Earth+thunder = explosion;
Soil+wind = burning;
Wind+soil+fire = dust;
Let’s start with some basic ninja skills, body double’s changes, and break free
Naruto’s shadow doppelganger and multiple shadow doppelganger after seduction surgery, Naruto even plays telepathy spiral pill Dayu spiral pill spiral shuriken immortal mode frog sparring Naruto two thousand even plays the Millennium killing spiral pill toad iron cannon.
Sasuke Fireball, Phoenix Fairy Fire, Fire Dragon, sharingan Thousand Birds, Thousand Birds, Qilin Sky Photo, Assistant Male Psychic, Grass Pheasant Sword, Thousand Birds, Chikage Windmill, shuriken Lion, and even Bomb.
KINOMOTO SAKURA Machamp medical surgery
Deer pill shadow imitation, shadow sewing, shadow hanging
Ding-time doubling technique, Muye fluid technique, hyperdoubling technique, partial doubling technique, meat and egg chariot, meat and egg needle chariot.
Well ambition turning
Tooth-like beast forbearance method Orcs are divided into two parts, teeth are connected, teeth are connected, and teeth are connected.
Zhi is the art of sending bad insects
Chuda’s white-eyed soft fist method acupoints hexagrams 32 palm hexagrams 64 palm keep hexagrams 64 palm soft fist double lion method.
Ning ci’s supercilious soft fist method points out the hexagrams, sixty-four palms, one hundred and twenty palms, and one hundred and twenty palms.
Xiao Li Muye whirlwind Muye big whirlwind table lotus Hualilian Huamen dun Jia
Detonate bitter Shuanglong every day
Kakashi Lecce sharingan Fireball, Hose Bullet, Soil Flow Wall, Psychic Skill, Lei Dunying’s shadow, and the beheading in Lianhua’s heart.
Akai Muye Cyclone Muye Rigid Cyclone Surface Lotus Hualilian Huachao Peacock Gate Dunjia
Asma fire escapes ashes (Asma Ninjutsu seems to have this one)
Red (it seems that there is no disclosure in the animation of the name of Red Ninjutsu that there are many illusions in Red Ninjutsu)
I love Luo Sha’s double body, sand armor, sand waterfall, funeral, quicksand waterfall, big funeral, third eye, Shukaku shield, Shukaku spear catnap.
Kankuro’s puppet drama
Temari’s Wind Escape, Chop, Chop, Dance and Psyche.
Sack chop chop wave
Tuosi rang through.
Kim (Kim didn’t especially endure her bells and thousands as weapons)
Never cut off the water again, water dungeon, hose bomb, fog concealment and waterfall
Bai Qian kills water, Xiang magic mirror, ice crystal
Jiraiya Psychic Spiral Pill Dayu Spiral Pill Rana oil inflammation hair needle thousand toad stomach wall five elements seal big inflammation play lion hair.
Gang Shou Machamp medical surgery psychics.
Orochimaru’s Psychic Five-element Seal Triple Rashomon Gold Binding Technique Hidden Shadow Snake Hands Double Snakes Killing Dirty Soil and Turning into Wind Dun Breakthrough Software Transformation Grass Pheasant Sword
Sarutobi Hiruzen (the third generation of Huoying) shadow is divided into two parts: fire dragon bomb, earth flow river, earth flow wall, earth dragon bomb, psychic tile, shuriken shuriken shadow, shuriken giant body, corpse ghost seal.
Namikaze Minato (the fourth generation of Huoying) Spiral Pill Muye Flash (a special teleportation technique) Psychic shadow avatar corpse seal shuriken shadow avatar contract seal
Jirobo; じろうぼう Tudun enchantment Tuling Pill collapses and gives a high five.
Kidomaru Spider Sticking Gold Psychic Spider Warbow
Tayuya’s Psychic Magic Mirror Dance Dance
Left-near multi-boxing multi-foot right-near telepathy parasitic evil
Kimimaro’s blood follows the boundary: willow dance, camellia dance, larch dance, iron flower dance, early fern dance and finger piercing.
Zuojing super beast’s fake painting
Muye Pill Color Seduction Spiral Pill Shadow Split-up
Soaring the palm of your hand, nirvana and essence, filth and reincarnation
Skunk sharingan Kaleidoscope sharingan Harle Tianzhao must assist the male crow to split the big fireball, impatiens fire and split the big blasting fire dragon.
Ghost glue and water dungeon, water shark bomb, five shark-eating fish-people combination and shark-limiting techniques
Deidara detonates clay C1C2C3C4, and self-explodes clay.