Yuan Ye also looked at CenSen CenSen bro with a sad face, so you lost our brother’s reputation. You can’t drag the first sentence to say hello. It’s the hardest thing to do with this sentence. Yuan Ye has put his hands on CenSen’s shoulders.
Brother Yuan, what do you want? Censen looked at Yuan Ye in horror.
Yuan Ye pretended to be very sad and reluctant, saying that brothers have nothing to do with tigers. Go ahead.
Said Yuan Ye dint Yuan Ye strength Censengen didn’t have the slightest resistance to fly to the female middle school Censen frightened to cry only to see a pair of sad eyes opposite Yuan Ye Rui Xi also longed for strong lovelorn depressed sample 556 orangutan aunt.
Smile, stupid Yuan Ye, and make a smile at once.
In the middle school, Censen was more ugly than crying, but at this time, the woman felt the wind shaking and seemed to be unable to help laughing.
Suddenly the woman turned around.
Wow, Cense’s horrible cry of killing pigs rang.
I rely on Yuan Ye in the distance to shout loudly, and then Censen will observe three minutes of silence.
Ha, ha, ha, CenSenRan everyone applauded MuJiang a gloating pot clapped.
Just as Censen was about to hit the girl, she was kicked off by the other side.
Yuan Ye, you pit me. It’s not a den. It’s a dinosaur hole. Censen didn’t forget to look at Yuan Ye bitterly.
A little bit of an accident. Yuan Ye waved his hand repeatedly, but he couldn’t help laughing. Because the woman turned her face for a moment, her figure was in sharp contrast, which was absolutely shocking to the point of madness.
I don’t usually describe ugly women. Well, everyone should know that simply speaking, a face full of acne and stars dotted with stars is as proud as all over her face. Her mouth is full of buck teeth, her nose is crooked and her eyes are cross-eyed. That eyebrow is definitely the thickest highlight of her face. It’s not the most important thing. Since this is a woman, let’s call it hair. Her face hair is thick and strong, at least one finger joint long. This hair is definitely spread all over her face from ancient times.
It’s still Cen Xiongzhi. If this wife marries and goes home, she will never worry that the apricot wall has no shelf life and can be trusted. Yuan Ye lamented very much.
My mom, how much sadness is written on my face? Censen, I admire you. Mu Qiang is also sighing. Even Scarlett Xu, who has been stiff, can’t help laughing and crying.
Wow, Censen finally couldn’t help but vomit.
Hum, you men are all the same virtue. Why did I really want to hear that people want to marry a young lady and worry that no one wants it? Who is that orangutan aunt who smiled with this smile? Yuan Ye and other talents are now full of buckteeth, not to mention that their teeth are brown, and they are still missing half of their front teeth.
Yuan Ye Mu Qiang tacitly pointed to Censen.
Wow, this Censen’s stomach acid is even more turbulent.
Brother Yuan Qiang, it suddenly occurred to me that the headquarters still had something urgent to leave. I’ll go back first, and then I’ll join Censen, clutching his independence. I’m leaving
But just then, the little jerk jumped from Yuan Yeshen and went to the gorilla aunt.
I didn’t look at the girl very much when I was in the front and back. To be precise, the little jerk didn’t feel anything about beauty. Maybe someone said that he stole it because those women offended Yuan Ye, not because Brother Ball was lewd. On the contrary, every time Brother Ball appeared, he was ravaged by many beautiful women, and his young mind had long been shadowed. Yuan Ye and others saw the beauty, just like being close to the little jerk, but they wanted to run when they saw it. This time, the little jerk walked over for the first time, and Yuan Yerui and others were surprised.
See the little jerk walk up to each other, raise his head, grandma, sound me up, you
Ah, the scene that Yuan Yerui, Xi Muqiang are frightened and shouting is really eye-popping.
Censen was moved to tears when he met a savior. Brother Qiu, I dare to devote myself to this friendship. It’s touching. Brother Yuan, look at how well they match. Gee, it’s a good match.
Mu Jiang’s evil eyes despise Censen directly, but seeing the orangutan aunt on the other side has been very heart-felt and picked up the little jerk.
Aunt orangutan is ugly, but ugly women will be cute by little bastards.
Marry you as a wife, little bastard, but some baby sounds are ringing again
Well, aunt orangutan kissed the little jerk directly on the head, and obviously she saw the little jerk so close. Aunt orangutan first stared at seven beautiful women with jealousy.
Brother, you have to save the little bastard. Why is he hairy? Mu Qiang can’t bear it. Just now, when I saw the orangutan aunt kissing the little bastard, Mu Qiang wanted to vomit with Censen.
Yuan Ye looked stupefied at the little jerk and gave a long sigh, so he deeply said that the elder brother of the ball was heavy in taste.
Hum, when you smelly men see my back and my appearance, you immediately show your disgusting side. This little guy, Aunt Orangutan, still speaks with confidence.
How dare you say that I don’t hate beautiful women, but I’m ugly. I’m familiar with them, but I can’t stand them. Yuan Ye also stared.
It’s as dark as a crow. Just now, I heard that you didn’t punish me. These sisters wanted to praise you as a patriarch. I didn’t expect you to be no exception. Aunt gorilla shook her head and sighed.
Brother, you are despised by ugly women. Mu Qiang is embellishing it.
At this time, Scarlett Xu quickly calmed down and shouted, "How dare you dare to put Ke Qing’s adult on the main force for three transgressions of five times?"
Hum, I’m not from Heaven Sect of Science. You should be polite to Heaven Sect of Science. Besides, this little guy said he would marry me, and I did.
It is a beautiful thing for a woman to get married, but when the orangutan aunt said the word marriage, Yuan Yecensen Muqiang felt a surge of stomach acid.
Scarlett Xu is cold, but it’s not me. The people of Haotianzong are in my territory.
Who said that this is your domain of Heaven Sect of Science and Technology? My master lived here tens of thousands of years ago, much earlier than you built Heaven Sect of Science and Technology. Tell you the truth, my master wants to make this island quiet. This is the only way to show Yabao a few tricks to let her beat you and let you leave the island alone. My master’s strength is too simple to let a female brother beat a mere ancient fairy, and aunt gorilla is still very proud.
I’d like to meet Yuan Yexiao when I drink this island, but I still have a master hidden.
Well, I’d also like to meet the elder brothers I’ve never met. It’s definitely not the average person Mujiang who can stand such a beautiful appearance as such a disciple, so it’s a deep way.
All right, I’ll take you to meet her, but my master is a very proud person. You should show some respect when you meet her old man’s house.
Bold Scarlett Xu suddenly broke down after a sudden binge drinking, but Yuan Ye stopped him. 557 tastes heavy.
Hehe, your master, even the quasi-dzogchen, is not qualified for our junior ceremony. It seems that your master didn’t teach you to know people well. Yuan Ye smiled and didn’t get angry, but what he said was true. Let’s not say that he is a giant sectarian leader. With Yuan Ye, a god array, he is an equal figure of dzogchen Yuan Zun. However, no one is qualified to let anyone do the junior ceremony. Besides, her master is the highest, that is, she is the quasi-dzogchen. Instead, she saw Yuan Ye to salute.
Cut orangutan aunt disdain unexpectedly made a face to Yuan Ye.