Lin Yuxi shook his head and said to several powerful emperors behind him that you are connected into a large array of hidden forms.
Is this a dozen emperor level strong suddenly condensed into a mass of white light again and I don’t know what a hidden treasure followed.
We hide our breath and fly too high in this forest. When Sanzuwu finds out, it will use all kinds of tricks against us. We are no match for it in terms of wisdom.
A line of people shuttled through the forest, completely hiding their breath and looking for it step by step along the compass breath.
Meng Fei already knows that the compass in the hands of two people is called psychic Luo, which is a Taoist instrument with no damage, but it can find out the breath of different spirits to find something specific.
The breath is getting stronger and stronger. Pay attention to the fact that Sanzuwu may be around here. A group of people have passed through the forest, and now it is plain in front of them. Many cities seem to be a country.
At first glance, Meng Fei is a country with a peak population, and Fiona Fang is full of cities for thousands of miles with a population of tens of millions.
It’s so lively that it reveals a world of mortals everywhere.
This planet is called Luowangxing, which is distributed in dozens of countries, but it is not strong enough to sit in the town. No wonder Sanzuwu chose this place to hide its trace. Let’s take a look at Baiya Road in the advanced city.
Meng Fei also nodded.
The three saints imposed a dozen imperial powers, and the joint flight was very fast, and it flew to the center of a city in a blink of an eye, and saw the central building of the capital and landed.
But just as the three giants landed, suddenly a shocking black gas rushed up from the city, and then the day after tomorrow, a city department in Fiona Fang became a dead zone in hundreds of miles.
Shit, we were ambushed. All the people in this city were swallowed up by the three feet. Just now, the evolution was all an illusion. The three feet arranged a magic array waiting for us.
White cliff roar loud. Chapter one thousand four hundred and three I discuss.
Come to this city, Fiona Fang is bustling for hundreds of miles, but by the time Meng Fei and others reach the center of this city, the people have turned into ghosts and demons, and all the buildings in this city have shown destruction and decay, and even the rotten places have melted into rancid swamps.
This situation is like going to hell.
One possibility is that Sanzuwu killed the creatures in this city, and then arranged a large array to attract people by magic.
Border black gas enveloped Fiona Fang for hundreds of miles, and then six black stone tablets appeared in the sky.
Each stone tablet is as big as a room and stands suspended around the sky in six directions.
Every stone face has an eye.
On the surface of the black stone tablet, there are still three Chinese characters, which no one knows. The twisted music has an ancient flavor.
But Meng Fei knew that these three words were broken eyes.
He also knows these six stone tablets.
It’s a tablet with six broken eyes.
It is really mysterious that a general named Erlang Shen, who is in the South Tianmen of Heaven, grows such a broken soul on his forehead.
But now there are six stone tablets in the sky, but six broken eyes are more powerful than the broken eyes on Erlang God’s forehead.
Besides, the mysterious root is not comparable to Erlang’s broken eyes on his forehead.