The old man was a little curious. "Then what are you?"
Li Dalong’s eyes fell into the distance. "Yes, I am not changed by this world!"
The old man quietly looked at his eyes and some trance.
The two chatted for a while, and Li Dalong left the bald head and pushed the door in and asked, "How did it go?"
The old man smiled. "Don’t worry, I didn’t mean to trouble him. It seems that you are still very good with him."
Bald relieved "this little man is still good, but …"
The old man laughed. "It’s a pity to be brought in. Do you think so?"
Baldheaded nodded, and he really thought so. After Li Dalong was imprisoned, he and Lin Zhi got along well with each other. He couldn’t say what was good about Dalong, but Dalong did have an unusual temperament that even he couldn’t see through.
At this point, a comparison with Lin Zhi shows that Lin Zhishen’s self-feeling superiority is sometimes too obvious, and no one in Li Dalong will find it too difficult to deal with Dalong.
The old man suddenly woke him up. "You are wrong to think so. Let me tell you an amazing fact."
"Oh?" Bald immediately nervous "what fact"
The old man’s eyes became sharp. "If I guess correctly, he is not in our line of work."
Bald surprised looking at the old man "you … you mean …"
The old man nodded calmly. "I’m confident that he didn’t commit a crime. I’m absolutely not mistaken. He doesn’t have the thinking and characteristics of a prisoner, and I’ve never heard of Li Dalong in our business."
The bald head was deeply shocked. What the old man said in this respect was an absolute threat. If he said no, there was at least a 9% chance that it wouldn’t be.
"Then how did he get in?" A few thoughts popped up in the bald head. "Is it that the federal government sent undercover?"
The old man sneered, "No undercover can live in a black spider for a week."
The bald man felt that his brain was not enough. "Since he is not undercover, what does Aaron do?"
The old man shook his head and sighed, "I can’t see it."
The bald head was dumbfounded. "Even your old man can’t see it?"
The old man nodded. "I really can’t see it, but one thing I can be sure is that he is not an ordinary person. He must have his own purpose when he came to the black spider …"
The bald man suddenly interrupted him with a smile. "Don’t tell me what he is doing here because I don’t want to know at all. My sentence is coming and I want to live longer."
The old man smiled and nodded, so he didn’t say much.
(ask for a ticket! )
Chapter one hundred and thirteen The devil El Nino
Mad Dog Dragon will kill Yuhua Park on the outskirts of Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer, on a sunny day, and the agreed departure place will be set here. However, Mad Dog Dragon is required to leave at noon anyway, and it is really a bitter word to wait for him.
"How come you are never at the noon line?" Tintin fish has always been very strange about this problem. Now he has reached level 1, wearing a typical care teacher’s standard suit and holding a short stick.
"It’s hard for me to explain your IQ to you." After that, Mad Dog Dragon didn’t bother to pay attention to his protest. He turned around and walked quietly towards Qiushui Iraqis. "Boss, why are you here?"
Qiushuiyiren is now in the 22 nd grade, wearing a wizard corset, which is beautiful, but after many losses, the beauty is no longer high-profile and the color is finally hidden.
Qiushui Iraqis gave him a white look. "After being married for so long, the attribute of husband and wife’s imprint has not increased at all. Now I have a high blue content but a low spell intensity."
It seems that Mad Dog Dragon also ignores its own scientific and technological strength, and the property gains obtained through the husband and wife imprint are also quite small.
"Well, get ready to go!" On a sunny day, I came running to explain to Mad Dog Dragon, and then two flying magic sticks went up.
Mad dog dragon, two bites of Tintin fish, 1v3, and three quick chickens who live in the toilet.
The purpose of this trip is to go to the southeast coast. The purpose of Shenshen Peak is to find a kind of plant called Shenshen Flower. Its fruit is called Devil’s Baby. It is true that things that students tinker with on sunny days are always highly toxic. The specific coordinates are 21191177.
"I don’t understand. This girl knows a lot of medical gadgets. Is it a medical major?" Mad dog Long Gaofei can’t help chatting and farting.
But this time, his wife didn’t answer him because her face was a little blue.
"What happened to you? Is it uncomfortable this time? " Mad dog dragon bosom is always so direct and natural and unrestrained-doomed to be lonely all his life!
The beauty looked a little heavy. "Why didn’t you say it was there earlier? Most people still dare not go there."
"Oh?" The mad dog dragon came to be interested. "Others dare not go, but my buddy dares to call me Li Madman, who is most afraid of all kinds of dangers. Wherever there is danger, there is me."
The beauty said, "You will know when you go."
Sure enough, as the magic wand flies, the God Peak finally appears in people’s eyes.
It is just a cliff with a height of about 300-400 meters. Standing upright on the seaside cliff is a rough sea. If the second strange blade mountain is tall and steep, then the God Peak is lonely and high, but both of them have something in common, that is, it feels dangerous at first glance.
Because the sky always presents a kind of dead gray, flying snow and dancing, and the ice wind is like a knife all over the sky. The wind blows on your face as if the knife is cutting, and your face is numb.
A group of five people landed at the top of the mountain and shivered as soon as they stepped on the snowy ground 1v3. "It’s so fucking cold. What the hell is this place?"
The toilet fast chicken teacher is also shivering with cold. "… tune it to me … tune it."
"Your mother!" 1v3 quickly scolded, "two dog brothers are quick to find the coordinates for their high toughness and speed."
Mad dog dragon also looked at his own attributes with his eyes open, and then he secretly complained. I poke you, buddy, at 4 o’clock, spell resistance was actually reduced to negative-2 points in this ghost environment!
Fortunately, he also has the property of "automatically restoring health to 3 points per second", otherwise he would continue to lose blood.
"I told you shouldn’t come? Aren’t you a madman? Look, you’re frozen like a local dog. "The beauty taunts her again and knows that this trick works. Anyway, she’s a mage. She’s not afraid of cold. A mage is born with high magic resistance.
"What?" The mad dog dragon suddenly became angry. "Brothers, let’s go!"
A group of people searched according to the coordinates and walked to the edge of the cliff, and then mad dog dragon and several terrapin stared at me and I stared at you.
"Why don’t you go? Did you find it? " The beauty is very curious
The answer is no, the coordinate of 2119 is correct, but the coordinate of 1177 is not correct, because the destination calculated by the control panel is actually halfway up the cliff.
Let’s not say that this cliff is bare and has no foothold. If you dare to look at the edge of the cliff, you have great courage.
Mad dog Gentiana is really big. He took a look at his face, misty and ethereal, and could hear weak waves. Then he felt that his bones became lighter and a sense of dizziness came to him.
"No, we have prepared ropes and iron piles in advance for a sunny day. We will beat these things" 1v3 discussion.