Cold, faint, calm in a crisis, and short-edged paintings are tightly guarded.
Meng Fei took advantage of her loss of identity by drinking, and the blink of an eye took the wind for ten strokes in a row, beating the cold and faint, sweating and fighting back.
However, she has a lot of treasures and various spells, and she has a good posture. Meng Fei asked if she really wanted to hurt him, fearing that she would have to move five layers of strength and break her defense with absolute strength to succeed.
I can’t help secretly praising her for being a talented woman of Dahua Dynasty.
Thought of here, Meng Fei suddenly stepped back and looked at her with a smile.
The cold and faint face turned white with anger and couldn’t wait to kill this hateful person immediately. What kind of hero is it when people are distracted? I am wrong. You are still a character.
Meng Fei shook his head and smiled. I have never been a person, but I can’t be distracted against the front, so that the enemy can take the opportunity. Miss Leng had better remember this.
I don’t want you to teach you a lesson. You’d better tell me the truth about what you want to come here, or I’ll expose you to people. Chapter 233 Day Ceremony
Meng Fei shrugged and said, "What details can I reveal? Miss Leng can reveal it as she likes. If there is nothing else, can I go?"
Cold and faint, stomp your feet and get out of here. You’d better be quiet before I catch you.
Meng Fei shook his head with a wry smile and turned away with a little unruly taste.
Meng Fei left the top ten talented women of Dahua Dynasty and went back to the woodshed to sleep for one night after being cold and faint.
The next morning, I came to the restaurant and picked out a corner and sat down. Of course, I didn’t want to make people look fresh, and I didn’t say anything until I had cured my stomach.
He made several dishes of delicious food and ate them all.
Consciousness touched the waist that piece of jade brand immediately face big change.
Reached out and took the jade card hanging around his waist and turned it into a worthless piece of wood.
Examining the belt and clothes has cut a small crack.
This is the most cowardly thing he has ever encountered in mainland China.
With his sense of touch, who can change his personal things without him noticing?
But after all, this has become a fact.
If the other party wanted to plot against himself, wouldn’t it have been done early?
No, yesterday, when I was cold and faint, I waved my hand a little hard and knocked her away for fear that she would bump into the wall and give her a hand.
It seems that stealing the dragon and turning the phoenix will happen at that time.
The woman didn’t do it until she had pulled her to her side.
Thought of here, Meng Fei couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing and praising each other’s technique.
At the same time, if you think of the other party attacking him, you may not be able to avoid it. Her murderous look is alert, but stealing things is the situation now.
Meng Fei was so angry that he almost scolded him.
I lost my only possessions.
I’m afraid that cold faint will avenge her own play and insult her.
Besides, she didn’t know that this jade brand was important or predestined relationship to him. She knew that she had come here for Miao Xueer.
It is said that each of the top ten talented women in Dahua Dynasty is best at stunts. It seems that the coolness is the best at being afraid of gloves and white wolves. Otherwise, how can we teach him to capsize in the gutter?
It’s said that Leng Youfaint, a little girl, looked down on men since she was a child. She vowed never to marry, so let the young master grab her and spank her to see how she meets people.
Mom, but how can I live here to eat? But I have to show my blood, Hou Fu’s jade card. Can I really eat a overlord meal?
Thought of here, Meng Fei quietly looked around and found that there seemed to be a lot fewer people coming here to eat today than in the past, but when he was chatting, he grabbed a person and asked what people came here to eat today.
The man saw that Meng Fei was dressed as a servant and didn’t want to talk to him. The smell speech said lightly that it was the ceremony of changing the sky at noon today, and everyone was busy.
What is the ceremony of changing the sky in Meng Fei’s strange way
Don’t you know that man frowned slightly?
Meng Fei felt at a loss. He was busy practicing these days. Besides, everyone didn’t take him seriously and never told him anything big or small.
However, I heard a population next to me explain that the ceremony of changing the sky, as its name implies, means to restore chaos and everything, which means to break new ground and set up a new ceremony.
Meng Fei seems to understand why he wants to ask more questions. Suddenly, he heard a huge bell ringing in the distance for ten times in a row. At this time, it was cold and faint. Deacons Jia Wei all went to the main hall to close.
Speaking of which, I took another look at Meng Fei’s heart. This guy didn’t come here for a long time, and he hated this solemn ceremony. Once he went, he might make trouble again, but it was not beautiful