Leaf also saw the light said "don’t found the beast Dan? This crystal-eyed, long and wide beast Dan may not have found his position carefully before. "
Bai Yang shook his head. He had looked very carefully before. There could be no missing animal Dan.
The rules restrict Wu Zhe from explaining the question mark pocket, so he just watches quietly.
As soon as the countdown to the question mark pocket entered five minutes, everyone saw it in a hubbub regardless of their lives. The question mark pocket disappeared and the fight finally stopped. Now it depends on which player is lucky. Players who grab the question mark pocket have to have acting skills. If they are discovered by others, they will be attacked by groups.
It’s more fun to stop fighting than the previous chaotic scenes. Look at me, I’ll see if you dare to quit first, or you’ll be regarded as the guilty man. It’s very funny.
Of course, they won’t continue to pay attention to these things.
In a short time, Bai Yang docked with the haggard heart of Chu and comforted her with some kind words, and then decided to return to the tomb forest.
Wu Zhe ran to Bai Yang and asked awkwardly, "Can the master uncle return the eye fragment to his brother?"
When Ye heard this, he said seriously, "The 36 pieces of Chinese characters and 72 pieces of Chinese characters are the things that belong to the heads of past dynasties. How can you say that you will return them to you?"
Bai Yang smiled and waved to Ye and said, "Aye, teacher younger brother, you are a disciple, but this time the hero didn’t know about this one hundred pieces of debris, so it needs to be taught so harshly." Then he said to Wu Zhe, "Xiaozhe, I have to bring back this piece of debris to the mound tomb forest to prevent it, so don’t be a new student because of this."
Wu Zhe is really don’t know to hear leaves explain the horse nod should way "I dare not".
"It’s okay, it’s okay. By the way, Xiaozhe, you can come back to the tomb with us."
Ye so seriously taught Wu Zhe that he was afraid of voting for the opportunity to have something to say. When he heard that Bai Yang wanted to ask Wu Zhe to go back to the tomb with him, his horse came out to help Wu Zhe. He said, "Brother Xiaozhe just came back from a dream and needs to relieve the pressure. I have asked him to go around and experience the time. Yu Pei has also been taken back by me."
"You’re a master. What can I say? All right, let’s get ready to go. It’s estimated that there are a lot of things waiting for me to deal with after so many days."
"Yes, brother."
Wu Zhe in the news area is really on fire. This time, his appearance without a mask has been clearly memorized by many people. Although he has no substantive ability to show it, Wu Zhe can have a cordial conversation with the powerful NPC in the tomb forest. This is a good skill that others envy and cannot envy.
A few commonplaces with Du Yiping, Wu Zhe sent Peng Yufa a private chat directly.
"Sorry, Brother Peng Yu couldn’t receive the news in a special environment recently."
"Oh, brother, I’m on my way to Nanyicheng Road. Don’t leave."
"You want to come to the south in accordance with the city? I’ll give you the trapped beast array, and you should be finished. One more thing, where’s the fish shirt? I don’t have any friends with him, and I can send private chats. "
"Wu Zhe brothers, too? That’s for sure, fish shirt. Four days ago, it was like death and rebirth. Many of my friends lost his friends. "
"Death is reborn? Why "-Wu Zhe wanted to ask Peng Yu if he was looking for a fish shirt instead of a cloud thirteen, but he didn’t send a message when he thought that Peng Yu had a cloud thirteen friend who must know his real name.
Sure enough, Peng Yu replied, "It took me a few hours to find it in thousands of Yunshisan with the same name and surname. He didn’t know what the hell this little Dao was and refused to accept a friend’s application. It really pissed me off.
Besides, I didn’t come to Nanyi City to ask you for the drawings of the array of trapped beasts. Four days ago, Yusi shirt gave me twenty purple beasts Dan and asked me to give them to you. "
"Let’s talk about it when we meet."
Chatting privately, Wu Zhe also tried to add Yun Thirteen friends again, but there were too many players with the same name and surname. Wu Zhe didn’t have the patience after reading a few times.
Nanyi City has built Wu Zhe, and more and more strange players are coming by. They all want to get to know Wu Zhe and make friends. The latter hurriedly left wearing a mask and dumped all the players, leaving Xiaobai in the undamaged animal room in the city before walking to the small forest outside Nanyi City.
There is a familiar feeling in the Woods that Wu Zhe unconsciously wants to go there.
A halberd arrived in front of Wu Zhe
"The array that lives here has just been repaired, and maybe those who break into the monster beast system have not been allowed to enter without permission."
Wu Zhe took off his mask and nodded to a guard in the distance, who knew himself.
"Fourteen Masters?"
"What 14 mage? Didn’t the array wizards all go back? "
"You’re stupid! Master Fourteen is the one who helped us repair the law, that is, the one who was stopped by you. You still don’t put the halberd."
The guard took a look at Wu Zhe and seemed to be really nervous. "Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Master Fourteen, I didn’t know it was you."
"Nothing, nothing. If I wear a mask, no one will know it’s me. I’m here to check the array inside. I wonder if I can?"
"Of course, others can’t, but the Fourteenth Master can definitely go in."
"Thank you."
"Does Master Fourteen need us to go in with you?"
"No, just keep working."
After Wu Zhe left, the two guards praised each other that Master Fourteen was approachable and didn’t look down on people with pride. He was a real good array mage.
133 get Vientiane again
Wu Zhe bypassed the monster beast and slowly walked to the depths of the grove.
Half an hour later, Wu Zhe stopped. In front of him, there appeared a painting wall with a height of 100 feet. There was a funny old man’s face. The fountain in the old man’s mouth flowed to a pond in front of him.
The surrounding trees and vegetation are unique. There is no growth in this circle, and so is the monster beast. This area can hardly be seen in Wu Zhe.
Before Wu Zhe bent down to wash his face, the strong sense of danger made him jump to the nose of the old man in Shibi.
Just now, Wu Zhe’s position appeared as a monster beast with a tail and wings. When the monster beast quickly climbed to the painted wall, Wu Zhecai saw that he was a lizard and a locust monster beast.
Then the painted wall suddenly shook, and the old man’s face slowly disappeared, and then all of them became feathered lizards, flying to Central Wu Zhe and falling into the pond at this moment.
"Yi Ling lizard beast!"
Climbing out of the water, Wu Zhe stretched out his left hand and shouted "all" to the tall man. Everything was so familiar and natural.
A small explosion suddenly occurred in the Yi Ling lizard herd. A large group of monster beasts haven’t fallen to the ground yet. Wu Zhe is not used to the whole body falling to the ground first.
In the dream, the word "all" can be limited. Once Wu Zhe was released in the mainland, it felt that it consumed a lot of physical energy-it was also partly because the orange Beast Dan had not been transformed into physical energy just now, which shows that the word "all" consumes a lot of Wushu.
Wu Zhe quickly got up. It was a habitual attack just now. I dare not release the word "all" in the future.
The lizard and beast that fell to the ground were not badly hurt, but their tails and wings were so dangerous that they flew to France again. More than a dozen lizards and beasts took Wu Zheshen in anger.
In a hurry, Wu Zhe threw the trapped beast array to the ground, but it was a pity that many pieces were wet, but fortunately, several lizard beasts were effectively trapped.
These monster beasts are not as big as crystal-eyed centipedes. Maybe they were hurt by the word "all" just now. They were trapped. The lizard beast struggled for a while and stopped moving. The law of trapped beasts wrapped them up.
And the four lizards and beasts that were not trapped slammed Wu Zhe into the pool again. Fortunately, the water eased a lot of impact. Wu Zhecai was not stunned
It seems that I am afraid of the water when I see the lizard. Wu Zhe has been diving at the bottom and hasn’t gone out. Anyway, the nine lizard have been trapped, and these four are relatively dispensable.
It’s been a long time since I made a badger-colored pen.
I want to draw an oxygen mask, but this dragon doesn’t seem to support Wu Zhe with the world, so I put the badger pen back in the Gankun ring.
When the lack of oxygen reached the limit, Wu Zhecai put his head out of the water, and the four feathered lizards and beasts had already disappeared.
Next, when the gourd received the monster beast, Wu Zhe threw the dance especially into the array directly outside the array. Seeing those black lines supporting the dance especially, he cut the besieged monster beast regularly.
This is the second half of the trapped beast array. If you learn the trapped thing, you can control the trapped beast array to control some inanimate things. This is what Wu Zhetiankui learned in his dream.
Although the sub-red lizard is not very good at attacking, its defense is so high that even the dance controlled by the trapped beast array can’t cut their leather armor.
A few hours later, the black line slowly made the lizard without strength, and Wu Zhe officially harvested it.
It has been more than two hours since the animal department of the nine-feathered lizard was sucked into the gourd by Wu Zhe. Wu Zhe washed and changed his suit with yellow liquid.
It took Wu Zhecai almost half an hour to wash the juice of the lizard, which was particularly difficult to wash. When he was ready to leave, the old man’s face turned dark and the painted wall shook again. Then it collapsed and the fountain stopped at the mouth of the old man.
In less than a moment, the gravel has been buried, and the gravel in the whole pool is a little red.