Man-demon battlefield?
The five forces that occupied the fix true realm were all regarded as "magic"
The place where these monsters retreat and hide is also called "Man-Magic Battlefield".
The fix-true realm has reached more than one hundred when it was discovered that [the battlefield of man and magic]!
At the moment is to ask three!
I have to say that Zhai Ling is also very lucky!
He didn’t hesitate to quickly answer "the imaginary world", "the cloud world" and "the five elements world"
This time, Zhai Ling and Mo candlestick started at almost the same time.
Two people look at each other’s eyes and smile!
The fourth 500-meter area, let’s go!
And Ann house five people look at them eyes are full of jealousy.
Why are their questions so simple!
With what?
The front area of the fourth 500-meter area is different, and the number of corpses is also limited due to the high level of corpses.
There are 300 four-bone corpses and 100 five-bone corpses!
At the moment, Mo candlestick is still a little pale and obviously has not recovered.
So this time it’s hard to move the magic weapon!
Zhai Ling two people also have some regrets. I knew that I had just kept the magic weapon opportunity first!
But this is also thinking about it.
Considering the consumption of Mo candlestick’s aura before, some big Zhai Ling turned to Mo candlestick and said, "You will follow me later! I am coming! "
Don’t ask for no objection. Simply say "OK! But don’t take care of me! I can still follow! "
Don’t worry about Zhai Ling’s advice that if he waves his energy, it may affect his assessment results.
ZhaiLing look back at the forced to resin beast eyes a horizontal way "know! Let’s go! "
Zhai Ling took the lead and used his fists as weapons.
[Manic Flame Boxing] If it is like a madman dancing and bursting, the flame bakes the fist with a hot breath.
This time, Zhai Ling moved to Wushu!
No longer as pure as before!
Don’t ask for the truth behind him, even behind him, you can clearly feel the burning feeling.
Fortunately, Zhai Ling controls this heat, otherwise Mo candlestick will also be impacted by this riot heat.
Every head rushed to the corpse beast is about to touch Zhai Ling at that moment, then see the fist mans shining immediately to the corpse beasts instantly cause the wound to bake mature meat.
This is also attributed to the fact that Zhai Ling’s strength has soared now, otherwise Jinyuan would not have been injured at the beginning
But at the moment, there are only two people in the area and there are too many corpses. After that, Zhai Ling and Mo candlestick are all targets.
Three minutes later, Zhai Ling marched to the 200-meter place!
Every time he kills the corpse that stands in his way, a corpse will fill it, which is also a headache for Zhai Ling.
(I think it’s ok, just collect it! Vulgar is from dantian. Thank you! Well, you have a set of magical powers.)
Chapter 20 Demon clan? Ergengla
Another fist-burning, five-headed, four-boned corpse beast was instantly blasted into dross.
And a moment Zhai Ling pressure suddenly a loose.
It turned out that Ling Xue and others came here.
Four people came here this time
Attack to Zhai Ling resin beasts also instantaneous ran away half.
This has also caused Zhai Ling to face a sudden drop in pressure
At this time, three candidates from other colleges took out their magic weapons one after another.
When they saw a few beams of destruction, they caught up with Zhai Ling for a moment.