Zhang Ping said to blacksmith Wang at this time: "Don’t worry, if anyone in this capital can build this flying knife, it will be you."
See each other’s eyes and hesitation. Zhang Ping took out a handle and laid a hoe with blacksmith Wang. Three fingers seemed to be placed on the hoe surface at will.
Then, in the surprised eyes of the blacksmith Wang, three fingerprints appeared clearly on the hoe surface, and little iron filings kept falling from the hoe surface like residue.
After putting the hoe down, Zhang Ping pushed the gold leaf to the blacksmith Wang again and said, "Don’t worry, this flying knife is not too specific or difficult, but it needs to add some of my own blood in the process of building, and the material of this flying knife is better than ordinary fine iron." To be continued.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-four Low-key emperor
Heaven was ordered by heaven, and naturally he was tight-minded about everything and things in heaven. After the fact that there were flying fairies in the north to watch the anatomy, the emperor naturally could not bear the loneliness and called the Baolong clan to congratulate the three masters of finance, and then he was ready to go and watch.
Yu Fa and You lost their martial arts skills and the only restraint weapon, the magnet chain. The other one stayed in the palace to continue his rehabilitation, but neither of them got the imperial edict to go together.
The emperor didn’t know that this seemingly small journey was a nightmare for him.
Since it’s a secret tour, it’s natural not to have too many people. What’s worse, congratulations and wealth have joined forces to strike. At the end of this day, few people can catch it. An elite team of 30 to 40 people is leading by Gong and slowly walking from Beijing to the north.
Although the terrain from Beijing to the north is quite flat as a whole, some necessary mountain roads are also difficult to avoid.
On this day, walking halfway up the mountain for several days was boring and the mountain car was bumpy, which made the emperor’s palace feel like a hot summer sun, violent and angry.
The only way to turn a curved mountain road is a small stone bridge. At this time, seven villagers dressed up with baskets of firewood and bamboo are gathering at the stone bridge to rest.
Ready and at this time, the first sign for the team not to move on, and then a pair of eagle eyes kept looking at Qiaoshanmin. They saw that the seven people’s skin was loose and covered with wind and frost, and their hands and arms were exposed, and some of them were covered with tiny blood stains and calluses.
At this time, Gong confirmed that several people should not have too many questions. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard the lazy and confused voice of the emperor behind him: "What happened? Why don’t you go?"
At this time, Gong quickly stepped out two steps and leaned down to bow to the right front side of the sedan chair of the emperor. He replied, "Report that there are several mountain people in front of the emperor who are resting and blocking our way. This is to send them away."
At this time, the emperor’s face became worse and worse. After all, just a few villagers dared to be his way, which made the emperor always pampered and gave orders. What’s more, he was restless for days, which made the emperor unable to open his mouth and roared, "Make way for me quickly, otherwise I will be rude to you and tell you that I am the emperor …"
At this time, the emperor’s voice seemed to be more and more violent than the waves, and the harsh sound waves rushed towards everyone, which made the emperor a martial arts expert specializing in sound killing.
However, the emperor suddenly remembered that it was a secret action to watch the flying fairy in the north this time, but he just yelled and it was a bit stupid.
However, when the emperor was ordered by heaven today, how could he admit that he was wrong? So the emperor stretched out his hand and fanned it in his direction to signal Gong and others to come to his side. Then he said to the three people, "This time, I am going on a secret tour to the North. You must be careful and keep a low profile. Don’t let people know that I am the emperor."
At this time, ten thousand alpacas roared by in the hearts of Gong and others. Just now, the emperor shouted himself, fearing that he could hear clearly a mile away. Now he actually told himself that he should keep a low profile all the way. Would you dare to keep a low profile, Emperor?
Having said that, the loyalty of the dragon clan is more precious than anything else. The three people nodded yes to all the orders of the emperor.
As the emperor yawned and returned to the sedan chair again, Gong and others just turned around. At this time, the villagers who had stood in the bridge had already dispersed in a hubbub like birds and animals.
At this time, a bodyguard should check the stone bridge and confirm the problem. After that, a group of people walked slowly through the stone bridge. However, when a group of people walked through the stone bridge for about a hundred feet, the stone bridge suddenly broke into several pieces.
At this time, the first reaction of Gongsan was to protect the emperor’s sedan chair according to Sancai’s position.
Then all over the mountains, like ants, men in black suddenly appeared on the mountain, and the bow and arrow in their hands shone in the sun, which was obviously a very excellent strong bow.
"Damn who can get so many strong bows!" Speaking is like his gravel feet, although they are amazing in power, but they don’t want to be as invulnerable as courtesy. There are still some fears about these well-equipped and numerous bows and arrows.
As locusts covered the sky with arrows and rain, the golden statue was urged to the extreme, and at the same time, he shouted to Xi Hecai, "You two protect the emperor from me."
Just finished, the mountain peak suddenly wore a burst of men and women intertwined. If there is a ghost in this world that can come out in the daytime, it will probably be so.
Accompanied by one black and one white, the figure looks like a paper man, but it is a mountain flying and falling leaves floating and spinning like butterflies all over the sky, wandering around the figure one by one.
How can a master lack murderous look?
When wealth and happiness saw this word, they went together toward the black-and-white figure, but when they saw that Xi’s hands ruled out an avalanche together, they blew away the fallen leaves behind the black-and-white figure with the appearance of a moment.
With the black-and-white figure in the hands of two crying sticks calling in succession, it is difficult to see each other’s moves at the moment, so he cried and was forced back by the other side.
At this time, I was ready to go to support, but suddenly I felt a strong breeze coming from my side, waiting for her to turn around and put her fists together, but I saw a gray-haired old woman holding a double knife and I didn’t know it was close to me.
However, the old woman’s double knives are not all, but she still wants to break through the defense. Is there a short two or three strokes to attack and not defend greatly, and she has already taken advantage of it and pressed the other side to play?
At the other end, however, at this time, I like gravel feet and just fierce wealth. five elements boxing is changeable, but after more than ten rounds, two people have figured out the black-and-white figure routine and gradually occupied the wind. Without scruples, the archers all over the mountain are afraid that they will not be able to take this black-and-white figure for three rounds.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Reversal
Just as Gong and others have occupied the wind and are about to defeat their opponents, at the same time, two figures suddenly move towards congratulations and financial attacks respectively.
Attack to purge is a blue figure, not tall, flexible as swift, touching the whole person gently on the ground has already flashed towards purge and kill.
Seeing that this person has a round face and white hair, he is eager to recognize the identity of the other party. Gong Gong roared: "Well, you dare to enter the palace once and try to plot evil. It is really a crime to assassinate you this time!"
However, the voice has not yet fallen, and Huoxiu’s figure has collided with Gong.
Tong Gong is a skill that can become more and more powerful with the passage of time, and Huo Xiu has made great efforts to Tong Gong. Today, there is not a day when he will wave it.
Therefore, just one contact was blown out by an amazing palm of Huoxiu with mental arithmetic and spit out a big mouthful of blood.
At the same time, Xi Hecai just felt a strong wind coming and a big red figure came around them like a streamer.
The red streamer figure has just appeared, and the two of them cried and felt a strange qi machine enveloped them. At the same time, the gas strength generated by their fists and fists in this strange qi machine traction turned out to be a feeling that is difficult to control.
Once the highest martial arts in the world reach the highest hue, Vientiane horror realm will not only be able to turn all the attacks of the other side into shape, but also have a miraculous effect similar to Gankun’s great move to substitute flowers for jade
Since the second time, after Zhang Ping’s fiasco, Xiang Huang went back and immediately closed his life and death. Although the martial arts has always been slow and slow, Xiang Huang’s martial arts qualifications are terrible. Plus his many years of martial arts experience, although he was possessed, he actually practiced this magical skill to Dacheng
At this time, the possession of the emperor is magical, but the momentum is vigorous and the transformation is natural, but its loss is biting, but it is three points better than the original magic.
Xi Hecai hastily recorded Xiao Long’s nine-day palm method and a landslide-cracking leg method to attack the emperor. At the same time, a continuous stream of strange qi qi was entangled, and the two of them were in a trance. An unstable eye seemed to have appeared several illusions. When they got rid of the illusion, they suddenly found that their moves had attacked each other
If they don’t accept each other and are injured by each other’s moves, they will die if the Baolong clan are not familiar with each other and practice their kung fu.
Just when the emperor and his party, the general, were annihilated, a big drink suddenly came from the distant cliff: "Stop it!" "
But then I saw a black figure appear at the end of the mountain, and the right hand was a strange mixed bamboo tube.
With a burst of strange fire, the number came out as if it were a thunderbolt.
The original emperor was surrounded by men in black, who were caught off guard and lost most of their lives on the spot. Not only that, but even the black and white weirdo and the old woman were hit and injured in the face of this sudden attack.
At this time, Xiang Huang just wanted to pounce on the emperor to catch the thief first, so that people could get the mouse, but suddenly he saw a mountain man shouting, "Fo Yin!"
Xiang Huang was flying out when he heard that when he turned around, he suddenly saw a monk dressed in a robe and dressed as a Tianzhu monk behind his sedan chair.
Even an instant emperor can tell that the other person is all over and has a profound sense of martial arts.
However, the other party suddenly smiled at the emperor and revealed two rows of big white teeth with bright luster.