Luo Lie coughed a few times and felt the pain in his body, but he was a tough guy. He didn’t show it in his face at all. He looked at Ye Qing’s determined face and said, "Today was an accident. I was ambushed. It’s just that I was too confident. I went to other people’s territory to negotiate alone, and my attitude was arrogant. As a result, the other party had already ambushed more than a dozen knife hands to deal with me. It is impossible for this kind of thing to happen again in the future. Those guys will be thrown into the river to feed the fish. You can rest assured that it is still safe to be brothers with
"Are you hanging out?" Ye Qing asked with great interest, "When reading, watching movies, young and dangerous people". Ye Qing always gets excited and thinks that the scene is very exciting. Now that he meets a real young and dangerous person, of course, he has to interview him carefully.
Luo Lie smiled and nodded "yes".
"Then don’t you have many enemies?"
"Yes, there are a lot of people who have already reported to the underworld. I won’t leave them any chance for revenge. That’s why I dare to go out alone." Luo Lie is very proud of tunnel.
Although Luo Lie said it very easily, Ye Qing felt a bit biting in that tone. Think about those enemies who have been killed by this guy in front of him, and he can’t help but feel a chill. This guy looks gentle but he is a killer. The key is that he is still active in the Jianghu. I have to say that he is very capable.
"How many brothers do you have now?" Ye Qing continued to ask himself what he was interested in. He felt that since Luo Lie was a leading figure, many younger brothers must think about the sea of people in the gangster, and he felt very awe-inspiring and inexplicably fascinated.
"Thousands. Why do you ask?" Luo Lie looked at Ye Qing’s way, and he told Ye Qing the truth. Now there are thousands of people who follow him around and eat people. Some people are responsible for watching the games, and some people are working in his flag company. In fact, almost all of these people have bleached their jobs now, which is also a legitimate business. Everyone has a salary and can’t afford to spend money. Who will go around causing trouble?
The era of making trouble and showing off one’s arrogance is long gone. Now, people who come out and hang out are doing legitimate business, but occasionally they take improper measures. Now Luo Lie is also the chairman of a city company on the surface, and has been elected as one of the top ten young talents in the business world. They are rich and rarely killed.
Ye Qing is not interested in Luo Lie company at all. He is very interested in Luo Lieru’s fame in the Jianghu. He was very excited when Luo Lie said that there were thousands of hands. Then he asked, "How big is your territory?" Where is the site? "
Luo Lie can’t help but feel funny when he sees Ye Qing in high spirits. He thinks this guy must have seen too many young and dangerous people. Now who is robbing the market? What’s wrong with you? Do you dare to accept protection as before? It’s suicidal to ask people to take care of you as soon as they call the police station.
Now there are some left to help watch the show, and the salary is equivalent to the security nature. The forced collection protection line has long since disappeared. Luo Lie smiled and said to Ye Qing, "If I don’t have a site, I have a company. If you want to say the sphere of influence, then the whole Chengdu is my sphere of influence. If you encounter something, I can say a few words even if I can’t help you solve it."
"So cow? My toilet is blocked. Can you help me solve it? "
"that’s what people who dredge pipes should do."
"Do I want to be a governor?"
"Can you talk well?"
"Well, you have a good rest. Although you are in good health, you’d better talk less after being stabbed so much. I’ll get you something to eat if you are hungry!" Leaf tilting up way
Luo Lie also bluntly said, "I’m really a little hungry and I’ve just consumed a lot of energy. You’d better get me some beef and some wine to relieve the pain."
"I just said that you really didn’t think of yourself as an outsider. Where can I get beef for you so late? Do you want me to steal a cow back? " Ye Qing jokingly saw that Luo Lie wanted to talk, and he laughed again. "Come on, I’m joking with you. I’ll go out and try to satisfy you!"
With that, Ye Qing walked out of the living room and hit the gate.
Luo Lie was lying on the sofa and looking at the ceiling, thinking that the day was like dealing with those guys. The two sides actually had some friction because of business. Luo Lie was always strong and overbearing. As a result, a person came to somebody else’s site to ask questions. After a few words were not good, the other party moved his hand, and obviously he was ready for a dozen knife hands to rush in and cut it. Fortunately, he reacted quickly enough or the roots could not rush outside.
Since the business matter has not been settled, the other party has tried to kill him again, of course, he will not show mercy. He touched his trouser pocket, pants are still wet, and his mobile phone is still wet. He took it out and looked at it.
He sighed and waited for Ye Qing to come back. His cell phone called tonight. Things happened so suddenly that he was dead, but he didn’t expect to be saved by Ye Qing. This is really a causal cycle. Fortunately, I helped Ye Qing that day and it was a good marriage. Otherwise, I would be dead today.
Ye Qing wandered around after going out, and then walked on his way back. When he saw that there was Luo Lie’s blood on this road, he wiped his foot for a while, so that he couldn’t tell where he had carried Luo Lie. In fact, some people might not necessarily think it was human blood when they saw this blood, or they might think it was an animal or paint. Few people would be suspicious, and no one would get to the bottom of it. Now people don’t like to meddle. Ye Qing did this just to make themselves feel more at ease.
He is still a little worried that this matter will implicate himself, not for fear of retaliation, but for fear that the police station will find it very troublesome. He walked around and bought a catty of braised beef and some snacks at a snack stand, and then went to the supermarket to ask the boss to send a case of beer.
At home, Ye Qing saw that Luo Lie was still staring at the ceiling with his eyes open. He put beef and snacks on the coffee table and said, "Hurry up and eat the wine and send it soon."
Luo Lie propped up and sat up and then looked at the table. "There’s really beef! That’s funny, man! By the way, lend me your words first! "
Ye Qing took out his mobile phone and threw it to Luo Lie, then went straight to the room. Luo Lie said to his back, "Don’t you eat?"
"No, I just came home from supper when I met you!" Leaf tilting head also don’t back to the tunnel.
Luo Lie picked up the phone and dialed a few words, and then said a few words in a low voice. People there seemed shocked, and then he agreed with Luo Lie’s orders. After Luo Lie hung up, he made several calls in succession. After saying a few words, he put his phone on the coffee table, grabbed chopsticks and began to eat.
His physical fitness is really strong. After a short rest, he feels that he has recovered a lot of strength. Although the wound is still painful, he can eat calmly and freely. It seems that he has never been injured. He knows very well that he is still weak now, and he can’t even swing a punch again. After all, he has lost so much blood. He needs to eat to replenish his energy now.
After eating a few chunks of beef and some snacks, he felt a little better, and then he heard a knock at the door outside. He quickly shouted a leaf tilting and immediately came out of the room and ran a few steps to the door. Then he paid the money to hold the wine to the coffee table in the living room and found the lid and threw it to Luo Lie. "Is a box enough?" I’ll call you again if it’s not enough! "
Luo Lie smiled laughed "that’s enough when I am Brewmaster! Why don’t you come and have a drink with me? Drinking alone is boring! "
Ye Qing has had enough to eat, but he still drank two glasses of wine. So he nodded and sat down. He picked up a drinking cup and poured himself a cup. He held it up and said to Luo Lie, "Let’s meet formally today and have a drink!"
Luo Lie hurriedly took the cup, "good brothers have something to find me at any time after I can help you do it, I will do it! Don’t give me any more problems, such as what I want to be a governor. I don’t have that ability! "
The two men smiled at each other and then touched a glass, all of which were nobly lifted up and gulped down. After putting the glass, Ye Qing said, "Since you treat me as a brother, I will tell you the truth. Don’t expect me to take part in those killing things. Although I am longing for it, I don’t want to do it. I have a serious career."
"Look at your ability. I need you to help me kill? Besides, I also do legitimate business. How can there be so many fights? Are you from the old society? By the way, what serious occupation do you have? " Luo Lie Road
"Are professional competitive players very cool?" Leaf tilt very proud tunnel
Luo Lie felt a little dizzy and shook his head. "Competitive? What the hell is it? "
"Professional players in competitive games are professionals who play this game. Don’t underestimate this …" Ye Qing talked about sports and talked for an hour. He explained to Luo Lie what is competitive, what is F, and what is professional competition. It is really a flow of words.
Luo Lie has no interest in this at all. He doesn’t care what Ye Qing said all the time. He didn’t stop in at all. When Ye Qing finished, he also ate almost, and then he burped and said to Ye Qing, "So that’s it! I see! "
Ye Qing was very pleased when he understood it. "Now you know that my career is great!"
Chapter 17 Luo Lie Revenge
Luo Lie filled his stomach and drank a few bottles of wine, feeling that the wound didn’t hurt so much, so he told Ye Qing, "Do you mind if I stay with you for one night? Someone will pick me up early in the morning. "
"I wouldn’t carry you back if I cared. Speaking of which, you are really heavy and tired. I’m panting and I can’t take the ladder to carry you up the stairs. It’s exhausting. Do you think I should be given some work?" Ye Qing tan Zhang shou Dao
"I don’t have any money with me today. I’ll give you as much as you want!" Luo Lie serious tunnel
Leaf qing ha ha a smile "are you serious? I want 1 million, will you give it to me? "
"Fine, a small sum of one million. I’ll give it to you if you want. Is our brotherhood worth one million?" Luo Lie is very generous. He is the chairman of the city company. One million is really a small sum for him.
Ye Qing smell speech can’t help feeling that these rich people are just different. One million people don’t care about it, and they are all too excited to hold a two million bank card.
"Just kidding, can I have this money? Since you regard me as a brother, is it still your brother if I ask for this money? You have a rest. I’ll take care of you if you leave early. Just leave without waking me up. "Ye Qing drank the wine in the cup and got up.
"Tell me your mobile phone number and contact me often!" Luo Lie looked at Ye Qing Dao Ye Qing hurriedly read the mobile phone number again. Luo Lie nodded and didn’t enter the mobile phone or take notes, so he read his mobile phone number again to Ye Qing.
Ye Qing also nodded and then walked into the room. Luo Lie couldn’t help shouting, "You don’t input your mobile phone?"
"Day to lose now I want to sleep! Do you have your good memory? " Ye Qing shook his arm and then pointed to the coffee table. "I know that your mobile phone won’t work. I’ll leave it here. Just leave it a little early. Don’t take it away for me! I bought it for more than two thousand dollars! "
With that, Ye Qing walked towards the room. Luo Lie looked at Ye Qing’s back and smiled. "It’s interesting!"