The guard rode on the horse and looked at the blood hole in the forehead of the four people across the street. He blew a sigh at the mouth of the smoking revolver and smiled slightly. "Idiots are still armed in the era of swords and shadows. It’s stupid."
When the enemy saw that the generals on their side were falling in droves, they fled without fighting.
The white man has got up at the moment and looked at the war situation not far away and said to himself, "My life is determined by the ups and downs in the troubled times. Who will do it?" But it’s okay for the guard to give his life to help him. "
Speaking of which, the white man trotted towards the guard. When he was near the front of BMW, he knelt down with his hands fuels and looked at the water waves in the eyes of the tall and mighty image.
"Military adviser, please get up!" The guard rushed to jump from the horse to hold the white man with both hands and said
"The grass people wish the commander-in-chief to do his best!" White man looked up and looked hot and cried
This sonorous power was heard by people around.
Then the white man looked around and saw the horse soldiers laughing.
The white man’s eyes gradually rippled and shook his head. The picture seemed to wake up and suddenly he looked like a red-hot briquette.
Tianyu was at a loss, and his right hand pulled out his ears and looked at the music blossoming around the Internet cafe. Players were staring at the teenagers.
"What did he just say? "Right-handers are willing to be a marshal to help their dogs and horses" …? " Tianyu confirmed that he had not heard wrong just now, and it was because of this sentence that players around them laughed one after another.
"That guy have no disease? Also’ right’ … "A player sitting beside Tianyu laughed.
Then a player who smiled from ear to ear said, "It’s not filming, is it? But I haven’t seen that man wearing anything strange? "
At this moment, it’s already 11: 30 in the middle of the night, but the Internet cafe was disturbed by him because of the teenager calling nearby players.
Although they were a little dissatisfied with the boy when they first woke up, they saw this scene as soon as they rubbed their hands off their sleepiness.
At this time, the teenager is still kneeling with his hands clasped in his hands.
The scene is ridiculous but also embarrassing.
"Handsome wish you fight side by side!" Just then, a pair of small hands will hold the young fuels and help them up.
It’s Tianyu, and it’s as loud as Hong Zhong. It’s like a late-night oath
It’s okay to shout, but not only the players around you are happier, but even some players far away wake themselves up and travel through ancient times …
"What? !” The boy’s hot face keeps heating up, but the question is on his mind. "What will happen to him?" ….. no! He should be different from me! "
Suddenly, the head of a teenager’s heart is hit by a hammer, and it’s usually banging.
The idea that "he helped me out" flashed through the young man’s mind.
Sitting in front of his computer, Tianyu has already played the game at this time. Quickly open the member management member machine and pull the juvenile novel, "Go!"
They just ran out of the internet cafe in the laughter of everyone, or rather fled …
"Before rebirth, I don’t know when it became popular on the Internet. An expression is that a girl wearing an eye patch waved her finger. Is it cute? I asked a group of people who published a lover. The girl’s name is Bird Wandering Six Flowers. It’s a character in an island animation. Although I hate island countries very much, I learned a word from Baidu’s animation-Secondary Two." Tianyu was already walking on the street with teenagers at this moment, and both of them were still panting, and Tianyu thought to himself.
Then Tianyu Yu glanced at the teenager’s heart and continued, "No.2 middle school disease is a mental state living in self-fantasy. Patients often imagine themselves as someone who is not realistic. It is reasonable to say that this kind of symptom should not appear at his age, but his tone and eyes are so devoted just now. He should think of himself as someone. If my leg is against his knee, he might really kneel …"
"Thank you," said the young man, walking behind Tianyu’s right and looking down at the road. He was embarrassed that they were separated by one person.
"Idiot, I can hear every word you just said."
"What … what words?" The boy asked with some hesitation
"’I don’t want to deal with a guy who will lose money’ is what you say? Although I lost the game with you just now, I didn’t lose any more … "Tianyu smiled back and looked at the boy without saying much.
The orange light hit the boy’s face slightly yellow, but he could still feel his face turn crimson. At the same time, he looked up at Tianyu and nodded, then revealed a brisk smile like a relief.
"It’s getting late now, idiot. Let’s walk for more than an hour." Tianyu laughed.
"My name is not’ idiot’ and where are we going?" The young man shook his head and asked
"Go home"
The word simple has the magic of peace of mind.
Tianyu said and stopped for a step, waiting for the teenager to walk side by side with two people in the direction of Tianyu’s new home.
(ps: In fact, everyone in Secondary 2 was naive and fantasized about who was in the story when he was a child, and then he said some strange lines and felt like a Wulin warrior or a fighter, which savior … The passing of B Day really made people remember and cough me up again and again. I was happy ~)
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Chapter 40 Lights will also have shadows
Two people walking in the street lamp shadow is slender but not lonely because there are two …
At this time, the teenager didn’t notice Tianyu’s figure. Indeed, the northern Han Dynasty was mighty and magnificent, with a head of one meter, and the body was not too thin, but it was not very strong in appearance. I just saw it in the Internet cafe, which was the kind that I couldn’t recognize in the crowd.
At the same time Tianyu also looked up at the boy.