall situation
More than enough
Say no, but it seems a little
Less is better than some [planes] that are hanged by [mortals] and [demons]
Those guys who can be killed by an ak47 are pure waste.
And the eye
[Bottom Abyss (DND Plane)-Saline Marsh]
Olga Gadi’s messenger is a two-headed baboon named [Demogorgon]
I am very wild in my palace, and my concubine is doing something beneficial to my physical and mental health in public.