24 minutes and 35 seconds after the robbery came out of the house, the first target chose the nearest Nami Nami, and the blood volume was very small. During the robbery attack, Nami lost a healing skill to Riven and then ordered the tower.
Su Yueran in the win team breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that she could work hard to get here this time. She knew that if she hadn’t dragged Bloom back by herself, maybe they would have made a splash. She knew that they wouldn’t be so passive if she hadn’t been robbed in the mid-term team battle.
But she has done her best, and now she can smile and watch her teammates continue to work hard.
The robbery killed Nami, but he didn’t stop. He wanted to find the policewoman, but suddenly the nightmare rushed over and stopped him.
Ayang nightmare also doesn’t have much fighting capacity, but he is not afraid. Even if the robbery is a scourge at the moment, Ayang must stand in front of the policewoman without blinking.
His teammates, he was tearing down the tower, and no one paid attention to him and robbed him. Finally, the robber stepped over his body and would face others.
Yang smiled. He knew that his girlfriend was watching him at this moment. I didn’t know if his girlfriend could understand it, but he expected his girlfriend to be white.
What to take part in the competition and what to play League of Legends, because when I fall, my fraternity will wait there to complete my mission and I will take revenge!
Because I can be with people I believe in, we must fight side by side!
Chapter 16 Competition
"Second plane!" Lu Zhan shouted, at this time, the plane just came back from the dead and just walked into the skill distance of Lu Zhan’s card.
Compared with the skill of hijacking a plane in D, the threat is even greater now!
Lu Zhan stopped him with a yellow card, and Riven and a set of outputs killed the plane. The plane was also too nervous to last long in front of two high outputs, Riven and Card.
When Lu Zhan saw it, it was already 24 minutes and 4 seconds. He could continue to output the defense tower of the other side, but although the plane was dead, there was still a robbery beside the policewoman.
"How many seconds?" Xiao Shengjiang suddenly asked for no reason, but the four men of win team clearly knew what he was asking.
He didn’t ask how many seconds to 25 minutes, because there was a display in the right corner. He asked how long it would take for the policewoman and the card to remove the crystal.
"16 seconds!" Bloom said that they had demolished one defensive tower and there was another one left. This time, it was more accurate to get the base according to the speed at which he and the card dismantled the tower.
Xiaoshengqiang nodded his head, and now he can be stopped.
One of the advantages of dismantling the tower after the lich disaster is that the additional damage of the lich is also affordable to the building, and it is not slow to dismantle the tower, and it can only be done if Riven wants to stop the robbery
Xiao Sheng is strong. He has a red buff and a bloodsucking suit. At this time, he has recovered more than half of his blood.
Xiao Chengjiang saw the other side walking with Riven directly across to the front of the robbery. At this time, several skills have just dropped and have not recovered, while Riven’s big move continues.
Xiao Chengqiang and rob one-on-one hit both of them are waiting for the key skill D, and most of them are fighting recklessly.
I’m very nervous now. Even when I was robbed and attacked just now, Bloom ignored me and was robbing him. Instead, he was stopped at Dianta. Now he can finally continue to dismantle the tower with peace of mind.
"bang!" The crystal was also torn down by the soldiers, and another wave of soldiers entered the tower, and win was able to resist for a while.
But when the screen is on the right, it has left 15 seconds to reach 25 minutes.
At this time, Lu Zhan’s palms are a little sweaty. He has never been so nervous since he played League of Legends. He knows that this game is actually a game for many people.
For 15 seconds, all the contestants in the contestants’ area stared at the projector without blinking. One moment they stared at Riven, who was fighting the robbery, and the other moment they looked at the remaining defensive tower. The blood volume was tense and no one spoke.
After 13 seconds, the wind is also tense. He also knows the significance of this game. He rarely abandons and understands the position. win team cheers.
"It’s almost time to come on!" He shouted, just now, he thought it was impossible for this wave to tear down each other’s hometown, but the win team didn’t stop so decisively, and everyone was protecting the policewoman and rushing to stop the vicious robbery.
After another second, Riven finally died, but he finally succeeded in taking the robbery away before he died. This is a contest between two assassin-type heroes, one single and one single, the same ad assassin, and the same shopping up to now.
But the resurrection armor was robbed, and it got up again after a few seconds
"Give it to you!" Xiao Shengqiang said that he has finished him. He believes that after this game, the whole Jinling lol circle will remember him, Riven. His original intention of participating in the competition has been achieved. He has proved that a hero in Riven can save the world.
But the game is still going on, or the land exhibition and gambling robbery are still going on.
Suddenly, several people in the audience shouted the countdown name, and someone followed it. It was led by two beautiful girls, one with a tassel hat and the other thin and skinny.
“9!” Someone shouted after them. It was the relatives and friends of the team bullied by Tai Chi Tiger. Their team has been eliminated. They just came here to see if someone can successfully attack Tai Chi Tiger!
At this time, the resurrection armor has been revived for 4 seconds, and the last defensive tower of the other side still has some blood left.
Lu Zhan’s card turned back and entangled with the robbery. The first card on the top of his head was a yellow card, which was just right, so Lu Zhan threw it at the robbery without blinking.
"pa!" The robbery should be settled.
“!” Another second passed. This time, at half time, the audience shouted along. Some students from Jinling University who knew the truth also cheered for the win team.
But Lu Zhan did not have time to look at the audience’s expectant eyes, and they had little energy to listen to a cry.
"Bloom dismantled the tower!" Lu Zhan shouted that he knew that the policewoman was the only thing they wanted to protect at this time, and they could go to the end.
The defensive tower judged the land exhibition attack robbery and fired the attack at the same time. This was the last attack of the defensive tower before it collapsed, but there was not much blood on the card and it was very painful.
It’s still not a fair duel to rob the 4-point blood card and 2-point blood card.
Lu Zhan has thrown out the universal card, and Lu Zhan has never made a mistake!
But this time he made a mistake, and the robbery actually moved at the moment when his universal card rowed out on a flat track.
"Mercury machete!" I don’t know who shouted in the player’s area. Others immediately understood that the original robbery had already made a mercury machete. The effect of this equipment is almost the same as purification, and the card control can be lifted.
"Is there no chance?" Others sighed. At this time, the robbery can be so stable. Take out your cards and look at the win team. It’s really hopeless.
Rob sprinted him, and W accurately moved to the front of Lu Zhan. This W just escaped the card universal card and ensured that a skill could be hit.
"Can it be like this?" Lu Zhan sighed and finally handed over the golden body that had been left for a long time.
“6!” It has been counted down to six seconds, but there is not much blood left for the win team when the other crystal has half blood.
Chapter 17 Do you believe me?
25 seconds, this is probably the last time that the card comes out of Zhongya hourglass. This equipment has helped the land exhibition many times unconsciously, but only this time the land exhibition was forced to come out.
I have never seen this surprise before robbing the mercury machete, which almost forced all the cards of Lu Zhan.
When he was in the golden body, Lu Zhan was able to watch the robbery rush toward the policewoman, but he didn’t dare to be distracted. Now the policewoman also continues to dismantle the tower depending on the robbery herself.
Bloom, a foreigner, gritted his teeth. In the last stage, his policewoman played an important role in tearing down the other building. This time, he also worked hard to light the tower, but it seems that time is not enough.