Its body has automatically become distracted, which is more than the chaotic force of the body. I don’t know why it is lost
It’s as if there has never been a general trace in Pangxia!
And when Pang Xia couldn’t figure out why, he suddenly saw the scene of the broken human world on the other side.
He saw himself lying in the biological cabin with his eyes closed.
Pang Xia suddenly understood the reason and suddenly realized it.
And with him, he lost more things!
Chapter 111 Chaos Emperor! (finale)
Slowly close your eyes, Pang Xia, and gradually turn a little bit of starlight to dissipate.
Soon Pang Xia disappeared into the colorful and disappeared.
Pang Xia’s disappearance was immediately reflected in the phase equipment of thirteen bases in China.
Such a sudden disappearance made those scientists in thirteen places in China nervous at once.
Most people ignore the eternal emperor Yuan Shen, who has gradually squeezed out from the cracks.
Directly gathered in front of PangXia body in biological tank.
And at this time, a furious drink came out of the crack.
The soldiers who stood in front of the crack were hit by a wave of sound.
Seven bleeding directly flew backwards, slamming on the rear equipment and walls, and the ground was either dead or injured.
And some phase instruments around the cracks were also thrown up by sound waves.
There is a relatively large instrument across a mutual toward PangXia biological tank smashed up.
And in front of Pang Xia’s bio-cabin, those scientists who are watching Pang Xia intently will not dodge.
Seeing that they will be hit by that huge instrument, they will be killed and injured.
At this moment, a chaotic airflow spun by itself and turned into a vortex to resist the huge instrument.
See the huge instrument quickly vanish in the chaotic vortex to take shape.
At the same time, Pang Xia in the biological cabin slowly opened his eyes and looked at the crack through the glass of the biological hatch.
Before in colorful PangXia suddenly want to white one thing.
That’s what it takes to be promoted to the emperor.
One of the most important is the unity of spirit and body.
That is to say, whether the soul or the body needs to be combined.
Both can be incomplete but absolutely indispensable.
This is also the realm of Pang Xia, which has reached the realm of the Great Emperor.
There is almost no end to the rising strength, but the general conditions are still the reason why the emperor has not been promoted.
Because in the martial arts world, Pang Xia also has a body, but it is a manifestation of the soul.
In the final analysis, in the martial arts world, Pang Xia only has a soul but no real body.
Both the realm and the strength are up to standard, but there is still no promotion to the great realm.
When Pang Xia realized this, he automatically quit the game and returned to his body in the real world.
Almost when Pang Xia’s consciousness returned to his own body.
On the Martial Arts World or the Human World
It is because of the chaos outside these two worlds that an inexplicable vibration has been produced.
This vibration is so small that ordinary people can hardly feel it, and even if they feel it, they will think it is an illusion.
However, there are many people who can feel this vibration in the chaos.
And after feeling this vibration, the emperors were all curious.
And put their eyes on the source of vibration in the human world!
For those who have not yet become the great powers, they are shocked, sighed and even jealous.
Because these people know very well that there is only one reason for this vibration, and that is the birth of a new emperor!
There are forty-nine emperors!
The top ten and the remaining thirty-nine ordinary emperors
Among these forty-nine emperors, those who fell asleep and were not known were not without them.
Almost all people who feel this vibration set their eyes on the human world.
Because they really want to see which emperor position Pang Xia, a newly promoted emperor, inherited!
The bio-capsule slowly dissipated, and Pang Xia looked around at a few young scientists with a little smile on their lips.
Then he walked barefoot step by step to tear the crack out of the eternal emperor
At the same time, his chaotic airflow turned into green smoke and infiltrated into the wounded who had not yet died.
Almost at the moment when the green smoke penetrated into them, the injured people found that their injuries were almost healed.
Walking in the void, Pang Xia doesn’t touch a trace of dust, as if he were born with cleaning ability.
He watched the Eternal Emperor emerge from the cracks.
A language that is not owned by human beings smiles "Your plan is going to fail"