"I don’t want a gift, I want you to come back early."
"Don’t worry, come back as soon as you’re done."
The young couple are very much in love, saying goodbye to Wu Dayuan. They are happy to see their eyes. They looked at each other meaningfully with their wives. They looked back with a Minnan accent and smiled in Mandarin. "There’s nothing to see Min Jiachang off with Li Jun in the evening. You can take a car with Jing Chen and let them talk more."
"Okay, I’ll sit in the back."
What business does the Li family like to get involved in? The Wu family has a business of shipbuilding.
Wuji Shipyard has a long history, which can be traced back to Tongzhi year (169). At first, small fishing boats were built, and later, more and more kinds were built.
Wucao ship, Danyang ship, Qingtou ship, stern ship, big ancient ship, large platoon ship, frozen eagle ship, white bottom ship, barge ship, barge ship, four-bellied cover ship, bleaching boat, sampan ship, sampan ship, seamount rat ship … everything was built in the twentieth year of Guangxu (110).
Cunninghamia lanceolata in southern Fujian is not suitable for ships, while camphor wood is firm and curvy, but the most suitable for ship ribs is teak, so he went to Hong Kong to purchase teak and Citigroup Wu Li. That’s when the friendship between the two families began.
When the family grows up, it is natural to split up.
Their great-grandfather Li Min, who is the best with the Li family, suggested coming to Xidi to set up the first Chinese shipyard.
There are many fishermen along the coast of Vietnam, but Vietnamese people don’t know how to build boats. His family came early and the business was good. Until a few years ago, fishermen from Long, Haiphong, Qinghua, Rongshi, Hue and Da Nang still came thousands of miles to build boats and repair them.
The Wu family didn’t stop at small fishing boats with wooden shells. They sent their brothers to Mawei and Hong Kong shipyard to learn the technology of building steel ships.
In 12 years of the Republic of China, the first steam engine ship hull was built.
In the 16th year of the Republic of China, the first 6-ton steel cargo ship was hoisted by four wooden suspenders with the help of a 15-ton crane.
Now it is the largest shipyard in Saigon with two tons of overhead cranes and one 2-ton overhead crane (wharf); There are universal milling machine, 1 vertical lathe, 1m lathe with daily production, boring machine, 12-die rolling machine, 4-ton oil press, 12m edge planer, 15kg air hammer for oxygen production and other equipment.
Have their own docks and docks, and visit Southeast Asia, and even give repairs to French ships.
Li Guanyun is known as the "shipping king". The maintenance industry of 21 ships of the Li family fleet is almost handed over to the Wu family. When the Wu family first came to Xidi, the Li family got a lot of help, and they had contacts and economy.
Because of this, the Wu family is not good to Li Min, the "son-in-law".
Send his fiancee back. After dinner, the Wu family received a stack of red envelopes. The most generous thing was that when the old father-in-law heard that he was going to the United States, he immediately wrote a check for $20,000 saying that he would make up the red envelopes in the past few years at one time.
The car slowly drove out of the Wu family mansion, and Wu Lijun snuggled up to his arm and muttered, "My father treats you better than I do."
Li Min laughed and asked, "Envy?"
"a little"
"Shall we share 10,000 each?"
"No, that’s for you. Besides, it’s good to bring more money when you’re poor and rich."
"Don’t say I’m really short of money now."
The little girl suddenly sat up straight and asked eagerly, "How much I have!"
What can you do with that little money to make your father discount the dowry and deliver it before? Li Min felt very funny and pinched her nose. "I’m just kidding. Can anyone in your fiance be short of money?"
"Bullying people again!"
Flirting cars have unconsciously arrived in the downtown street in tandem. Many refugees have fled from various towns and villages. Some are begging by the roadside, some are sitting on the roadside with their eyes in a daze, and many homeless children are trespassing in groups of three and five. When they see the well-dressed people, they will cling to them and drag them to find US dollars.
The most lively street in Catilaz is sparsely populated, and the street lights are dim. A few drunken French soldiers are shaking and flustered. Nguy?n Hu? Avenue and Tr?ng Sisters Avenue Saigon Pier are all around the corner, and wounded soldiers of various nationalities in French Africa are vigorously lying on the corner.
There are wounded soldiers on the main road leading to Johor Bahru Airport. The siren of the French Red Cross ambulance blares, and the whole city seems to be shrouded in a cloud of war.
It was dark in front of the dock, and French soldiers and police officers struggled to maintain order with guns.
Li Min patted the driver on the shoulder for fear that his fiancee might encounter even the slightest danger, and undoubtedly said, "Acheng stops here in front of Liu Bo and I’ll go by myself."
There is really no way to go any further. A Cheng should have stepped on the brakes and started crying as soon as he got to the dock.
Li Min can’t bear to take her with him, but this time he has something important to do in the United States, not to play, but not to leave a bad impression on the people he wants to visit. He can bite his teeth. "Lijun, please stop crying and go home and wait for me to marry you."
The most painful thing in life is where where will you go Wu Lijun can control it, clutching his mouth and sobbing, "Remember to report me peace and I will wait for you."
"Well, I’ll send it as soon as I arrive."
Wu Jingchen came from behind the car and hugged his sister Li Min. He was safely escorted by a group of crew members from Liu Jiachang along the VIP passage into the dock to see him off. Liu Jinghui spoke for a while before climbing the gangway to climb the fourth generation "Greater China" passenger and cargo ship of the Li family.
This ship is 769 meters long, 111 meters wide, 53 meters deep, 1476 tons full draft, 4 meters speed, 16 main reciprocating steam engines, 275 horsepower, and the daily fuel consumption is about 2 tons. It was built in the United States in 1943 because the original military escort merchant ship hull was thin and fast, and it was equipped with advanced navigation equipment such as radar.
After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the U.S. military disposed of the surplus materials of the Wu family for $350,000 and spent $40,000 on decoration.
Paint milky white and light brown yellow. The appearance is clean and beautiful. The cabin is equipped with snow-white bedding to clean the bathroom. The beautiful restaurant has wired music pictures. The rest room also has a piano.
The ship is equipped with three rooms in the special cabin, equipped with heating and sofa, and has separate facilities such as bathroom, toilet dining room, reading room, lounge and smoking room.
Of course, the gentleman’s boat has to take the special class. The luggage has already been brought in. The table is full of flowers and fruits for fear that he will be bored. The captain specially prepared a stack of today’s newspapers.
It’s a battle for Dien Bien Phu to send off the second mate and pick up the most important one.
Wu Yuanjia proudly shouted to the French army through Taiwan radio that the French army chose to "die or surrender"; The French army sneered at the radio newspaper, saying that "if the Viet Nam can pay 15 troops, it can be attacked."
After the World War II, the whole country was occupied and the government surrendered. It was a big joke to mix a victorious country. I didn’t know their confidence came from this.
What’s worse, North Korea just stopped fighting and didn’t learn the lesson. I don’t know what "war of attrition" and "sea tactics" are. What is 15 lives? How many people will die if you French people can get rid of Hu Zhi and Wu Yuanjia?