It is estimated that no one will give Sun Hao an answer to this question.
The advantages and disadvantages of several cultivation methods are clearly placed in front of Sun Hao, and the combined power is actually the power of the witch family and town family. Many witch monks think that both can be used. Do you still want to be the real top bodhisattva Mahayana monk in this world?
Mahayana is quite rare in the ancient books of witches, and occasionally Mahayana is also illusory in the ancient books. Generally speaking, emptiness is mostly a combination of big monks, that is, a combination of dzogchen Xiu and Mahayana monks, who are usually dragons who see the head but don’t see the tail.
It is said that in the late stage of integration, if certain conditions are met, there will be a chance to enter the virtual.
However, this condition is quite harsh. At present, Sun Hao is not qualified to access such high-level information. However, Sun Hao can imagine that even a powerful figure like Jordan has not been able to enter the virtual fear. It will not be too easy for Brother Zhong Xu to enter the virtual.
Qiao Dan can’t even get into the void
I was thinking about how much I should do. When Sun Hao remembered such a key word, I couldn’t help but be surprised and ask myself what I need to do. To enter the virtual? What do you need to do to finally stand out and cultivate to the top of this world to become the bodhisattva Mahayana?
No one can give Sun Hao an answer.
But Sun Hao himself vaguely judged the answer.
What are the requirements for the mating period? So Sun Hao doesn’t want to know that the real dzogchen fit period is likely to be the integration of the gas and the five furnaces, and the real melting of the monks is dzogchen
And this dzogchen-based condition should be that everything in the "gas is fascinated" reaches its peak, and every item is in a powerful state, so that dzogchen can be called fit, otherwise it is estimated that it will never reach the state of dzogchen even in the late stage of fit.
Chapter 1749 Planning distraction
Walking around the holy land of male and female witches and wizards, and thinking deeply about it, Sun Hao came to the conclusion.
If you lower your requirements and strive for great power in the later stage of integration, then you can really have a five-point impact on integration. In the future, you can enjoy a long history. The virtual pillars in Shou Yuan’s adult population have laid a foundation for the Terran for 100 thousand years
This is also a very good choice.
But then again, if you want to climb the friar’s road, if you want to practice to fit in and advance to the true peak of Mahayana.
Then it is very likely that you must get nine points from Yuan Shen and then completely integrate the nine points from Yuan Shen with the physical body during the fitting period, so that you can make yourself go further in repairing the road.
Of course, this kind of cultivation method may be difficult, and it is very likely that there will be an embarrassing situation in which it is directly difficult to get into the early stage of the card body and eventually Shou Yuan will run out
If that’s the case, Sun Haoke will lose most of Shou Yuan.
What should I choose? Different monks definitely have different suggestions.
Sun Hao sat cross-legged on the sacred mountain and thought for a long time, then laughed and turned to study other classics of male and female witches.
Wizards and witches have been able to build a huge Cherman Longyu for hundreds of millions of years, and a monk may not learn anything even if he is poor for a hundred years
Sun Hao’s study focuses on pharmacy.
Wiccans and witches are the strongest inheritors.
At that time, Sun Hao’s overall feeling was that although the pharmacy was powerful, it was worse than alchemy. He always felt that liquid pharmacy was an unfinished alchemy, and the energy of the medicine was far less than the miraculous effect.
Sun Hao has always studied pharmacy as a supplement to his alchemy.
However, Sun Hao felt that his cognition was even a little one-sided after he really entered the core collection area of witchcraft and wizardry and came into contact with powerful and complete potions.
Former Sun Hao felt that pharmacy couldn’t catch up with alchemy for a very simple reason. Sun Hao didn’t learn pharmacy, especially the formula of pharmacy. Sun Hao felt that pharmacy was worse than Terran alchemy.
However, Sun Hao, who is really qualified to practice medicine after surgery, has come to the conclusion that in a sense, medicine has the same powerful efficacy as alchemy. In many places, alchemy still has advantages, and in many places, it is really impossible to compare the two because of their different emphasis.
Strictly speaking, the status of the two should be equal
If the Terran alchemy is not, it may be better than the male and female witch potions.
There are many messages that Sun Hao has never touched before in the records of the core area of the holy land. Among them, Sun Hao is most interested in and thinks that it may be most helpful for his cultivation.
A sedative; Erythrin solution
Sun Hao thinks that these are two great elixirs, which are prepared by the solution of the monk’s distracted period and the syncretic period, and if there is pride in the ancient books of the witch family, it means that the effects of these two drugs are unique to other races, and I am afraid that neither the medicine nor the liquid medicine can have pharmaceutical effects.
Sun Hao carefully analyzed the particularity of comparing the ancient books and records, but I really feel that it is very likely that the effect of these two drugs is really not a panacea.
Because the magic medicine is usually more vigorous and nourishing, the effect is not as good as that of the medicine. Male and female witches may exaggerate the effect of their magic medicine, but the body effect is absolutely not bad
To be precise, the two kinds of magic agents are two kinds of sequential magic agents.
Although I didn’t see the formula, Sun Hao can vaguely understand from the ancient books that these two kinds of miraculous drugs are in a sequence of low efficacy to high efficacy, and there are significant differences according to the level of dispensing miraculous drugs.
For example, if Sun Hao wants to cultivate the nine-point Yuan God, that is, the holy baby, then Sun Hao can refine the classics once, which is extremely rare and can force the nine-point spirit to gradually integrate into the Yuan God’s "ultimate sedative"
Of course, it is estimated that the refining difficulty of this agent is not small, and the level of the agent is estimated to be more than seven. Sun Hao will face three difficulties if he wants to configure it successfully. First, the formula estimation is not so good; Second, the panacea is not so easy to find; Third, refining is not so easy to succeed.
By now, Sun Hao has gone against the sky, and things will be difficult. There is absolutely no free lunch.
However, the efficacy of the sedative made Sun Hao see that he had fulfilled the hope of the nine-point god, and the appearance of the solution also made Sun Hao decide to finally cultivate the nine-point god, and then try to find a way to fit himself with the nine-point El Nino in the fitting period.
Since there is a solution agent, maybe Terran will have a solution Dan, and then he will plan it in many ways. If not, Sun Haoke is sure that his final cultivation path will be combined and stopped later.
If you are not hard on yourself, if you can’t make it to the black road, you will be slightly inclined and eventually you will get stuck somewhere.
Sun Hao set his mind to the right direction and continued his distracted planning.
The general direction has been set, and the concrete implementation needs to be seriously considered. The most urgent thing is how Sun Hao needs to deify what kind of soul.
At present, Sun Hao has completed the soul transformation of five’ o and the soul transformed by the last five’ o in the mirror image world has merged with the Yuan God, and the Yuan God has completed the five points of the Yuan God.
Then Sun Haoma’s cultivation is more than two out of seven.
Five spirits have been transformed into thunder, sword, ghost, ice and witch respectively.
The images are respectively "Taikoo Lei Shou agarwood sword Yin ghost body ten thousand years ice silkworm Xingtian body"
Witches and witches here are far ahead in the study of poison properties, but Sun Hao, the Terran, can get more detailed books and materials than the Terran if he wants to poison his soul.
After temporarily locking the two directions, Sun Haoyou searched the witch family’s collection for the place where he might find the soul source.
Sun Hao, the two deputy souls, hasn’t thought so much for the time being. It is quite difficult to estimate the height of his seven great spirits and the soul transformation of the two deputy souls.
Let’s talk about it first.
After searching for Sun Hao, I first affirmed one thing: it may not be appropriate for me to repair the water boundary to find the soul source at present, and my soul source may have to be searched in some special large areas in the hollow.
Chapter DiYiQiWu Hiding in Liuzhou
It’s been three years since Sun Hao came out of the holy place of collection, and many years have passed before he knew it. New hot spots and new things in Cherman Longyu have mushroomed, and low-key Sun Hao has gradually faded out of everyone’s sight.
However, the most typical influence brought by Sun Hao over the years is that the proportion of barbarian warrior Cherman has increased and his status has risen.
The virtual barbarian ancient barbarian city has a chance to enter the virtual once in a thousand years.
However, there are barbarians in the virtual body, that is, the descendants of barbarians who have settled in the virtual body through various channels for hundreds of millions of years. They have attached themselves to the vast territory of male and female witches and created many barbarians, which is also the most important part of male and female witches.
Different from the virtual, the virtual barbarian department can export some strong fighters to the male and female wizards every hundred years. These fighters can also get more promotion resources when they come to the male and female wizards’ service.