Baby panda has less than 5,000 health points left. This guy probably realized that the situation is not right, and he struggled to fight hard.
But now you won’t be able to resist again. The fruits of the revolutionary victory are already in my hands. Haha.
I seem to have seen the panda explode after its death, and my face couldn’t help smiling.
Suddenly, the panda, who had been beaten passively, suddenly got up and roared at the top of the cave, and its body swelled sharply.
I’m crazy about BOSS. I don’t think much. I’ll run away and see the little bastard. That guy runs faster than me
Grandma, wait for the panda baby to be collected, and see if it’s old enough to collect you.
I looked at the little bastard with resentment, but I didn’t dare to slow down the madness of BOSS. That’s no ordinary guy. I accidentally estimated that I would have to return to the ranks of the class.
I’m fast, baby panda is not slow. I just escaped to the mouth of the cave. That guy has chased me behind. I feel a gust of wind coming from the back of my head. Looking back, a huge fist has hit me. I didn’t think twice about it and quickly bowed my head and hid.
A burst of spicy food in the past, I fell to the ground and rolled, which just escaped the attack of the panda baby after madness.
Baby panda doesn’t seem to believe that his attack actually escaped me. Two original black eyes suddenly turned red.
Damn it, he won’t go crazy, will he? I cursed in my heart and hated it. The system gave me such a timid pet. His mother quit at the key time and escaped. Don’t say it, at least protect me, the boss.
I thought too much, and naturally I was affected. I was still stunned. The second attack of the giant panda has come. This time, Ya completely benefited his huge body advantage and swooped down on me.
Damn it, don’t do this. If I’m pinned down like this, won’t it be a pancake fruit immediately?
Just about to flash, a figure flashed across the giant panda and let out a sad howl.
The little bastard is back, and I am ecstatic. This guy finally has a little conscience, but now that the helper is back, I should fight back. If it is not such a good opportunity to turn the situation around, I will be a real idiot.
A triple whammy, and then there was Longxiang for nine days. There was a little bastard in front of me, attacking like flowing water. The poor little panda was much stronger after madness, but it was even worse than two sinister enemies.
After half an hour, the battle was over, completely over.
I fell to the ground and didn’t want to move any more. I gasped. The little bastard was no better than me. He leaned against the mouth of the cave with the same face as the shelves in the grocery store.
"Ha ha, I finally called grandma. Why did you escape from Xiaogang? I almost didn’t kill the old man." Although I was very happy, I scolded him, but this kind of scolding is not a general scolding. I don’t know when I have admitted my brother to the little bastard in my heart. Although he is a virtual data character, he is a rare brother in my game in my heart.
"You and I think that guy is crazy. What should I do if I don’t escape? I think you will escape, too. I didn’t expect you to be so stupid that you got to the mouth of the cave and were entangled in ya. If I hadn’t changed my defense equipment and come over and said that you were a little boy and fell to the ground, you wouldn’t have thanked me for saying that I snorted once I came. If there was such a thing, I would help you again. Then I wouldn’t be a little bastard."
I don’t have time to rest. I put away my things. The general instructions sounded, "The player has successfully completed the cave and the map will be released to all players."
"Player Cang Shui gets a set of national treasures"
"Players cang water …"
The announcement is like an Up-worded woman who can’t stop talking for more than a minute. At that time, I still have a little desire to listen. After hearing it, my heart is completely uninterested. Grandma’s excitement is not bad once in a while. If it keeps happening, it will be no matter how excited people are.
However, I’d better hear the news that I want to hear the most: "Player Cang Shui killed the crazy national treasure panda, and the level rose to 9, becoming the 30th player in China."
Oh, shit, I can’t. I’m always so diligent. I’ve reached level 9 for such a long time. I didn’t expect that there were 29 people ahead who were better than me. It seems that there are quite a few crazy people in the game. My ex-husband feels how powerful he is. Now it seems that he is just a frog at the bottom of the well. The difference is that he jumped out of a small well and jumped into a bigger well as his level rose.
I gasped at the thought of this. Fortunately, my advantage is my speed and life value. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to mix up. Grandma has an enemy who doesn’t even know how powerful she is. I must be careful.
I’d better go back first. I can finally get out. If I don’t see the scenery outside, then I’m not too lucky.
Grandma, my uncle Cang Shui is back again.
I already knew where the procession was, and I went straight over. I felt a thrill in my heart when I was at the procession. After such a long time, I was finally able to go back for revenge.
All the old bastards who want to harm you, listen up. Your end is here, and even the gods can’t save you.
312 released from prison
Grandma, my uncle Cang Shui is back again.
I already knew where the procession was, and I went straight over. I felt a thrill in my heart when I was at the procession. After such a long time, I was finally able to go back for revenge.
All the old bastards who want to harm you, listen up. Your end is here, and even the gods can’t save you.
I chose the mountain city, and I immediately went to the mountain city with a flash of white light. Although I have a national treasure suit, I don’t want to change my equipment for the level 9 players if it is not a very dangerous situation. Even compared with the level 9 players, it has reached a completely different level. What’s worse, compared with those level 70 guys?
To my surprise, there is no one outside, and everything still seems to have not changed because of my coming out. Everyone is doing their own things, which makes me feel a little different and lost, just like a guy who has worked hard for revenge for decades and finally became a martial arts expert, who came out and found that his enemies were all gone.
At this moment, I said to myself that I simply went back to Beijing for a long time and didn’t go to the firm. At least we are also a boss figure. Although the boss doesn’t go to the company very much now, there are still a few people who haven’t gone for months like me. I’m afraid that if I don’t go again, I’m afraid I won’t even remember the direction of the firm door.
"Boss, why did you suddenly come back?" I shouted as soon as I entered the door. Although he shouted loudly, I could still bear it, but the butterfly effect behind me was really unbearable. A large group of guys couldn’t tell whether men, women and children descended on me.
"Eldest brother, you can come back and miss us so much."
"Boss, our great helmsman …"
"Boss, you are black."
"Eldest brother …"
I managed to climb out of the crowd and hide in the park before everyone rushed over.