"Yes, absolutely not!"
"Hey hey!" Lin Tianxiae gave a wretched smile. "If you don’t agree, I’m afraid the Great God will punish you!"
Say that finish Lin Tianxiao hands chest a don’t show a pair of watching staring at the five *oss now five *oss look is simply wonderful, they all fell to the ground eyes suddenly greatly root method believe that by this time Lin Tianxiao incredibly still threatening yourself!
"You, you, you, you are so ashamed!"
"I will kill you even if it is against the will of the Great God!"
Hearing their words, Lin Tianxiao closed his eyes with his arms outstretched. It was obvious that Lin Tianxiao gave up his resistance and waited for five *oss to kill himself!
However, five *oss has been slow to listen to the flame lion sigh: "We can help you or be your slave for a while, but after this, we will cancel our contract."
"But that’s settled. As soon as this matter is finished, I’ll send you back and cancel the contract at the same time!"
Lin Tianxiao can’t do it if he doesn’t promise them. If you really want to turn against yourself, not only will you die once, but you won’t be able to get revenge on the leader of Dark Woma!
Lin Tianxiao soon signed a contract with five *oss and rushed to the export with them. Don’t say it’s really good. Five *oss immediately appeared in the Union Province.
"Wow, the blue sky is so blue. If only I could come here every day!" White tiger boss took a deep breath of sea breeze way
"I remember when I was born, the sky was so blue and so blue, and there was a breath of peace everywhere. It was really happy at that time!" Iron horn rhinoceros boss miss way
"Yes, at that time, the five of us returned who was the boss and fought every day. Now it has been so many years!" Flame lion boss also revealed a look of longing and said
"I said we should get down to business!" Lin Tianxiao woke up and said, "But if you all want to be my slaves, don’t worry!"
A listen to Lin Tianxiao five *oss immediately picked up a look of nostalgia and followed Lin Tianxiao towards the alliance province!
Chapter 15 Tianshi robe beautiful memories ()
Lin Tianxiao, a loyal province, was walking in the street with five *oss. The original broadsword guards wanted to intercept five *oss, but when they saw that five *oss was a slave, they showed a little stunned color and then released it.
"Wow, that’s cool. Who is he?"
"You don’t even know five words from the first day. What games are you playing?"
"That’s that’s that’s that’s that’s level 4 fairy boss!"
"How is it possible? Are they all first-person pets?"
Lin Tianxiao’s face showed a swagger at this time, and he walked all the time except talking and screaming, which made his confidence extremely inflated.
From the province of Allies to Beechcraft City and then to the Tianmen in the daytime, Lin Tianxiao screamed repeatedly, and was also pushed to the forefront here. The official forum was that Lin Tianxiao paraded through the market with five *oss. The only regret was that there was no camera function, which is why there was a call in Luntian to ask Tiantian Company to launch online camera function.
Don’t say that the company has also issued a response and met to follow up. This matter will be launched in the near future! This move makes players have a better impression of Tiangong Company.
At this time, Lin Tianxiao has come to the mysterious room. Five *oss is therefore the slave of Lin Tianxiao, and he has done his duty to accompany Lin Tianxiao and Ghost Dragon Xiaosi, and will soon kill the dark Woma leader to one billion blood.
"Hurry up and block this room!"
Lin Tian evil roared with five *oss immediately back a burst of difficult spells from their mouth a curtain of light appeared on the wall to block the whole room.
Lin Tianxiao immediately killed the Dark Woma Leader with Ghost Dragon Small Four and Five *oss. After five minutes, the blood volume of the Dark Woma Leader dropped to one billion.
Lin Tian evil heart andao immediately looked at the dark Woma hierarch’s move. When he saw that the dark Woma hierarch had not recovered his blood volume, Lin Tian evil screamed at the sky.
"ouch! I can finally do this! "
Lin Tianxiao was very excited at this time. Finally, the leader of Dark Woma no longer recovered his blood. He can kill the leader of Dark Woma.
"Abuse him to death!"
Lin Tianxiao immediately rushed to the dark Woma leader as if he had beaten chicken blood, and the dragon sword brush kept leaving a series of deep bone wounds in the dark Woma leader’s body.
"How much resentment has it caused him to attack so crazily!"
"Thanks to the promise, otherwise we will face such anger!"
"kill it!"
Soon, the five *oss joined the fight, but the ghost dragon Xiaosi showed a puzzled look on the side and stared at the dark Woma leader. Through killing these days, he felt that the dark Woma leader would not be so simple.
Sure enough, when the dark Woma leader’s blood volume was less than 50,000, he suddenly roared with a thunderball in his hand, shaking it like crazy, and covered the whole corner of the room.
In the daytime, the resurrection point of Tianmen is Lin Tianxie, where wait for a while believes that he was beheaded again!
"I acutely this is not the first person? How did the first man die? "
"It was the first person!"
At the resurrection point, people talked about it one after another, and Lin Tianxie felt ashamed but showed a kind smile and said, "The first person is human!" "
Lin Tianxiao, who suffered for two hours in the resurrection corridor, was resurrected. Thanks to the madness of the dark Woma leader, he collected the five *oss and the ghost dragon Xiaosi, and they were not hurt.
Walking out of the resurrection point, Lin Tianxiao came behind and the players talked about it.
"Follow him to estimate what the first person is killing, or he won’t be killed!"
"Yes, we followed the leak in the past!"