So everyone knows one thing. Jupiter has really become a man who can work miracles. His strength is already higher than that of the publishers, and he can turn waste wood into great power in an instant.
This night will be destined for everyone to sleep.
The same is true of the American junior team, because each of them is suffering.
This is also the last time that zhaojie has reformed the American junior team since he came back. The strength comes from a yellow flower in his hand.
If you put this flower in your mouth, you can instantly feel the broken bones, boiling blood and splitting flesh.
Everyone in the American junior team is covered with pools of brilliant red blood. Even Theseus Lan would never last five minutes if it were not for the continuous recovery of the medicine, because their head injuries and blood figures are flying out at nearly a thousand points per second.
Zhaojie quietly sat down on the throne and half-squinted and scanned the crowd. It seems that the whole people have fallen into a state of catnap.
In this way, the blood in the hall has been able to cross the foot all night. When the war ghost exits the door and welcomes the first ray of sunshine in the morning, the blood does not seem to solidify, and the blood suddenly flows out like a stream.
Outside the gate, more than 50 hikers with the strongest attribute reached 7,000 points. Although they waited all night, no one complained, but everyone’s face was stunned by the blood flowing from the stairs.
"Are you ready?" War ghost mouth asked his voice hoarse.
"Ready!" They shouted together.
"So …" War ghost came back to zhaojie.
When zhaojie stepped out of the door, a black shadow fell from the side and knelt down respectfully and said, "I have reported that the message of the Lord has been returned!"
"yes! Roger, King Arthur Pan Dragon, and Hibisio, the fairy god, present a slave contract to the Lord! Among the three gods, Kailia, the water god, and Lin, the fire god, rushed to the Lord to present a follower contract! The rest of the people have already formed an army. The vanguard troops led by Wan Ciwang Gray and the abyss troops Shi Xuan have already broken into the periphery of Hengling! "
"A bunch of old-fashioned guys!" Zhaojie half squinting cold hum a pair of the 50 top travelers take the lead in that way "Buffon".
"Take them and destroy the vanguard troops to our department!"
"Your will will be perfectly executed, Lord!" Buffon’s face showed a cruel smile and disappeared in the same place, and then the rest of the fifty people disappeared in the same place.
"American junior team"
"Come with me to receive slaves!"
The third volume I have sold my soul to the ghost war! (2)
Collect chapter 2 points
Fight! (2)
In the reception hall, five peak walkers sat on both sides, and their expressions were not humiliating and strange. On the contrary, everyone was talking happily.
Zhaojie picked his eyebrows and strode in with a cool smile on his mouth.
"I can’t believe that someone really defected, and I can have two tough battles to fight this time." The war ghost left the pie mouth and his voice was not low. Everyone heard it, but several peak walkers were not slow at all. Instead, they got up at the same time and respectfully leaned over to zhaojie and said, "I have seen the Lord."
Zhaojie went to the main seat and sat down next to the maid holding a tray. The tray was covered with five contracts.
A few people in the US * female squad picked it up and looked at it, then motioned for zhaojie and asked questions.
Zhaojie smiled and took the contract but didn’t sign it immediately. Instead, he put it back on the tray and leaned forward smiling and asked, "I want to know why you chose to take refuge in me."
Lin Chongjiao, the Vulcan, said with a smile, "Because you are very powerful, we naturally chose to join your camp because we don’t want to die."
Kerria, the water god, also nodded very seriously and said, "She is right. Although we are the hegemon, we are not ignorant of the times. Lin Chong also said that each of you has reached our level and has the essence of super-domain skills. I think even if all the peak walkers form a team of beautiful girls to fight, I am afraid they will not be your opponents in the end?"
Each of these five people is a matter of course, so zhaojie can find out what the problem is, but he still waved and said, "Let my partner show you around and get ready for the reception."
Although all five people are ready to splicing documents and other things, zhaojie’s words mean that he wants to be alone for a while, but no one has any objection, but as Terhi and others walk out of the living room.
"Is there anything wrong?" The only war ghost asked.
Zhaojie shook his head and said, "No, it’s hard for me to believe that one by one we once looked up to now, but we don’t even need to spend a single soldier to crawl at my feet."
"This is because we are very strong now." The war ghost said indifferently.
Three thousand 11th-13th-order hikers from outside Jingyichuan, the external city of Hengling, have been led by Gray in Wan Ciwang and Shi Xuan, the general of the Abyss Army, but their marching pace is not fast. But thousands of people have brought up strong power, but they are like the amazing giant in "212", roaring and rushing to the city in front of them. Even if they don’t make the fields and energy alone give off strong momentum, they have already caused a slight crack in the granite wall of Jingyichuan.
The ordinary people in Jingyichuan have long since been evacuated, and now there are only 432 travelers left in the city, among whom 61 are the new peak strong with the skills of transcending the field.
They were in Chengtou, and faced with their opponents nearly twice their size. None of them felt timid. Their faces were full of proud looks. It seemed that they were not coming from their own side, but a group of ants could be trampled to death by lifting their feet.
The murderous look outside the city is like a tidal wave, and the blood in the city is like a mountain. The momentum alone is not inferior to the Coalition forces.
Sitting on a head of metal more than 20 meters high, magic dragon Wan Ciwang Gray’s mind moved, and the metal magic dragon flickered its wings and slowly descended as hard as fine steel. The wings fanned up a large area of sand and wind on the ground, sweeping the dust and falling behind like a bomb, but no one showed a trace of pain. These pioneers are also elites.
"Why? Does Hubby want to rely on you scum to block my vanguard road? " Wan Ciwang’s voice is not loud, but it is clear to everyone.
Jing Yichuan’s chief soldier was a former leader in Hengling Parliament who opposed the law and treated the travelers equally. At the moment, his white beard fluttered in the wind and he was still wearing a white gown, but in his hand, he was wearing a bloody sword. Just a sword changed the old scholar’s temperament and made him look like an elegant guard. Although he had real money to kill the enemy, he was victorious.
Old pedant smoothed her Nuts in the previous step. "Gray, with your strength, still want to compete with my master? For everyone’s sake, I advise you to surrender quickly. My master may be able to die. "
"Peak Crosser?" Gray disdain laughed "ha, are you kidding me? What if Hugh bit raised your old guy’s strength to the level of dragon nine? Do you really understand what a peak runner is? Today I will let you see a "
Said Wan Ciwang palm turn a look almost weathered sheepskin scroll appeared in his hand, he will scroll exhibition suddenly a majestic energy from the scroll foaming at the mouth and straight into the clouds.
"It’s a forbidden scroll," roared a traveler in horror behind the old pedant.
"Shut up," the old pedant glanced at this guy coldly. "Don’t forget that we can’t embarrass him when we are the king."
With this, the old pedant’s eyes closed and his pupils opened, and the color of his eyes became reddish-red. His body was as bright as fire, and the energy quickly expanded to instantly fill a super-realm of Fiona Fang hundreds of meters. He slowly lifted his blood sword in his hand, and the surrounding super-realm energy quickly spun up and converged on his sword, almost blinking, and formed a round ball of light the size of a football at the tip of his sword.
"This is the transcendence of materialization?" Feel the blood sword face majestic energy Wan Ciwang is also in the heart a surprised but the mouth is disdain way.
"Of course it’s not," sneered the old pedant. "Is it necessary to make the transcendence substantive to deal with a forbidden spell?"
"Continue to mouth shut, then let me see how you can resist my S-class curse and eternal thunder robbery." Wan Ciwang snorted with his right hand and suddenly pressed the energy in the cloud just now, and then the sky turned white and black, followed by rolling black clouds like stormy waves, and gathered at the Jingyichuan city wall and flashed in the dark clouds as if all the deep-sea Youlong were rushing.
With a thunder, there was a huge flash as thick as a bucket, crashing straight and holding the tip of the sword to the old pedant.
"Just what I want"
The old pedant whistled, lowered his center of gravity, and then suddenly stabbed the blood sword in his hand. It turned out that the red ball full of explosive force was thundering hard.
As a toothache friction sounded, the constant-collar passers-by assumed a defensive posture, and they were dismayed to find that the lightning bolt was directly absorbed.
"This ….." Wan Ciwang opened his mouth.
The old pedant corners of his mouth with a disdainful smile. As the flash in the sky keeps splitting and swinging, he absorbs all the flashes for three minutes.
At the moment, his blood-sword red ball of light is already red and purple, and it keeps flashing in the face, which makes him feel shaky.
"Uncle Tian … throw it out quickly." Feeling the amazing energy contained in the red ball of light, a passer-by said.
The old pedant took two steps forward, and his left hand moved sideways. The red energy ball moved from the blood sword to his left hand, vain and calm. He said to Wan Ciwang, "Gray, of course I know the peak passer, but it means do you really know what a peak passer is?"
"What do you mean?"
"What you said about the peak-crossing is just to recruit hands after having a strong power and use the strength of all people to strengthen and improve themselves. This method of improvement is generally to use convergence to earn more props and scrolls … and I said that the peak-crossing is only through purely honing their will and rarely using external things."
"Joke, do you know how many attribute points you can just get by completing a plane? It’s easy to say that you don’t rely on foreign things, but Varoran’s theory is dragon nine or three gods. Who have you seen who has changed without relying on foreign things? "
"My Lord repairs Bite" Old Scholar Avenue, his vicissitudes of life face with a look of pride suppressed by law.