In the middle of the counter sat a middle-aged woman, with an ordinary appearance. Yang Xiu see her only practice ten layers.
At the moment, the middle-aged woman was reading a book quietly. She felt that someone came in and saw that Yang Xiu didn’t cover up the imposing manner. She immediately understood that the person who came in should be a monk in the period of building the foundation, and did not dare to neglect it. She immediately walked out of the counter.
"I don’t know what my predecessors can do for me."
"I want to see if there are any suitable high-order instruments in your store. You can introduce them to me."
Middle-aged women stiff way:
"I don’t know if my predecessors like complete sets of instruments or single-piece instruments."
The complete set of instruments is like the "mother-child five-ring knife" used by the Zhang brothers last time, which requires the user to have precise control ability.
Yang Xiu’s qualification is average, and the achievement method of uniting is not focused on the growth spirit, so he didn’t choose a complete set of class multiplier.
Hearing this, the middle-aged woman said:
"Wait a moment, senior. I’ll get it for you and see if there is anything you are satisfied with."
The middle-aged woman turned and walked into the inner room. Soon, she took out three wooden boxes of different lengths and put them on the counter for Yang Xiu to choose.
"These three pieces are the best top-level instruments in our store."
The middle-aged woman opened the smallest wooden box first, and saw a small silver sword with a length of one foot in it. The dagger was shining and the mouth of the sword was as thin as a cicada. Listen to middle-aged women said:
"This sword is called Yindian. When refining, three grams of mithril is added, which makes Yindian harder and sharper, and it can’t do any damage to it at all. Silver electricity can also produce the highest lightning when attacking, which is unexpected and hurts people’s souls. It is the best of the top magic weapon. The price is 1000 yuan, or it can be exchanged with equivalent items. "
Middle-aged women see Yang Xiu didn’t show no dissatisfaction, and opened another box and said:
"This is a top-order defense multiplier, named’ Bai Lin Inner Armor’, which was refined by a monk in the Dan period with a intact Bai Lin skin. As long as the monk’s mana is similar, it can completely block another monk’s full blow. The price is 1200 pieces of inferior lingshi. Or equivalent. "
Before Yang Xiu said something, the middle-aged woman opened the last wooden box again, pointing to a lux mesh thing in the world inside and continued to introduce:
"The last one is called" Trapped Dragon’s Bag ",which is made from the silk of a three-level monster beast" Seven-Star Red-backed Spider "that lives in the fire of ground inflammation. Not only can it trap people and bind enemies, but spider silk can also produce great poison, which makes monks paralyzed or hallucinate, and it is impossible to prevent it. The price is 1,500 lingshi. "
"I don’t know if these three top-level instruments can be satisfied by their predecessors."
These three instruments can be regarded as the best of the top-level instruments and are also very practical.
Yang Xiu thought for a moment, because he had a dark blue cassock, a magic weapon of defense, which was far better than Bai Lin’s armor, which was still a multiplier. Therefore, Bai Lin’s armor was of no use to Yang Xiu, so it was unnecessary.
If the silver power and the trapped dragon pocket are used together, one is trapped and the other is attacked, which is more powerful.
There are intermediate lingshi in Yang Xiu, except for one hundred pieces used to buy Zhujidan last time. Now there are only forty pieces left, but there are many precious elixirs in the underground abode of fairies and immortals, so don’t worry about the shortage of lingshi in the future.
Therefore, Yang Xiu directly took out 25 pieces of Chinese Lingshi, and put the silver electricity and the trapped dragon pocket in his arms.
Middle-aged women didn’t blink when they saw Yang Xiu take out 25 pieces of middle-ranking Lingshi. The more respectful you are, the less you dare to neglect.
Middle-aged women know that most people who can casually take out so many Lingshi are born in some aristocratic families, and you can provoke them without her.
"Is there anything else you need?"
While the middle-aged woman was asking Yang Xiu, Yang Xiu saw an exotic woman who looked outstretched coming in outside the door, but she had a medium-term cultivation. Middle-aged women obviously know in yan fu, see yan fu came into the room and said to Yang Xiu first:
"Let’s see for ourselves first, and just tell me what you are satisfied with."
The middle-aged woman then said to the monk who came in:
"Ji elder you finally came today, two days ago I went to your abode of fairies and immortals to find you, but the teacher elder sister Ji said you were out. Uncle Han has found a poisonous dragon lizard with the peak of the third stage in the lost everglades, which can’t be solved by himself. He is eager to customize a set of high-order array from Uncle Ji. "
Senior Ji speaks more softly.
"I heard that Yanyangmen was going to hold a trade fair, so I went to see it."
"Elder Ji still went to find Zhu Jidan. I wonder if he found it at Yanyangmen this time?" Middle-aged women.
"Only one grain was found. This period of time is not the time when all factions opened the tripod to make an alchemist. It is not easy to find a monk who owns Zhujidan." Uncle Ji said that he frowned here and looked lost.
"Ji predecessors don’t have to be impatient. Although Ji Shi Jie has reached the bottleneck of practicing gas, there is no need to rush. I’ll pay attention to it for you, too. If there is one in the store, I’ll inform my seniors as soon as possible. Moreover, the first event of Xianye University 6, the once-in-50-year Delong Fair, will be held in two years. I heard from Uncle Han that there is everything in it, especially Zhujidan. I will be able to find it then. "
"Well, when I came back, I also heard the little man say that Korea steward asked you to come to me, so I came to ask, since it is to refine a set of laws, I don’t know what requirements are needed. I will take the corresponding materials again. "
Yang Xiu was going to buy a multiplier and leave, but when he heard the two men talking, the monk named Ji would forge a higher-order law, so he not only paid attention.
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Chapter DiYiWu from pie
In fact, most monks can arrange some common magic arrays and fan trace arrays, but monks who can forge more advanced array flags are very rare.
The power of the flag array is enormous, and it can dial four or two kilograms, and it is precious and unusual to trap and kill high-ranking monks and monsters. However, refining the flag array requires the corresponding array diagram of the flag array, which is carefully collected by the monks and will not be easily displayed. Accordingly, the refining of the flag array is not something that ordinary monks can do.
The array arranged outside Yang Xiu’s abode of fairies and immortals is just a simple low-order flag array, which always feels unsafe.
And Yang Xiu is practicing in the underground abode of fairies and immortals. If there is no one in the practice room now, it is not good to explain it to others.
Therefore, Yang Xiu intends to buy a set of high-order array to be arranged outside his training room, but the high-order flag array traded in the market is very rare, mainly because he is afraid of being cracked by other monks and losing his advantage.
So Yang Xiu had to buy a set of low-order array arrangement.