Early the next morning, Duan Yishen was declared into the palace by an imperial edict from the palace. As soon as the front foot of his carriage left two small figures, he sneaked into the door of Moyu Pavilion.
Brother, there are many people guarding here. How are we going to get in? Xiaowu can’t scratch his head.
Xiaowen calm down. If we take a slingshot from our arms, since we can’t get in, why don’t we let that crazy one come?
When Xiaowu listens to his eyes, he immediately worships and looks at his brother. You are amazing.
Xiaowen didn’t speak skillfully. He picked up a small stone and aimed it at the window that was closed during the day. He snapped the rubber band stone and hit it on the window edge accurately.
No response
Xiaowu turned around and pointed to the elder brother not to hear.
Xiaowen is not in a hurry, picks up another one and slaps it again.
When the guards heard the sound, they looked back and found nothing.
Just then Xiaowu suddenly got excited and patted his brother to guard the door.
Xiaowen stared at the cheek there with a certain smile.
Xiaoxiao pushed the door and walked slowly, which startled the guards outside. However, when she saw her callous and dull eyes, she was relieved to follow behind her. She didn’t realize that her eyes had become clear. The report still hoped that she could walk around the house more.
See xiaoxiao instantaneous prone on the grass two little guys froze.
Brother, she is the crazy one, but she doesn’t look like it. Besides, Xiaowu always feels a little strange with her head cocked, but he can’t say what it is. She is not as beautiful as Niang, but it’s okay. It looks much more pleasing to the eye than Niang.
After that, he nodded. That’s right. He doesn’t know anything. He just hates his mother. Of course, he dare not say so in front of me.
Xiaowen frowned gently. Is she a father and a woman like Mrs. Glass?
Just as the brothers were wondering, the guards found out that their two little princes had left here.
When Xiaowu raised his eyebrows, although he was young, he was full of aura. My cricket came here and we came to find it.
Will the genus find for the little prince or leave him?
Xiaowen also looks the same color but looks different. Are you ordering us? Calm tone, no anger.
The guards are respectful and dare not.
Xiao Wu’s face is flat, so don’t retreat.
Er, little prince, this is a forbidden area in the mansion, and no one is allowed to trespass on it. If you don’t leave, you’ll have to wait for the ceremony. As the guards say, I don’t know who shouted to see the princess.
Not far away, gorgeous and aggressive Sai Han came up slowly with a cold eye.
A few people one leng also hurriedly retreat to one side blue see synonyms at princess.
The two brothers didn’t even feel tight when they saw their mother. They called her mother in a low voice.
Sai Han approached and glanced at Moyuge with a sneer. Looking back at her mouth, she threw herself at the brothers and slapped them.
You don’t even listen to my father’s orders.
Clear fingerprints immediately. Now people around the pink and tender face are holding their heads low at first glance. No one dares to say anything, but they are sweating for the little prince and asking the princess to care for some affection.
Xiaowen bit her lip and walked up to her, holding her head up and saying that it was all my fault. I taught my brother badly, so punish me if you want.
Seeing my brother, I want to carry it to Xiaowu by myself. I am in a hurry to stand in front of my brother and confidently say that it was my idea. If you want to fight, just hit me.
Sai Han’s interest in raising a beautiful eyebrow and brotherhood is really profound. Niang is deeply gratified, but you can rest assured that Niang won’t favor one over the other and punish him as soon as possible.
She smiled and reached for the rattan.
Pass a cane at once
Xiaowen’s face hasn’t changed. He’s worried about seeing his younger brother Xiaowu but smiling at him. Brother Xiaowu is fine.
People can’t bear to look away. Sai Han grimaced and suddenly raised the rattan and watched it fall. Xiaowen Xiaowu closed his eyes and twisted his eyebrows together, gritting his teeth and waiting for the rattan to get close to him.
At this moment, a slap cobblestone suddenly flew up. Sai Han was surprised and immediately turned to avoid it. Unexpectedly, she threw two pieces in succession. She hurriedly avoided the second piece, but the third piece was not so lucky. It directly hit her holding the rattan hand.
Ah, she cried out in pain. Guards on both sides hurried around. Who actually hurt the princess?
The two brothers also opened their eyes and froze when they saw people passing by.
It’s her crazy woman. Chapter 156