"Before, I always thought that my talent was to study those forbidden arts and those unknown ninjas, but this time I felt that I was wrong and I was going in the wrong direction. I wanted to kill myself, but every time I succeeded, I would grow another head, and gradually I grew like this."
Shu Mao seems to have seen something when he closed his eyes directly and opened them again. His eyes shone strongly and shot directly at orochimaru. Those snakeheads were first touched and smashed immediately, and then the second snakehead was shot by the second eye. The second snakehead was also smashed, but strangely enough, two snakeheads disappeared in a row, but there was no blood spouting from the snake neck. The most surprising thing is that those wounds that were shot off actually healed slowly and then completely melted into orochimaru neck.
In this way, orochimaru directly wrote six songs, which is degraded in terms of quantity, but Shu Mao’s perception tells him that orochimaru’s momentum is growing.
"Haha, thank you, Shu Maojun. I’m bored to death by this first thing. So please trouble Shu Maojun to kill my extra head!"
Shu Mao looked at orochimaru, and then everyone was surprised. His eyes were directly cut to orochimaru’s neck, and his suffering was directly inserted into orochimaru’s chest.
"You …"
"Don’t pack you really don’t like shouldn’t say you really don’t like orochimaru to know the snake uncle has a smell I hate the most! But you don’t smell like that. The most important thing is that I know that Uncle Snake has a real body and he doesn’t need you to help him achieve it. I’m sorry that you are not the one I am looking for! "
With that, these trees have gone a little deeper once again. These people’s bodies, if not orochimaru’s, may come from someone with him, such as Dou!
This guy pretending to be orochimaru directly fell to the ground. His extra heads turned into snakes again and attacked Shumao. This time it was a real snake head, but Shumao was still in no hurry. A huge white curtain was opened in front of him to meet the snake heads directly, but at this moment, these snake heads were able to twist freely and flash past the tree curtain.
Shu Mao did not give up, but directly expanded the scope, and the light curtain protected himself and others.
This completely angered the snakeheads who tried to attack Shu Mao.
Shu Mao opened his mouth and gave a strong howl, which went all the way to the cave and went out to the Watergate.
The situation outside is much better than inside. Watergate led those stone servants’ soldiers’ department, which was turned over by them. There were stone servants’ rubble everywhere.
Darrouy is now sitting on the ground vividly, wondering what he is thinking. From the way he looks at Watergate from time to time, Watergate’s performance in the first world war will definitely make him amazing!
In fact, everyone thinks that Watergate’s strength is amazing. When Watergate was dealing with those stone servants, he actually played there, which made everyone anxious. But when they were resting, Watergate actually made a shadow avatar directly, and then learned Naruto’s small move, chakra, and shuriken. Then when the whole shuriken was formed, the Watergate threw the whole wind escape spiral shuriken directly out.
When others see this scene, their eyelids jump straight, they feel very strange. Only when they have seen Naruto Wind Dun and Spiral shuriken do they know the power of this ninja.
KINOMOTO SAKURA immediately ran behind the Watergate with his young field. If there was any safe place when this Ninjutsu broke out, it was probably the safest place behind the Watergate!
Chapter 23 True and False orochimaru (2)
Throwing out the Watergate Wind Dun Spiral shuriken is indeed the sharpest endurance in group warfare!
Those stone servant soldiers were pulled and sucked together by the rotating wind dun chakra, and then rotated with shuriken. During the rotation of shuriken, the sharp wind dun chakra gradually smashed these stone servant soldiers into dust. By the end of this Ninjutsu outbreak, there was a lot of dust. These were the final outcomes of those stone servant soldiers.
Others were dumbfounded, and even Naruto found it. It seems that this trick is really sharp against these stone servants.
The truth is very simple. The mountain turns into sandstone after weathering, which is the same as that.
In this original work, Naruto, the original Naruto of Watergate, really has his own uniqueness, otherwise Shu Mao, who has been creating his own ninja, would not have let this trick come out before.
Loess saw this trick and thought of it. Fortunately, it didn’t collide with Watergate head-on. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be fine sand? Dust?
Also shocked by Watergate were Temari from Fengguo and Darrouy Hui Ninja from Leiguo. Although they had long heard of the names of the four generations of Konoha, at the beginning of this time, when they met him, they felt that this man was too young, and his strength might not be as great as what he said. But when they saw Watergate, they all put it away one by one, and even if they looked down on Watergate, they dared not show any disrespect.
Sometimes showing your strength can help you better.
Because there is a water gate here, these stone servants can’t finish the weather, and the trees are luxuriant there …
Orochimaru’s body, which had fallen to the ground, suddenly burst out with blood, which looked quite strange. At the same time, orochimaru’s body seemed to be broken, and it actually began to crack slowly, and even some places made a crushing sound.
Shu Mao quietly looked at orochimaru’s body and held out his hand to stop Shui Ying Kakashi from stopping them from approaching the body.
"What’s the matter? Is there any problem? "
Everyone saw that the heads of the snakes that attacked were turned into black gas due to the lush trees and dissipated into the gas.
"Nothing. He’s coming out. You try to stay away from here."
"He? Who? "
"You will know when you wait!"
Shu Mao said this, but his left hand was already bitter and ready to stab the man who was about to come out. When Shui Ying saw Shu Mao, he immediately put on a defensive posture, and Kakashi was able to follow the two of them because of the water stop.
May be aware of the tree mau movement or Shui Ying dynamic water stop also cocked up its ears to listen to the channel ring at once.
Slowly, those noisy and broken parts disappeared, and instead, they did "plop" and "plop" their hearts, and their hearts became stronger and stronger.