Dui Liang zui
How many capitals do you stay outside Xi ‘an?
How many times have you broken into the city?
Farmers’ vehicles like blood wine
Carrying the river’s desire for life
Father died in Xi ‘an blood.
Father is food.
Ugly brewing
Singing mouth salt mouth filling river mouth
Toward the poor half slope
Clay guards the clay small pottery workshop.
Stand outside a shallow and rough ditch
The urn bones flew away from those beautiful girls.
Banpo, besides, I’m not the only one who got pregnant
Really need death to cooperate.
Blind language, bloody fate
And the captives return home
Blood also dies from blood.
Wisdom blood is also evil blood.
A happy day leads to autumn sorbus
I love a new day to a limited extent.
Today, the sun is shining, today’s horses are blooming, and today’s catalpa trees are blooming.
I am healthy and rich for life.
From Lebanon to dusk
Better than all past poems.
Happiness finds me.
Happiness says, look at this poet
He is happier than me.
It’s splitting my autumn
In autumn, which broke my bones.
I love you, sorbus.
cooking smoke
The moon is a white ape digging wells.
The moon is a white ape with a miserable smile.
How many times did the wound bleed
The white ape crosses the bell tower
Over the head of the old man in the south
Digging well white ape
Village feeding white apes
The moon is a miserable white ape.
The moon is heartbroken.
The moon is already heartbroken.