Chen Xiaohan’s eyes glared angrily. "It is because there are many enemies that we have to rush over. The general’s life will be in danger at any time. I said, Sean, are you a bear?"
Sean nu way "the somebody else dint we must someone to find xu’s adult, only with a few of us how can defeat so many people let’s come to Cang Lang from the Korean battlefield which his mama bear! The old man is the first to rush, but you have to arrange for your brothers to search around quickly
Teams come and support. It’s best to find Lord Xu! "
In this way, one player was sent back to find follow-up reinforcements, and the other nine people rushed directly into the forest and killed the bandits from behind!
In the blink of an eye, the bandits were put down, and dozens of them were in chaos. Where did the enemy come from?
Small grain looked bad and quickly shouted, "Ga Pu Tian Diao Jun quickly organized some people to block the people behind him. Don’t let them join others to step up the offensive!"
At the sight of the flying eagle, the reinforcements were even more flustered and organized people to stabilize the situation
Ten minutes passed before the two sides reached a deadlock.
Chen Xiaohan shouted, "General Sean, they have been fighting for a long time. I’m afraid there isn’t much ammunition left. You take a brother and rush in quickly. Don’t take over and get close to the general!"
Sean promised to lead a person to the depths of the forest.
Just for a moment, there was only one person around Zhang Yi. More than three Cang Lang had died. Even Zhang Yishen had two gunshot wounds. There were too many bandits to fight back!
Zhang Yi, another brother, still gritted his teeth and insisted on it. Now some of them have been insisting for nearly two hours, and they are already exhausted. Two people have unloaded the three Cang Lang bombs, but now there are only a dozen bombs left, and there is no ammunition trapped here, so there is a dead end.
Even Zhang Yi found it difficult to support him. When he went, Zhang Liang touched him with a brother.
Sean low road "
General! General! Here we come! "Two people jumped in front of Zhang Yi, and Zhang Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the helper coming." Fortunately, your mother almost capsized in the old sewer! " Sean distributed some bombs to two people and said, "General Xu’s adult has divided us into ten teams, and there are only ten of us. We need to hold on for a while before you two can rest. Let us two watch here!"
Chapter three hundred and twelve A lovely kiss
Then the second Cang Lang also arrived at the fastest speed to join the fray!
Cang Lang people shot wildly in an attempt to reopen the mouth of the bandits and rob Zhang Yi and others, but where is it so easy? It is surrounded by hundreds of bandits, and these bandits are also mixed with a small number of Japanese ronins.
More than 20 Cang Lang is still difficult to stop the bandits from violently attacking Cang Lang, which is superior to the flexible movement and strong ability to fight alone. But now Zhang Yi is surrounded inside, these Cang Lang can fight with flesh and blood, and there is no room for manoeuvre. There is a huge gap in strength. Twenty people have been extremely embarrassed. This can be said to be the most embarrassing time for Cang Lang to become an army! Even in the face of international mercenaries, Cang Lang is always advancing and retreating, never being passive.
But this time, they were firmly tied here and couldn’t move for half an hour. They had already suffered casualties and were able to persist in fighting. There were six people left, Zhang Yi, whose liver was trembling with pain. These are all elites. They can abandon their own advantages and die here.
It’s how high the bandits’ brains are jumping up. It’s terrible. They’ve been fighting for four or five hours, and it’s still difficult to delay Zhang Yi. There will definitely be reinforcements arriving. If the army arrives, these bandits will have to explain to the Ministry that it’s hard for them to fly here!
Small grain thundered, "You idiots don’t care about the two or three people behind you. Give me the strength to attack, give up some cover people and rush over to take Zhang Yi to death!"
By this time, it was getting dark.
Team Yu hasn’t arrived yet, and the remaining six people are desperately attacking to relieve the pressure of Zhang Yi and others inside. The bandits are the small particles who command the Siming attack.
At the critical moment, Iktangga led two battalions of cavalry to Iktangga, and it took more than two hours to March all the way to get here.
Iktangga shouted, "Tell all the troops to surround the forest and attack hard. Be sure to save Lord Jian for me and attack!"
In this way, four or five hundred people from two cavalry battalions rushed into the Woods and began to attack bandits.
Small grain has heard the sound of horses’ hooves in the mountains. Small grain knows that the ambush may end in failure. The cavalry has arrived at these bandits, and hundreds of officers and men have been able to save the day. It won’t be long before they will be scattered.
Otherwise, Iktangga Mountain is already red-eyed. Any mistake at this time will kill him. When he gives a death order to two cavalry battalions, Zhang Yi must meet inside and defeat the frontal bandits. If they violate the military orders, they will stand firm!
I’m still hanging in my head. I’m sure I don’t care about my life.
The commanders of the two cavalry battalions dare not neglect to command the army to attack desperately, and all the guns are driven to the maximum firepower to play with the world. Now the officers and men are afraid of being serious. They have been fighting for a long time, and now they are confronted with the main cavalry with a rainbow of momentum. As a result, they are shocked by the officers and men, and even they can’t stand the pressure and simply run away with the bandits.
At this time, the small grain had already seen the bad situation and took the lead in slipping away. Only a group of bandits with eyes open still resisted and were surrounded by officers and men and surrendered their weapons!
And after half an hour of fierce fighting, surrounded bandits saw that the situation was not good, and they went to Iktangga and finally met Zhang Yi. At this time, Zhang Yi was already in a coma due to excessive blood loss, and there were only two Cang Lang guards around him. His Cang Lang department fell here!
Iktangga saw Zhang Yi in a coma again surprised again nasty even drink a way "military doctor hurriedly military doctor! Lift Lord Jian! "
The crowd is a flurry.
Lu Dingjun, the commander of the cavalry battalion around him, said, "My Lord, it’s dark now. We shouldn’t stay here for a long time. Once something happens, it’s even harder to clean up!"
Iktangga said, "Order to return to Jilin immediately!"
All night long, Iktangga led two cavalry battalions back to Jilin Province and arrived at the General’s Office.
It took Zhang Yi a whole day and a night to wake up. His injury was not particularly serious, mainly due to overwork and excessive blood loss.
Zhang Yi slowly opened his eyes and found himself lying in a big bed. The decoration inside was very elegant and bright.
Zhang Yi recalled that something happened when he was out of the encirclement. He finally passed out because of excessive blood loss. It was two Cang Lang who had been protecting himself and estimated that he was rescued.
Zhang Yi moved her body and found a girl dozing at the head of the bed. Maybe she didn’t have a good rest and was still confused. Isn’t this Shi Yun? Why is this girl by her own bed? Is this back to Shengjing? How long have you been in a coma?
Now that it’s dark, come to the house and light the hurricane lamp to see the beauty, which is even more charming. It’s your favorite woman.
Zhang Yi looked at Shi Yun’s delicate face, his eyes were blurred, and his emotions would become fragile when he was weak. Zhang Yi came close to Shi Yun’s face and gently kissed Shi Yun’s red lips.
"Well …" Shi Yun felt a hot air in his sleep and opened his eyes just to see Zhang Yi’s lips. Before she could react, Zhang Yi had kissed them.
Shi Yun didn’t refuse to put her backhand around Zhang Yi’s neck lightly. "Stop that now when you wake up. I’ll call someone a tiger. They are all here."
Zhang Yi said vaguely, "Yun Er, don’t call them and leave us alone for a while, okay?"
Shi Yun promised to gently put down Zhang Yi’s bedside with distressed eyes and blamed, "After seeing you, you are still so careless that you almost died. I listened to Huai Jin’s brother and said that he desperately asked you to bring more Cang Lang back, but you refused. Look at how dangerous it is. Those outside are dying. Even the old man Iktangga is anxious …"
Zhang yi cold hum a said "Iktangga? You should let him try so hard. This guy has so many bandits in the border of Jilin Province that he has no movement at two o’clock. If it weren’t for his desperate efforts, he would really explain here … "
Then Zhang Yi’s face turned dark and said, "It’s a pity that Sean and their Cang Lang are all iron clank Han …"
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Two panda eyes
Shi Yun looked at Zhang Yi’s guilty expression and said, "Well, they saved you so that you die a terrible death. You are Cang Lang’s soul. Without you, Cang Lang will be gone. I’ll go and call everyone first. They are all anxious. A tiger doesn’t know how many cups he dropped this day."
Zhang Yi nodded Shi Yun and went out.
In an instant, they rushed in, including Xu Huaijin, Zhang Yihu, Ba Gen, Mo Ru, Tan Feng, and Jilin General Iktangga.
Zhang Yihu shouted loudly, "How’s the instructor? Are you all right?" Behind it, I slapped Zhang Yihu in the back of the head and shouted, "Dog Day instructor just woke up, please be quiet!"