Soviet Scud missiles continued to fall, regardless of whether they hit or not. Every missile hit was a sudden collapse. The lethality of Mao weapons was soaring, and the two iron forces in the Soviet Union, which had been waiting for a long time, tore up all the camouflage and fought like a flood from east to west. The front line was 150 kilometers long, and the muzzle flashed everywhere, and the fire was almost eliminated. When tactical ballistic missiles soared, smoke and flames rose. Hundreds of tanks ran over the forest farm and ran over the farmland like a branch. The huge iron spears are pointed at the iron earth. Their tracks are convulsive and trembling, and they are baked into the color of a stove by gunfire. Even before the iron flow, it is difficult to have the courage not to tremble!
At the depth of the Chinese army, the muzzle of the long-range rocket gun rushed out of the fire dragon, and dozens of rocket shells hit the shells in all directions. Fiona Fang exploded for dozens of kilometers, and the man-machine popped out of it and folded the wings to bounce off like a group of cute elves. But the Soviet army knew that these elves were not cute at all. Behind them, they were afraid that the Chinese army’s 77-type long-range strip artillery and extra-large caliber self-propelled rockets could accurately hit the target of 400 kilometers. Is the tactical missile brigade ready to kill? Several streams of fire rose from the ground and rolled towards these hyperactive elves. At the same time, a large cloud of smoke rose in Ran Ran to cover the rushing armored flood.
Digital artillery brigade and tactical missile brigade have a little headache in the face of this situation, but ultra-long-range self-propelled rockets don’t care so much. They just have a rough coordinate, so they don’t have to be too precise. Fortunately, the man-machine brought back the data and pictures, and the rocket horse made a terrible roar!
Chapter DiYiYi A sword to seal the throat (in)
The 45th Synthetic Regiment, which has been wildly beaten by the city, has been able to fight back. Suddenly, it seems that it has been resurrected with chicken blood. Two regiments have been dispatched to the Chinese army, which is withdrawing from the city under alternate cover. How many times have the Chinese army been caught off guard and it has become quite difficult to retreat? The 45th Synthetic Regiment has outflanked the 15th and 29th Regiments with fierce counterattacks, and the Soviet strategic attempt to sew the sky is exposed at this moment. They want to surround the A Regiment and the 4th Regiment and annihilate and maim shenyang military area command!
I want to eat two elite regiments at once, but this is also in line with the fact that the Soviet Union always likes to fight annihilation and flash war. However, they seem to ignore an important factor. The iron power is a typical agro-forestry interlaced area with dense virgin forests and the horns of Xiaoxing’ anling Mountain, which is the most suitable place for mechanized troops to deploy. It is unrealistic to want to launch two regiments and launch flash warfare in the alluvial plain of Hulan River. This terrain limits the Chinese army’s play and prevents them from investing in overwhelming forces to destroy the 45th synthetic regiments, which also holds back the Soviet Union.
After getting a Scud missile, the A Regiment and the 4th Regiment began to fight back a digital artillery brigade, an artillery division and a missile brigade, so we can’t underestimate the impact force anywhere. The missile brigade hasn’t fired yet, and the long-range self-propelled artillery needs more men and machines. They have not fired for the time being, but the 43 mm four-mounted self-propelled rocket launcher can erect a large mass of white smoke vertically regardless of the willy-nilly. Then air billow screamed at the famous rocket launcher, and the shells of tactical ballistic missiles soared into the sky, and suddenly the fire dragon danced wildly! Sixteen such self-propelled rockets were fired for the second time, and they were baked to the color of molten iron in the first day!
An s-3 anti-missile battalion of the Soviet Union fired an emergency fire and intercepted it. The anti-missile rolled with smoke and fire, while the tactical missiles collided head-on, bursting out with dazzling light. Hundreds of millions of sparks and debris exploded in the loud noise. It seemed that the sky exploded with a huge number of super fireworks. s-3′ s extremely high interception efficiency proved its Excellence, but the problem was that there were too many incoming tactical missiles and the distance was too short. They tried their best to intercept some of them. They could pray that they would not hit too accurately and not fall directly into the Soviet phalanx.
At the end of the horizon, clouds of snow-white mushrooms flashed brightly and thundered like rolling thunder, sweeping along the alluvial plain of Hulan River towards the defense line of the 133rd Infantry Division of the A Regiment Army. The front line of the 15th Regiment Army suffered a devastating blow. God knows what kind of explosives the Chinese army put in the shells. The explosive power of each tactical missile is equivalent to six tons of N! Powerful
At this point, it doesn’t matter what the shrapnel is. The shock wave alone can deal a heavy blow to the enemy! The Soviets were stunned to see the clouds of mushroom clouds rising from their front line. Ran Ran covered several football fields with flames, smoke and gravel. As soon as the tanks were out of sight, more than ten tons of armored vehicles and jeeps were thrown up and then torn into pieces. When the mushroom clouds dispersed, they found that the tanks or turrets had been deformed, and the gun barrels had been twisted into a twist. Imagine how terrible the shock wave was!
The luck of the 29th synthetic regiment is no better either. You like to hold together like ants crossing the river and push forward, relying on a huge number of advantages to drown your opponents, right? Very well, our rockets are also winning by quantity. Let’s have a contest. Let’s take the lead in speaking. Twenty-five self-propelled rockets with a 33-mm 12-unit rocket launcher will nail hundreds of anti-tank mines into the ground in one shot. The armored vehicles of the 29th composite regiment will be thundered repeatedly, and the non-stop infantry will be blown up all over the place. Many tanks will be blown off, and the tracks will be paralyzed. A fire will break out in the same place. In less than one minute, the 43-mm rocket launcher shells will fall from the sky like fireballs, and the anti-tank ammunition will The rain huddled into a ball, and the armored forces became living targets. Even if the attack ammunition penetrated through the armor in a straight line explosion, it was so harsh and sour. It was just a volley, and the front line of the 29 th regiment was smashed into a sieve-shaped vehicle. Seven twists and turns collided into a ball of ammunition. The machine guns and shells in the cabin kept exploding, and the vehicles expanded and deformed in the explosives again and again!
The 29 th regiment commander angrily hit the missile brigade brigade commander and yelled, "Hell, you didn’t destroy the Chinese heavy artillery and missile units! You want the soldiers to sacrifice and be responsible for our soldiers! "
The commander of the 15 th regiment was also very rude. "How did you launch so many missiles and bomb them vigorously? As a result, even the important target of the Chinese army was not hurt!"
The missile brigade commander feels wronged. Can you blame me? Scud, after all, has eliminated missiles, and no matter how to change the accuracy, it can’t meet the requirements of modern warfare, and the Chinese army is good at camouflage and deception, and it’s not easy to find the target. It’s not bad to be able to fight like this. What else do you want? If it’s ss-23, the impact will definitely double, but now I don’t have this thing in my hand. What do you want me to do?
It seems that those Scud B’s are hopeless for the time being. The 15th regiment and the first 29 army can call the front-line aviation soldiers. At the same time, about 40 b-3 Tornado self-propelled rockets have also fired successively. The b-3 Tornado rocket launcher was developed by the Soviet Union in response to the strong self-propelled rockets of the Chinese army.
A new generation of rockets with a caliber of 3 mm and a range of 70 kilometers has high accuracy and high lethality. A b-3 can complete a volley in 30 seconds, and the coverage of 12 terminal guided rocket shells reaches an astonishing 672 square meters. It is a new favorite of the Soviet artillery family. A b-3 rocket launcher brigade has 27 launch vehicles, and each regiment has to be equipped with a brigade as planned. However, the deteriorating economic situation has made the reloading plan difficult, and less than half of the regiments have not been reloaded, even the 15th. It is a little aggrieved that the equipment obtained by the 29th elite regiment was cut off by one third, but even so, the two rockets were still in full swing, and the sky was cut to pieces by the dark red trajectory. At the end of the trajectory, there were dense patches of orange flames, and the Chinese army was blown into powder at a rate of 30 kilometers, regardless of the real target or the false target. Suddenly, an area of 600,000 square meters was added, and the center of the square grid blew a tornado rumbling noise with a temperature as high as 3,000 degrees and went straight to the sky!
Xiao Hua’s sneer at the b-3 was really powerful, and its accuracy and firepower were beyond his expectation. But judging from the way the Soviet troops made it, the idea of storming and pounding in the bones hasn’t changed. Hum, really, taking us as a few armored divisions in the Czech Republic can settle a small country, right? If it weren’t for your front-line aviation soldiers’ great threat to us, I would have let you suffer a big loss today! No, he ordered the 77-type long-range self-propelled artillery to start to call the shots one by one, and fired two rounds in a group. One after the other, they flew to the Soviet rocket launcher position and knocked on the sap. What digital artillery brigade liked best! I just finished a round of shooting, but I haven’t arrived yet. I transferred the b-3 rocket launcher troops to make people feel terrible, screaming and falling from the high school, and the shells directly hit the gun body and blew them into burning matchboxes!
Soviet Su -24 fighter-bomber and Su -25 fighter jet, a large number of MIG -29 escorts roared towards the depth of the Chinese army. At this time, due to the fuel time, the main fleet of the first army had already retreated, and several remaining J-7 and Xiaolong were quickly torn to pieces by MIG -29 and returned to the hands of the Soviet army. But this does not mean that they can kill without fear. God knows where so many anti-missiles came from. The radar commander of the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun fired wildly at the incoming fleet, and the Su -25 attack plane repeated the bad luck of the strong five. The first wave was torn into pieces by anti-missile and self-propelled anti-aircraft gun shells just after entering the attack route. The aluminum shrapnel was flying all over the sky, and the flames were splashing. The second wave did not dare to rush over like this again. The wing knives roared, and the s-24 24 mm and s-25 3 mm guided rockets were fired against each other to the Chinese anti-missile launch vehicle and radar vehicle Su -24, relying on supersonic speed.
Large clouds of smoke and flames rose from the ground, and black and red flames devoured life with affection.
The missile brigade in the Xiaoxing ‘anling mountain forest hidden by regiment A also opened fire. Just after waking up from the severe winter, thunder suddenly rolled through the jungle. Seven df-11 short-range surface-to-surface missiles rose from the ground and flew at the Soviet rear! About two minutes later, three straight sections of Leili Highway were rebuilt 350 kilometers away, and several Su -25 attack planes and helicopters were still parked. The fireball of the temporary airport rolled down from the height. The terrible explosion tore the concrete pavement and violently lifted large pieces of concrete into the semi-temporary airport. Fighters and ground crew were flooded by hundreds of millions of pieces of concrete. The last scene Soviet soldiers saw was a road crashing into the fire wall at a speed of more than 2,000 meters per second. This was the last time they saw red and shiny things in their life.
Several 3 mm fortress guns in Xiaoxing ‘anling defense line suddenly decided to brush up in this thrilling war. Iron doors opened and the barrels stretched out from the inside and roared angrily at the Soviet army. Although the gunship artillery doctrine has become a thing of the past, the long-range bombers and ground-penetrating bombs formed a defense line with steel hat castles, but the 3 mm caliber made people feel numb when they stood there. Like a thunderbolt, the guns shook the residual snow on the top of the mountain and weighed half a ton. The shells flew out in pairs and roared like a train passing overhead! At the depth of the Soviet Union, the earth shook, soldiers and vehicles flew into half shells wrapped in mud and gravel, and everything was reduced to ashes, leaving craters four or five meters deep, the size of basketball courts!
Of course, the Soviets didn’t just get beaten up with 3 mm heavy artillery, and they frequently fired 400 kilometers away. Figure -22 supersonic long-range bomber pilot button as-6 ground-to-ground missile slipped from the pylon, and the engine ignited towards Xiaoxing’ anling.
Lieutenant General Xiao Hua seems to have been prepared for the sudden attack of these two regiments. He has been careful to hide his strength in the war before. If these two synthetic regiments had not suddenly emerged, I am afraid he would not have exposed these strengths. He skillfully commanded long-range self-propelled artillery and ultra-long-range self-propelled rocket launchers. The tactical missile brigade carried out an unusually fierce and precise attack on the Soviet Union, and the Soviet rocket launcher unit, The overwhelming attack of tactical missile bombers has also caused casualties of the A regiment and the 4 th regiment. The army and the Soviet army are like two furious giants who are mindless and attack wildly according to each other’s vital points. They try their best to beat each other with one punch. No one can benefit from this hard-hitting style of play, but once it starts, it is difficult to stop, and there is no way to take out more lethal bricks and continue to smash!
The defensive depth of the 133 and 134 infantry divisions is the same as that of the wind and thunder. generate’s 23 mm rockets volley like the wind whistling. When the 23 mm self-propelled artillery battalion fires, the heavy thunder rolls 17 mm, and the 42-unit rockets pour out waves of fire and rain. The Soviet impact route is a series of flames, the walls of fire go straight to the sky, and the orange-red flames are connected into a big artillery power. At this moment, the Soviet tanks are rolling in and there is no edge in sight, and the Chinese tanks are also pouring out from the defensive depth. Tanks collide with the gaps of the artillery’s fire-fighting
"Is that all you can do?" Lieutenant General Xiao Hua sneered and saw that the Soviets had even tried their best, but all of them were old routines or a wave of pushing ideas. If this wave of offensive didn’t work, it would take the Soviets more than ten hours to slow down and launch a more fierce attack. But is it so easy to beat him with one puff? He is confident in his own troops and dare not say that it is not a problem to defeat the Soviet army and retreat from the siege division of three regiments.
However, it turns out that Lieutenant General Xiao Hua underestimated the Soviets and Marshal Ogarkov.
After learning that the 15th, 29th and 45th synthetic regiments had been locked in a stalemate with the Chinese army, Ogarkov calmly spit out an order, "Let’s start the 27th Infantry Division, don’t let me down!"
The 27th Infantry Division is the official designation of Swatogor Digital Infantry Division.
DiYiErZhang a sword to seal the throat ()
Anniversary, Tieli, both directions were bombarded by hundreds of thousands of troops, but Harbin, the center of the storm, is still peaceful so far.
Harbin is the largest city in Northeast China and the first liberated city in the four-year war of liberation. It has the reputation of "the head of the Republic". It is located in the heart of Northeast Asia, with extremely important economic and political status. Its commerce is highly prosperous and its industry is booming. At the same time, it is the frontier fortress of the Republic against the Soviet Union. When Harbin is held, the Changchun Railway is held, and soldiers, equipment and materials from three northeastern provinces and all over the country can be continuously transported to the front to build an insurmountable Great Wall! Therefore, the strategic significance of Harbin cannot be overestimated.
It is precisely because of this that Harbin has become a thorn in the Soviet Union’s side. When the war started, this beautiful city suffered more than 1,000 aerobombs and dozens of ballistic missiles. The beautiful ice city has been devastated and scarred, and the news that the Soviet Union is approaching the iron force has made Harbin panic. You know that the iron force is not far from Harbin! Fortunately, the 136th Regiment has established a solid defense line in Manchuria to block the Soviet foreign Mongolian army from the Hulun Lake. Otherwise, the Soviet army will take Manchuria and sweep Hulun Buir along the Naiman Highway, and then go straight to the Hadaqi Industrial Corridor, where it will be even more difficult for Harbin people to join forces with Harbin. Although they are full of confidence in the country, bombs and missiles are frequently dropped, forcing them to start dismantling the machines in the factory and loading them to the south, because Harbin is no longer in the Republic. Dare to expect Harbin’s core northeast defense line to withstand the Soviet tsunami general offensive. The Xishan Strategic Command Center handed it over to Harbin for 15 days, and it will take 15 days to retreat.
Harbin Changchun highway and railway trains and cars are running around the clock to transport wagons of industrial equipment and civilians to the south, and soldiers and materials from shenyang military area command are also transported by wagons. Even if Soviet bombers frequently blow up the railway, this kind of transportation can’t be cut off. Moreover, the Soviet army’s damage to the railway is not as great as expected. Harbin has become a huge fortress. If the Soviet army wants to storm, the armored flood they are sending to the enemy will severely test Harbin city.
But the problem is that the Soviet roots didn’t intend to storm Harbin.
The 16 th regiment’s desperate attack on Daqing Oilfield was repelled by the Soviet army, and the whole regiment had to retreat under the cover of the army. The Soviet fighter bombers chased them and even bombed and swept a large number of helicopters like sharks smelling blood. Wave after wave, they couldn’t get rid of the screaming rockets and six rotating heavy machine guns, which turned into a nightmare for the 16 th regiment.
There are destroyed trucks and armored vehicles everywhere in the retreat, and piles of corpses are everywhere, which leads to excessive blood loss. The 16th regiment army has been bleeding more and more weakly in this continuous attack. The most terrible thing is that the 45th descending division has already carried out a layer-by-layer interception in front of them. -12 descending self-propelled artillery and 12 mm mortar shells keep flying out of the mountains on both sides of the road, exploding clouds of black and red poisonous flowers, greedily harvesting the life place, and the digital infantry may attract several precision-guided bombs at any time. Shooting a deadly sniper rifle, these hateful airborne infantry made it extremely difficult for the 16th regiment to retreat. Almost every kilometer, they lost dozens of lives. The 16th regiment scouts had to cross the minefield and destroy roadblocks with heavy artillery fire, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t give a strong blow to the Soviet infantry-it was really difficult for those guys to kill them in large numbers when they saw the horses running away and helicopters helping them.
The 16th Regiment is in trouble. In Xiao Hua, it will face the crazy impact of three Soviet synthetic regiments. The A Regiment and the 4th Regiment are helpless to them, and there is no way to deploy troops from Harbin to support the 16th Regiment.
"We can’t sit idly by and watch the 16th regiment army being weakened and annihilated by the Soviet army!" Major General Wu Chongwen, commander of Harbin Military Division, categorically said that a commander of a military division would be a senior colonel if he died, but now the situation is so severe that where can a senior colonel hold the scene? So this major general was pulled out by the fire line to take charge of Harbin defense work. There are four divisions and two militia regiments in Mozambique, with a large number of troops and a large number of towed artillery. These are the sources of his confidence. blazing with anger looked around and said, "Ma sent a motorized infantry division to meet the 16th regiment!"
"General, this is not appropriate!"
A crisp sound suddenly sounded Li Jie, who came in with her flying helmet. She was gasping for breath, and the high-intensity war almost squeezed her physical strength clean. She was a lieutenant colonel and an elite unit of the middle assault division. She was also eligible to attend the meeting, but she came a little late.
Major General Wu Chongwen frowned and asked, "What did Lieutenant Colonel Li say that? Do you want us to stand by and watch the 16 th regiment be destroyed? "
Li Jie took a confidential staff officer and handed me the water glass. He took a sip and took a short breath. Yang said, "The general has been fighting side by side with the 16th Regiment until now. My fiance is in trouble with the 16th Regiment. I am more anxious than you, but I have confidence in the combat effectiveness of the 16th Regiment. The support of the army can completely kill them.
The road to retreat to Harbin "smiled." The 45th division dropped the infantry with only one brigade of 5,500 to 6,000 people. At present, about 3,000 people are in the battlefield. The core combat effectiveness of digital infantry comes from individual long-range artillery. The missiles and bombers worked closely with our army and the combat troops. The Soviet digital infantry failed to play its due role. When they needed bomber support, the bombers were shot down by our army. When they needed friendly cooperation, the line communication was disturbed by magnetic interference. Before defeating our army and the combat troops, all they could play was just a little better than the guerrillas. No problem. If they were whimsical and wanted to block the 16th regiment, the only game would be torn to pieces by the 16th regiment! "
Wu Chongwen, chief of staff, said, "But even so, we can’t sit idly by! Of course, those airborne infantry can eat the 16th regiment, but they can stall the 16th regiment and cooperate with the main force to eat the 16th regiment a little. We can’t tolerate this kind of thing! " He waved an arm vigorously. "They are laying in ambush along the highway. Our motorized infantry division is advancing rapidly along the highway, just in time with the 16 th regiment to wipe out those dog-day digital infantry!"
A young staff officer said, "Those digital infantry are very cunning and refuse to contact with the 16th regiment. They always attack with precision-guided artillery shells. When the 16th regiment has organized an effective counterattack, it will be difficult to destroy them."
Chief of staff Shirley said, "You are pessimistic! Even if we can’t eliminate those digital infantry departments, we can also eliminate some of them. The 16 th regiment will clear the way and reduce casualties! "
Li Jie said, "But there is a motorized infantry division in Harbin, and his troops are all semi-motorized. If this division is sent to Harbin, once it is struck by the Soviet Union, our army will fall into extreme passivity and cannot find a unit with enough mobility to fill the gap!"
"Being struck by the Soviet Union?"
Several senior staff officers looked at each other with incredible expressions and struck Harbin. That’ll be the day! Harbin has a natural barrier of Songhua River, surrounded by dense forests, and with the warm spring and snow melting, the ground is extremely muddy, so it is almost impossible to move without the road, and every road is fortified by a large number of troops. How can the Soviet Union strike Harbin? Can their tanks grow wings to fly over mountains and jungles?
Li Jie blushed but didn’t know what to say. The staff and generals who were eager to save lives didn’t speak much about the strategic deployment of a small lieutenant colonel. It was too much to say so much, but she had an uneasy feeling in her heart that once she pulled out troops from Harbin to support the 16 th regiment, etc.
Waiting for Harbin will be an overwhelming bad luck! There is no reason to finish, but it is an intuition. This ominous premonition is so strong that she dare not ignore it! But now she doesn’t need to persuade generals who are more stubborn than donkeys. The Soviets began to take practical actions to talk about those generals!
Not far from Harbin, there was a sudden thunder in the dense forest of Chang ‘an Town. A large cloud of smoke from generate crashed and erupted short-range ballistic missiles, and then it reached Harbin-this is not Scud B, but notorious ss-23, and a dozen of them are dozens!
Most of the ss-23 short-range ballistic missiles have been destroyed. Although the Soviets have also hidden some, the number is small. Only the ss-23 short-range ballistic missile unit can be retained. The unit has a 27th digital infantry division! Yes, that’s the giant in Russian mythology named after the digital infantry division. Ballistic missiles roared and b-3 rockets roared. Groups of tanks rushed out of the jungle and killed the road! The roads are full of ammunition and troop convoys have become the best targets. These tanks run into people when they see cars. In less than a minute, dozens of kilometers of roads are full of flames everywhere. Su -24 fighter-bombers graze the columns of smoke and throw high-explosive incendiary bombs to connect the little flames into a line and turn them into a flame. The fierce blow has suddenly turned into a pile of scrap iron!
Chapter DiYiSan Line collapse (a)
Harbin has become a sea of fire at this time. The Soviet ballistic missiles are more accurate than before. It is certain that several Soviet special forces have infiltrated Harbin and conducted reconnaissance and positioning on important targets such as Harbin hangar, underground arsenal, communication center and command center. Almost every missile is straight to the point! The first missile landed near the command center, shattering the thick concrete isolation layer, and the commanders inside were killed or injured. Then, the arsenals and trains were hit and hoarded, and a large amount of ammunition and materials were destroyed once the rumbling explosion tore the earth. The whole Harbin rose in Ran Ran, and the Songhua River port was broken in a black and red mushroom cloud. Two missiles smashed in a row, and the explosion shock wave blew over more than a dozen transport ships parked there, and a helicopter patrolled the port. It was run out.
Even a train driving to the suburbs of Harbin was hit by a cruise missile by the Soviet digital infantry, and the wagon was thrown off one by one. Everything was flattened everywhere, and hundreds of soldiers and civilians felt that the body was torn to pieces when the fire flashed in front of them, even before the pain was passed to their minds. The big explosion blew Changchun Railway beyond recognition, and the traffic suddenly paralyzed!
"The area found that the Soviet mechanized troops had hundreds of tanks!"
"The area found that a large number of Soviet light troops were not less than one regiment!"
"The area was fiercely attacked by the Soviet Union. They didn’t exchange fire with the local defenders, but shells and rockets chased the defenders!"
"Harbin Chaoyang District found that Soviet reconnaissance troops are fighting fiercely in our army!"
"A large number of Soviet helicopters crossed the 16 th regiment and hit the back of Harbin!"
The forehead was smashed by concrete fragments. Major General Wu Chongwen did not consider his face covered with blood. There were only a few staff officers left in the command. After the chaos of the unified array, the unfavorable news was intermittently delivered to the command, which made everyone gasp. Combining these messy information, it is not difficult for them to judge that the Soviet mechanized troops appeared near Harbin with a scale of not less than one division and a high degree of informationization! A few days after the fierce battle, the Soviet strategic attempt was finally exposed. The huge strength of three regiments and two divisions attracted the three elite regiments of the Chinese army, and then the elite division crossed the jungle and swamp and went straight into Harbin to cut off the Changchun Railway, turning Harbin into an isolated city!
Everyone’s brain was buzzing with this bad news. Major General Wu Chongwen asked in horror, "Who can tell me how those Soviet ghosts suddenly appeared in front of us through dense jungle and muddy swamp?"
However, the Soviet army did it. Not only did they pass through the jungle of mechanized troops in secret, but they also brought the main battle tanks and heavy artillery! Everyone is pale. The fact that a Soviet army can do this means that the Soviet army and other troops can do the same. The defense base of the Great Xiaoxing’ an Mountains is useless. It is meaningless for an enemy to attack the defense line, but it will wave troops.
The question is how did they do it?
"During the early Soviet Patriotic War, Soviet tanks crossed the jungle swamp more than once and the German flank was defeated and lost." Miraculously, Li Jie was not injured. After years of experience and further study, she had extraordinary military attainments. Although she was a lieutenant colonel, the senior staff of the regiment army did not hit the nail on the head. "When I hit Annan early, I was a commando. The rapid response division’s digital infantry brigade successfully crossed the Annan Army’s recognition that mechanized troops passed through alpine jungles and swamps and swept across the river plain. At that time, General Liu opened the way for a large number of engineers to burn shrubbery explosives and blow up trees, and then paved a thick road for big trees and branches, not to mention that it was not a problem for light troops to pass through 23 mm heavy artillery. The Soviets were more experienced in this field and they might do better than us! "
The floating dust filled the general staff, and there was a breath of cold air. Liu Weiping surprised the river plain. They also carefully studied and organized several exercises, but the effect was not good. The Harbin Military Division concluded that unless it has a strong enough engineering unit, it should not be so dangerous to try! Who would have thought that the bad luck of Annan monkey would come to them years later? The Soviet army followed suit and emerged from the jungle to kill Harbin!
Major General Wu Chongwen’s facial muscles twitched slightly and said, "You want to take Harbin just by one division? The Soviets also look down upon me from Wu Mou! Ordered the 2 nd motorized infantry division to give up supporting the 16 th Regiment to launch a counterattack on the Wuchang Line, and the Soviet army rushed them back to the forest to chew the bark! "
Li Jie’s lips moved, but eventually she didn’t speak. At this time, the Soviet bomber group and cruise missiles must have roared, right? Although the mechanized troops of that Soviet division are likely to be unstable, those damn digital infantry have been waiting for a long time. She is pessimistic about whether the second motorized infantry division can be completed, but she can’t think of a better way. Although the second motorized infantry division takes the initiative, it is dangerous, but at least there is still a chance to take a chance. If you don’t take the initiative, you won’t even have a chance! She whispered to herself, "If only the digital infantry division and the rapid response division!"
The speaker’s heart and the listener’s mind are interested, and the staff of Harbin Military Division don’t show displeasure. Although the digital infantry division and the rapid response division are powerful, they don’t have to be separated.
After these two divisions, everyone will be finished, right? Where does this make the Harbin Military Division face? Li Jie didn’t know that she had committed a taboo in the army. She gave a military salute to the major general and said, "The 45th descending division helicopter group is approaching. We must hold them off until the main force of the middle assault division arrives at the major general. Please give me the aviation squadron of Harbin Military Division. There are not many helicopters in our camp!"
Major-General Wu Chongwen was somewhat reluctant to take out the Luhang squadron, but his darling was thrown into a fight with no chance of winning. He was somewhat reluctant, but the increasingly critical situation did not allow him to hesitate. He pulled out a document and wrote a few lines to seal it to Li Jie, saying, "Lieutenant Colonel Luhang squadron is yours! Be sure to block the Soviet helicopter group! "
Li Jie smiled bitterly. "I’m not sure about blocking the Soviet helicopter group, but I can still do it by giving my life to serve the country."