"Ha ha ha! Do you dare? "
Flowing frost soon calmed down from a shock. Looking at the people around you, Lan Chenxi, Shen Yao, Su Mei, Miao Yun, Princess Muyu and Yin Frost Pavilion, all the masters are in a state. Now I can’t understand Ye Lingfeng’s ability to judge people. Everyone can kill people by leaps and bounds.
"You see if I dare!"
Ye Lingfeng stared at the frosty eyes and two people were deadlocked in the shape!
"Don’t play this kind of children’s game. What conditions will let me go!"
"That depends on what price you pay!"
"The sword god Dugu Chunyang is in the state of Zheng, and now the state of Zheng has surrendered to the celestial world. The decision is that the strength of the Nangong in the celestial world is at the celestial level. I don’t know what level the demon clan invades the celestial world now. It means that the demon clan can be widely declared to resist the demon clan, so that all the people in Zhongzhou can surrender to the celestial world to control Zhongzhou. That’s all I can say!"
"Good morning release!"
Said Ye Lingfeng made a sign.
Lan Chenxi nodded his hand and slowly retracted the Moon Shadow Knife. However, just as the Moon Shadow Knife was away from the neck, the master of the cat slammed his hands and supported the defense hand with a strong spiritual force. He changed a strange method. Lan Chenxi slammed back, but it was too late. A wound inexplicably appeared on her arm. The master laughed coldly and had to start again, but the expression was fierce. A long red arrow accurately ran through his throat. At this moment, Lan Chenxi suddenly burst into the moon shadow knife and stabbed the master from his chest with despair. It was not in vain.
As soon as the famous master turned around and pulled up the frost, he would leave Su Mei at the moment. Second, there was nothing here that could threaten him, but he decided to make a choice. She was already very fast when she slammed her tail on the ground, but she was still a little worse than the famous master.
"Sorry, master!"
Silk Simon back behind Ye Lingfeng said
Ling Ye maple shook his head. "It’s okay. I didn’t want to move the blood river sword and the magic knife! The sky level is difficult. This time, we will give them a Mawei, but we can’t take it lightly and end things here as soon as possible and then everyone will fight for a breakthrough! "
A few people present are all masters, and they can see clearly where the gap between themselves and the sky level is. If it were not for the fire in Su Mei’s hand and the cloud bow, they would want to kill a sky level and pay a very heavy price. There are two sky levels here, and it is not impossible for them to be eager for strength.
"At dawn, you and Shen Yao go to settle down in the Frost Pavilion. People come and travel hard. They want to come and get tired. Everyone will meet later!"
Lan Chenxi and God nodded and led away!
"Muyu, take a trip to Lianghe to see the demon race’s movement. Come back as soon as possible. There will be big action in three days!"
Put your hands together and the wooden fish will die!
"Yun-er, you go and arrange a Nanfu nearby. It’s not to save oil lamps. They will definitely come back and be careful!"
"Well, don’t worry!"
"Si Miao follows Yun Er to protect her!"
Ye Lingfeng opened her mouth to talk to Su Mei, but she was swallowed back by the second teacher elder sister’s eyes!
"It’s the master!"
At this time, Si Miao also saw that Ye Lingfeng felt as if something was wrong. He dared not speak more and hurriedly chased Princess Yun away!
"With a continue to pack! I see when you can pack it! "
Su Mei gave Ye Lingfeng an unceremonious look.
"What to pack!"
Ye Lingfeng turned around with a wry smile and looked at the sunset on the horizon.
"What do you say? Don’t hold on if you feel uncomfortable! "
Said Su Mei bypass Ye Lingfeng front want to comfort him but in the face of Ye Lingfeng moment she froze two lines of tears down Ye Lingfeng comely face slowly.
A woman who can make a man cry is unfortunate because she gave up a man who loves her to the bone!
nirvana and rebirth
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven, threesome dream
In the middle of the night, Qin Jun Zhongjun’s tent was lit with lights and roars. Z Ryan Li Wuqiu and others took their seats in turn all day. On the left hand side, Ling Ye Fenglan Chenxi, Shen Yaosu, Mei Muyu and others sat on the right hand side. Yu Simiao consciously stood behind Ye Lingfeng, and the theme in the tent was none other than the young princess.
Come to this position Z Ryan and Ye Lingfeng are mutually postponed. Ye Lingfeng is Ye Xiaogong. It is not reasonable to do this position, but it is not reasonable for Ye Lingfeng in Z Ryan. He never dares to sit here, so Princess Yun naturally took this position!
"Princess Gong’s present situation is like this. Although Lianghe City has been breached, because of the residual power of the large array, the demon family has not occupied Lianghe City today, and a few days ago, Gong Gong and Yin Shuang Pavilion beheaded the demon king with great power. Now the demon family has been evacuated to Lianghe City, and the number of the demon family is about 300,000. Among them, the regular troops are around 100,000, and most of them are slave tribes, and according to the law of previous years, the grassland demon family should be gradually moving closer to Lianghe. The imperial reinforcements will probably arrive in ten days. According to But if the demon race gives it a shot, I’m afraid we can’t do it! "
Princess Non-success nodded to show that she was white, and then turned her eyes to Ling Ye Feng, who was in love. This is her brother’s escort in the past years. It is a matter of life and death. Now Princess Non-success belongs to Yin Shuang Pavilion and Ye Lingfeng is resourceful and decisive, which is beyond her ability.
Ye Lingfeng didn’t get up and look around when he saw everyone focusing on himself. "So there are two ideas in my heart, but before that, I still have a sentence to ask you if you want to get this Lianghecheng back!"
"Oh, take back Lianghe City’s public opinion!"
General Kou and the five big and three rough battlefield veterans will never kill anyone. A simple-minded Han can never sit in his position!
With less than thirty thousand cavalry in hand, it seems wishful thinking to hold each fortress and get Liang He back!
"General Cheng, be calm. Ye Mouren is still the same sentence. Do you want to get Liang Hecheng back!"
Looking around for a week, Ye Lingfeng repeated what he had just said!
"Tell me about this defense!"
Is Z Ryan appear heavy lived gas consider a asked!
Nodded Ye Lingfeng pointed to the map of the table and said, "You see, from Lianghe to Qin, we have to go through the surrounding mountains. If the demon race crosses the mountains, we can’t hold on to it. Even if we contain the natural barrier, the demon race will storm us. The best way is to make the demon race dare not attack and there are two ways to contain the demon race’s attack. One is to meet their needs, and the other is here."
Ye Lingfeng pointed his finger from Lianghe directly to the junction of the wild and the grassland!
The people as Ye Lingfeng eyes look was surprised.
"The public intention is to follow the example of Ye Shuai’s invasion into the hinterland of the demon race!"
That’s right. Ye Lingfeng’s finger is where the four heavenly pillars of the demon holy land are.
In ancient times, Zhu Rong, the God of Water, rebelled against Vulcan, and fought with Gong Gong, who was defeated by Zhu Rong. He was so angry that he bumped his head against the pillar of the western world, causing the sky to collapse and the river to pour into people. Nu Wa couldn’t bear the human disaster, so she made a five-color stone to mend the sky, break the turtle’s feet, support the four poles to level the flood and kill the beast. The four peaks of Qingtianyan in the south of Dongchen Mountain, the stone pagoda in the west of Guoyan Mountain, are the giant turtle’s four feet, where the demon clan is inviolable
When Ye Lu led the army, he almost broke through there. As a result, it was a move of chess, but Ye Lingfeng’s strength was not enough to shake the demon holy land at the moment.
Ye Lingfeng smiled mysteriously. "General Z Ryan is half right. I was thinking about it, but instead of us going, the demon family went back by themselves!"
"Go back by yourself!" Looking at Ye Lingfeng all day and puzzled, "Didn’t you hear me wrong? When the demon race goes back, there will be no winter food. They will."
He was interrupted by Z Ryan before his words were finished.
"Listen to the public!"
Ye Lingfeng smiled to indicate that it doesn’t matter.
"General Cheng said that it is impossible for the demon race to go back by itself, but if it is the celestial world that bothers them, they will have to go back! Compared with you, you should know that the demon emperor divided himself into four fierce beasts. Nowadays, Qiong Qi’s gluttony has appeared. If I expected it, these three things should have fallen into the hands of Liu Shuang. To know where the chaos lies, the rebirth of the demon emperor is just around the corner. The fairyland will never allow the demon family to have the opportunity to resurrect the demon emperor, and the best way is to master the four fierce beasts before! "
"I want to say that chaos is in the demon holy land!"