After a heroic roar in my heart, Feng simply took out 5 pieces of silver and gave it to Yves Ritter. "Then please ask Mr. Yves to concentrate on teaching."
Seeing that Feng Zhen took out 5 silver, Yvette patted her thigh and said, "You are really young!"
"It’s almost drained …" This time, Feng dared not pretend to be calm. Who knows how many fancy sales techniques Yvette Ritter has?
"I actually want to Doby you … I can lose a lot of money. This mining is more than 5 silver. How much money do you have?" Everit said that the meat hurts.
"Master, you shouldn’t be going back on your word, should you?" Maple smiled and asked to see Yves Ritter’s surprise. Maple was very cheerful.
"Don’t worry, I won’t break my word, but where did you get so much money? You must have just come out to hang out?" Yves Ritter eyed maple and asked.
"I was lucky to get something good to make Mr. Yves laugh."
"It’s interesting. Take it. Feel free to call me whenever you want to learn," Yvette said, throwing her hand to Feng.
"Thank you, Master," said Feng, after taking over a fairly thick mining, that after feeling its weight, Feng felt that he had bought a good value this time. It seems that Yvette Ritter’s pain just now is not fake. This Feng is a little expecting him to continue to test the depth of his wallet. He still has 1 gold!
Put the big ones away first, then the maple will continue to read the Simple Trap System Method.
More than an hour later, with the "knowledge is power, congratulations on mastering the simple trap system", it was unified.
"Alas ….." Looking at several maples in the backpack, he sighed. He actually thought of selling them and renting them to others, but when he studied, there would be a "knowledge has been engraved into your soul"
Laifeng still doesn’t understand this meaning, but just now he had an epiphany, which means soul binding! It is estimated that it is either impossible to trade or others have no law after trading to others. Although it is quite normal to say that this setting is in the game, it is true! Such a far-fetched reason can get by!
After spitting a few words in my heart, Feng stretched himself and suddenly felt a burst of drowsiness. When I looked at it, it was already late, so Feng chose the line after putting it away.
After climbing out of the game cabin, Feng first exercised, then went to the bathroom to take a bath and went to bed.
After getting up the next day, Feng didn’t rush into the game but went out for a run. Although the game was fun, he kept exercising all the year round. If he didn’t practice for too many days, his physical fitness and strength would drop rapidly.
After running for about an hour, Feng returned home, bought vegetables by the way and put them in the kitchen, then went back to her room to log in to the game.
Feng first received several messages after the line.
"Hey, big brother, you’re online so early. It’s not superior."
"Ah … it’s hard for me to hang up the second-class mercenary commission … I met a guy who looks like Avatar, but the priests were so dark that they charged me 5 silver to dispel a weakness!"
"Oh, my head hurts, but I will still try to complete this commission on my own!"
"Sure enough, it’s not something I’m good at. These NPCs are hard to communicate! I’ll go to sleep first. See you before I finish this entrustment! "
I haven’t answered a word in my own situation. It’s also quite admirable that a person can force so many maples, but this guy seems to have suffered a severe setback this time. After all, he rose to level 2 mercenary so quickly in the early stage, but now he can’t complete a commission. It’s normal to be hit.
Looking at the friends column, I found that he didn’t have a maple yet, so I shrugged my shoulders and took out another trap, Strengthening Trap Theory.
Strengthening trap theory (book)
Excellent quality
It includes such things as better hiding your trap, enhancing its power and so on.
Note: If you don’t want others to see through your trap and laugh disdainfully, you’d better take a good look at this.
After a thoughtful nod, Feng turned over the Theory of Strengthening Traps. After reading two pages, Feng found that it was written, such as changing the trap taught in the former Simple Trap System to a stronger method, but at the same time, the name of the material needed sounded taller and obviously not so easy to get.
After five minutes, Feng knew that it would take a long time to finish learning the progress bar, but it also proved that it was really high-end, and the power of learning words in the early stage should be very strong
While Feng was reading the Theory of Trap Reinforcement carefully, Yvette suddenly came up to Feng and said, "Are you interested in archery?"