Tooth bat
Danger degree 2
Overview of ability
Speed b
Power c
Magic d
Defense d
Feature 1 hates bright light
Teeth are that most powerful weapon and the only weapon.
Usually in a state of catnap.
Weakness 1: The wings are very fragile.
2 afraid of fire
Habit 1 Love to eat insects
I like living in caves.
3 don’t like activities
Although the bat is very weak, it is usually seen in groups and should be prepared for siege as soon as it is seen.
Remarks: Some bats like to suck blood, but they are much more cruel than mosquitoes.
This is the property of the tooth-sharp blessing department. Maple has been identified as dangerous after getting the picture of the beast. There are 2 monomers that are really weak, but there are many bats in it that will change qualitatively together.
After telling several properties of the key to grief but not injury, Feng continued, "Although the game is set in a pit, it doesn’t drive the player to a dead end. The danger of the tooth bat is 2, which means that they won’t take the initiative if they don’t step into their territory."
"But if we attack the mine, we will attack their territory, right?" Sorrow but not injury don’t understand a way
"Yes, but let’s try how territorial these bats are. They highlight a lazy word in all aspects of their introduction, which means that it is possible that the guardian area is divided into blocks." Feng replied
"So you mean that it is possible for us to deal with bats at the entrance of the mine, and those bats deep in the mine may not necessarily come to help?" Sad but not hurt immediately.
"That’s right, but it’s not necessarily my idea. I just don’t want to be too powerful. Just pick some players with better equipment and kill them quietly. The tunnel in the mine is so big. There are too many people to command and make trouble. The rest of them have to wait at the door. If not, let them come in for support," Feng said
"Okay, I’ll pick someone right away." Sorrow but not injury nods.
Five minutes later, I walked up to Feng with 20 chosen people and said, "These are the best-equipped people in our guild, and their careers are relatively neat. What do you think?"
Feng nodded and looked at his eyes, but he didn’t hurt. He brought twenty people, one of whom wore a shield and armor, and the rest were archers and leather armor. The professional rules of melee were none. It seems that it is not easy to graduate from the new scene of the mage.
"Let’s try it first. When fighting bats, try to catch their wings so that they have no resistance," Feng said to everyone.
This to 20 people were singled out from five hundred people. Naturally, the master in Haixinge was not too enthusiastic about maple’s fall commander, but nodded and said one.
Maple didn’t mind taking out two daggers and said, "Then the armored soldiers form a circle and the others hide in the circle and rush to the bat cave."
If it makes sense, the people naturally heard that they immediately took action. After the soldiers covered everyone else, the small team set off for the mine.
Being sad but not hurting is also a soldier, and he is the first to see the reaction of all people. It is estimated that he is used to taking the lead in charging like this.
It must be a lie to say that you are not nervous after entering the mine. Everyone walks carefully every step until he meets the first group of bats. Feng said to several archers, "Shoot some arrows casually." Feng originally wanted to come by herself, but she thought that archery was not very mature after all, and it would be a shame if she missed.
After hearing this, several archers nodded and bowed their bows and arrows in succession.
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Chapter 19 Easy to take
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"Sou", "Sou" and "Sou" A few arrows flew into the bat group, and when everyone swallowed saliva, they saw the bat group coming over like a black cloud.
Although the soldiers were psychologically prepared, the bats were so shocked that they raised their shields in front of them.
After a messy impact, the soldiers always resisted the first wave of bats, but immediately they found more trouble, and the bats actually squatted on them! It’s okay to have armor to protect the place, but if there is a little meat in the place, the bats will bite it rudely
"Bring them in and kill them." Feng shouted and reached out to the nearest soldier. A bat was biting his neck on his shoulder.
With an iron wristband, Feng easily pulled the bat out and lifted the black gold dagger to wipe its neck.
Others immediately followed suit and pulled a bat from the soldiers, but there were too many bats. When they found that they couldn’t find meat to chew, they greeted the soldiers’ armor directly. The armor was still able to bear, but several soldiers’ armor was deformed after being hit and bitten dozens of times.