Terhi’s feet moved and disappeared in situ.
Black and red thick mushroom cloud broke through the four-layer pseudo-domain and rose in circles and circles, and the shock wave rushed out around, sweeping a large number of passers-by out of the distance, and the dust on the ground was washed up by this force for tens of meters, and even zhaojie and others were withdrawn by this force a few meters away.
"War Ghost" zhaojie’s eyes flashed with several ghost vines rushing out of his waist and spinning fast ahead like several huge propellers blowing smoke and dust quickly in front of him.
When the smoke cleared, they saw that everything in front of them was beating violently.
In the center of the explosion, a figure with a blue light flashed, and the soft body with one hand was floating in the air.
In front of him, Terhi also flew in the air. In front of her, a huge spiritual shield lay across the front, while behind her, she was covered with wounds and scorch marks, and the war ghost lost consciousness and lay on the ground.
That blue figure is as ethereal as a ghost, dressed in blue, wearing a blue hat in ancient China, and a huge blue abacus is held in his hand in front of him.
"Hiromura Nishida" zhaojie gritted his teeth and shouted.
It seems that I didn’t hear zhaojie’s words. The blue figure picked Zhen up safely and put it in the chair to reveal a smile. "I can’t believe that even if I die to inspire you, you can only reach this point. It’s really disappointing."
"Darling" Zhen has tears in her eyes.
The blue figure sighed, "Alas, I didn’t even intend to show up, but it seems that I can’t do it if I don’t come out."
Then he turned to the distance and shouted "Kaya"
He sounded far away, and soon a white figure flew straight over like a flash and hugged the blue figure tightly.
The blue figure sighed and grabbed the coconut hand. Suddenly, a large piece of golden light came out. It turned out that the coconut was firmly tied. He casually pushed the coconut body to Zhen Dao, "Go, I am here to protect you."
In the eyes of Zhen’s gratitude and Kaya’s disbelief, the blue figure waved and threw a golden aperture to firmly encircle the two female ghosts and put them into the middle with a tow. Only then did she turn her head to look at zhaojie’s "long-lost bit"
"What’s the matter? Who is he? " Coming LingHeng and others are covered in injuries, and it is also a stay to see the blue figure.
Zhaojie walked slowly forward and growled, "I knew you weren’t dead."
That blue face is impressively the handsome face of Hiromura Nishida, but this man shook his head and smiled. "I’m sorry I lied to you once, but I have no choice but to admit that your move is very powerful."
"Who the hell are you? What is your purpose? " Zhaojie took a glance at almost half-dead ghost face ferocious big asked.
"This question …" Hiromura Nishida smiled affably. "It’s not deep to ask."
Zhaojie said coldly, "If I didn’t guess your eyes wrong, I wouldn’t let Zhen own the body. What do you want?"
Nishida Hiromura shrugged and said, "This question belongs to me just like the question you asked me before, how do I know the information of you travelers? Even if I want to answer you, I can’t answer the question, but I can tell you my name …"
He looked at the full moon in the sky and breathed a sigh of relief. "I’ll tell you a story. Anyway, we still have a lot …"
"I’ll leave it to you to attack Zhen and Kaya." zhaojie glanced at Nishida Hiromura coldly and shouted to the passers-by around him.
He noticed that the residents had slowly walked into the Central Park and were gathering here. If zhaojie continued to delay Nishida Hiromura, I was afraid that the two female ghosts would really merge and shouted.
Nishida Hiromura didn’t care that a group of travelers ran to attack the sphere in the sky, and he was surrounded by a beautiful squad and several elite travelers.
"Once upon a time, there was a man named Zhang Xiucai who saved a businessman named Fan when he was driving for the exam in Beijing. They felt each other’s talents, so at the end, the opposite sex brothers agreed to meet in Chongyang, but on the appointed day, Zhang Xiucai waited until sunset and the full moon hung high in the western hills, but Zhang Xiucai said,’ Fan Xiong is a man who keeps his promise, and he didn’t see a shadow flying until late at night. A closer look turned out to be the soul of Fan Businessman, who was busy supporting his family and forgot their agreement …
When he was telling the story, the residents around him had reached the lover’s spring, but they didn’t go forward again, but after they got close to a certain range, they fell to the ground, with white light flying into the ball-shaped circle and being inhaled by two female ghosts.
However, those who keep attacking the spherical mask are trying their best to break the mask and can keep attacking until they are numb.
"… Van Businessman didn’t remember their agreement until that morning, but when the two places were separated by thousands of miles a day, he arrived. He remembered that the ancients once said that people can’t travel thousands of miles a day, but ghosts can complete the agreement, so they slashed their swords and let the ghosts come to the appointment."
Sun Yat-sen Cunzhen’s hands on the shoulders of Kaya Coco, and the soul-like white airflow from the mask and Kaya Coco quickly flowed into her body, which made the female ghost’s body big and small, but her body gradually evolved from semi-transparent to solid.
"Damn it, leave me and Terhi here and you attack," zhaojie shouted.
At this time, the number of dead bodies around them has reached one thousand.
Leona immediately turned her body and added a BFF to herself, flying high with a diameter of more than 50 meters. The pseudo-field of blood prison magic flame also moved like a giant ball with her leaping. This sexy woman’s hand cut the ghost demon knife and condensed a strong black flame, rolled up the thunder and cut it in the light, but it only shook the mask.
Leona clearly saw that the mask turned out to be constantly rotating to cut out the flame, and the knife gas was actually transferred to the back by the mask and flew out and dragged out a huge flame seven meters long. The knife gas crashed to the ground, not only cutting the ground, but also cutting two passers-by seriously.
"Zhang Xiucai was very moved to see the ghost of Fan Businessman, but he didn’t come to talk. The ghost said first, please forgive my negligence. Look at my sincerity, please go to my hometown and have a look at my body. Then I will be able to die in print …" Nishida Hiromura seems to be indifferent to Leona and others who joined the attack, still telling stories by myself.
He didn’t move. zhaojie and Terhi didn’t dare to make a move. This monster is powerful. They already knew in their eyes that if it got up, it would be the sky would fall, which would probably affect the vigilance of other passers-by against the mask attack. They were glued to Nishida Hiromura.
Before Leona landed, Jeremy jumped high. When she jumped to a high enough height, the girl’s body disappeared instantly, which turned out to be a skill of cutting her throat. Unexpectedly, this regular teleport attack failed in front of this seemingly ordinary mask. Jeremy bumped into the mask and was ejected from the distance, crashing to the ground and even smashing a big hole in the ground.
In the previous step, the little girl’s hands suddenly opened up and burned the heavy fire elements in the pseudo-field, and quickly gathered into a huge fireball in her hands. Then the little girl took a step back and suddenly slapped her white hand in the fireball. Suddenly, a dragon roared and roared out, and the powerful flame crashed into the mask. Suddenly, the whole mask was surrounded by the strong flame, which squeezed the mask, but most of them were bounced back by the mask. Only a small part of them could be adsorbed on the mask, and the mask was slightly red, but it was limited to this.
After this, Statham, Ling Heng, Acali, Vladimir, Theseus Lan and others also attacked it in succession, but even if it was powerful, it still shook the mask.
There are thousands of bodies around.
However, zhaojie and Terhi in front of Hiromura Nishida are still telling stories by themselves. "So Zhang Xiucai went over the mountains and came to the hometown of Fan Businessman. When he saw Fan Businessman’s body, he was very sad and blamed his brother for his own death. So he also slashed his knife and killed himself. Later generations buried them together in memory of them and they built a temple called Xinyi Temple."
"is this your story?" See Nishida Hiromura seems to have said zhaojie frown way
"Ha-ha, yes … my proudest thing in my life is that I can hide together with Zhang Xiandi to achieve the good name of faith, which is the only thing I can be proud of after my death. But when I think again, my hands will be stained with blood until I kill. My brain is full of calluses. My companion was betrayed by me and died. I gave myself a title, which means I can take whatever I want, even the name of what kind, shit and king egg." Hiromura Nishida smiled bitterly.
"I seem to have heard your story." zhaojie thought for a moment. "It’s hard to find Shanyang Fanny Zhang Xun to know each other when he dies …"
"Yes, I finally heard who this guy is." Terhi frowned and twisted in a ball. "He is a very famous god beast in the former fire game …"
Terhi looked at Hiromura Nishida with purple eyes and said "the soul of paradigm" word by word.
Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 15 War Ghost Death … Fatal Golden Lotus!
Chapter 15 War ghost death … Fatal golden lotus!
"You are a soul that believes in the land, leaves, gods and beasts."
"That’s right, it’s me." Hiromura Nishida … should not be a paradigm soul nodded. "Since I have thought and lived in this troubled times like a puppet, even when I came to this new world, my hands were covered with blood, so I changed my name and hoped it wouldn’t be defiled by me."
"But I’ve never heard that a god beast in the game can rely on a professional traveler." zhaojie’s hand trembled slightly
"Hum, who said I was a traveler?" Paradigm soul cold hum 1
"Don’t …" zhaojie one leng thought of Wan Wan and said to himself that the abyss troops suddenly opened their eyes wide as if they were stuffed into a plank brick and almost beat.
"Damn" zhaojie roars a look at Terhi and Paradigm Soul. The man’s chest seems to have exploded and pounced on Paradigm Soul.
Because he finally connected everything together, he finally understood what Terhi and Wan Wan said like that. He has identified two guesses, but no matter what these two guesses are, the final result will change.
According to zhaojie, he will not entrust his fate to others. He will do his best to protect everything … everything that needs to be guarded. Even if he dies, he is willing. Now the situation is not that he wants to change. Even if he dies and wants to protect, he is doomed to lose. This sense of power finally broke out.