Wang Jiadong nodded. "I have seen my uncle. Although I have never been to the battlefield, at least now I am also a public security officer. I have seen the scene of the murder. What kind of dead people have never seen it?"
"Imagine talking and laughing with you a few minutes ago. A few minutes later, a comrade-in-arms was suddenly bombed by a shell and couldn’t even find a slap in the face."
Wang Jiadong’s eyes got bigger and his lips trembled slightly, and he couldn’t say a word.
Li Chu took his nephew’s shoulder. "Remember that war is never kind. It is filled out by human lives. Every war, whether it is victory or failure in the end, is written by counting blood and lives."
Never think about how good it would be if I could kill the enemy and make achievements in the battlefield. Fear of war is not a shameful thing. It is normal for my legs to be weak when the gun goes off. It is a real hero to be a deserter and want you to stand your ground, whether you pee or shit your pants! "
Wang Jiadong was silent. He suddenly remembered that his father had said the same thing to him before.
That’s when his horse was about to leave as a soldier. His father told him.
Dad also said that when he participated in the first battle, he was too scared to lift his head, so he raised his gun and fought with five bullets, and it was time to fight bayonets.
Tell him it’s much better now. At least play more pipes and get enough.
"Don’t think so much about your family. You are now a public security officer. Just do your staff well. Go and wash your hands and prepare for dinner."
Wang Jiadong went to the pool table after a little silence.
Li Chu also shook his head and stopped thinking about those messy things and went over to help with the food.
After the meal, Li Chu and his family of five returned to their home.
The three children who just got back are going to run to the street to play together.
"Don’t go in a hurry" Li Chu hurriedly stopped them.
Then from his pocket and took out a few big unity and a pile of messy tickets to Wen Hui.
"When you come back, buy some guns at home and buy more. You can buy whatever you want."
"Thank you, Dad! Wenxuan goes fast every month, and Dad gives money! "
After the three children ran out, Li Chu turned to look at the wife who was feeding the dog. "Can we go out later?"
"I don’t want to go outside. It’s too cold. I’d rather stay at home!"
If you meet a lazy wife, you don’t want to go out with her.
"By the way, Li Chu, go and see Ran Ye. Autumn leaves came to see you several times after you left last year."
Yeah, how to forget this girl? Li Chu raised his hand and patted his forehead.
"Teacher Ran came over and didn’t say anything about Ye?"
"It should be nothing serious. She came to see you because you said you would go to see Ye every month. She didn’t see you before she ran over and asked me that you were on a business trip and didn’t say where you were going."
Nodded Li Chu thought for a moment and then said, "Forget it. I won’t go years ago. I’ll go and have a look after the New Year. It shouldn’t be a big problem for her to keep drinking my medicine."
Speaking of which, he thought about Xu Damao’s family and wondered what happened to their canteen.
"What happened to the contracted canteen of the wife Lou’s family?"
"I forgot to tell you that they contracted the canteen of the textile factory without asking."
"Oh, this is getting bigger and bigger!"
"What about you? This Xiaoe’s father is now considering contracting a third one."
Chapter four hundred and thirty Greed
"contracting the third one?" Intuition tells Li Chu that there should be a problem here, but he has some doubts about what the problem is.
Didn’t hear her husband’s reply Ding Qiunan looked back and saw him frowning. "What’s the matter, dear?" Is there any problem? "
"Don’t worry, let me think. I think something is wrong." Li Chu shook his head, closed his eyes and leaned against the sofa.
Ding Qiunan said that he didn’t bother him. He turned his head and continued to feed some dogs.
There is indeed a problem. When is it only one year now? How can so many factory leaders be willing to contract out the canteen? These people should be obstructing it.
All these people are trapping Lou’s family. They must have a successful team waiting there.
What kind of cause is unknown at present, but we must find a way to wake Lou Xiaoe’s father.
He still drifted to the steel mill, where he might earn some money and not know his last name.
If this money is really so easy to earn, can it still be your turn? It has already been carved up by others.
I’m thinking about it on the sofa. A pair of cold little hands suddenly let go of his head and gently rubbed his temples there.
Li Chu opened his eyes and saw that his wife was behind the sofa. He asked, "Wife, do you know if Lou Xiaoe’s father contracted the canteen of the textile factory for others to take the initiative to find him or to talk about it himself?"
Ding Qiunan thought for a moment before saying, "I remember that when Xiao E accompanied me here, she said that it seemed that the logistics owner of the textile mill took the initiative to find her father, and the towel factory was the same."
"You mean the third one is a towel factory?"
"If I remember correctly, what seems to be the matter, Li Chu? I see what you have been thinking from just now."
"I think something is wrong, but I can’t tell where there is a problem. It should not be so simple."
"I didn’t quite catch what you said," Ding Qiunan shook his head while rubbing her husband’s temples.
"Actually, I’m not too white. My intuition tells me something is wrong, but I can’t say it. I don’t know what to do."
"Then take your time." She patted her husband on the shoulder. "No, I’m going to Xiaoe’s house now?"
"No, no, it’s not so urgent." And he pulled Ding Qiunan from behind the sofa to the front.
Then hold her and let her sit on her leg.
"It’s all Xiaoe’s father’s own problem. I told him to be careful when doing this, and then be careful one step at a time. If something really happens this time, he asked for it."
"What will happen?"
"That’s a lot. There are always too many conservatives. They will try their best to set obstacles."
"Alas," Li Chu sighed and continued, "I hope I’m wrong this time or else …"
He shook his head and didn’t go on
Ding Qiunan’s husband’s arms, hands around him, strong waist and head against his chest.
"Xiaoe also advised her dad, but she didn’t think about it. She just thought they were too busy. Now Damao is busy every day and even short at home."
It must be busy to buy one canteen and two canteens. Can it be the same, not to mention there will be a third one in the future?
Now purchasing is different from the future. Now the materials are planned. If they want to get something out of the plan, they have to go and find it.
By the way, he thought of Lou’s contracted canteen. If he wants to make money, he must get more unplanned materials, which can involve another one. If he is not careful, he may be charged with that crime.
"I know my wife!"
"What do you know?" Ding Qiunan sat up straight from his man’s arms.
"I think of what those people are going to do to them. This is to make people die!"
Then he told his wife what he had just thought of.
"This … then what should I do?"