Guzheng’s fist made him stumble and nearly rolled over to the ground, but he held the knife in his left hand, but the blade stabilized his shape.
Look carefully, at the moment, a real steel needle in his mouth has disappeared.
And Guzheng’s right shoulder overflowed with deep red blood, which flowed into his fingertips along his sleeve and dripped on the dry sand.
This blow makes a real face more pleasant. Cold hum a "hum is not over yet"
Passing 18-wheeler, the speed of walking is really as fast as a hurricane, and a flash of breath has already appeared behind Guzheng.
Guzheng reaction is also surprisingly fast, and his left hand clenched heavy knife and he spun a chop.
As soon as the knife light appeared, the yellow sand became violent again.
But when the yellow sand fell to the ground, it was really like a ghost when I was young.
Guzheng a face of firm eyes suddenly felt a slight trembling feet.
A blue heavy knife blade came from the ground.
Guzheng once again exclaimed that a heavy knife accurately stabbed the ground.
The sword resisted a blue heavy knife.
However, the potential of the quenching knife came too fast, and Guzheng was cut by gravity to make it more than half a meter.
The blow GuZhengTeng in half flawed.
A true face sprouted from the sand, and Hu was pulled straight by the high wind. In his eyes, he thundered, "Guzheng, but you can’t blame me for taking the initiative to shoot me."
Speak with a heavy knife and cut across to Guzheng, who is falling from the virtual.
Gradually, Liang Ping also secretly squeezed the staff for Guzheng.
It is here that four wolf clan leaders wearing gray fur coats are found on the Wolf Cave Tower.
Liang Ping has seen these people for a long time, but I didn’t know their identity before, and now I know them clearly.
One of them has a lean figure, a handsome face and a pair of sharp eyes. He wears a dragon finger in his left hand and is the president of the Wolf clan guild, "Killing God"
Another black-faced youth embroidered with white dragon pattern on the right shoulder on the left side of God Killing knew it was "San Li", the second elder of the Wolf clan guild.
The man on the right side of killing God always has a kind face and a faint smile. The young man has a red dragon pattern embroidered on his left shoulder, and he can tell at a glance that he is the left protector of the Wolf clan guild, "Dai Fei"
On Dai Fei’s right, the enchanting young man who looks a little girly has a red dragon pattern embroidered on his right shoulder. At first glance, he will know that he is the right protector of the Wolf clan guild, "Nalancheng"
The four of them are obviously worried about Guzheng with dignified faces.
It is precisely because of this that Gu Zheng grasped the knife with his left hand. Although there is no fulcrum in the virtual space, he still waved his knife to meet a real heavy knife.
Double-knife collision Gu Zheng’s heavy blade root didn’t swing, but only blocked it.
There was a loud noise. Gu Zheng’s body was hit by a real blow like a baseball and flew 3 meters away.
Guzheng body fall to the ground heavy knife and just fall in the body.
Mouth spit big blood is a face of firm staggered up.
At the same time, the violent wind around suddenly stopped.
Yizhen did not pursue 56-point thrashing, but tugged at Hu Ding in his original place, holding the handle in his right hand and carrying the heavy knife on his right shoulder. His left hand took out a slender steel needle from his bosom and put it in his mouth again, and looked at GuZheng with contempt.
This scene makes it difficult for Nalancheng, the left guardian of the Wolf Cave Tower, to continue to endure a face of anger and take out a heavy knife from his backpack, which is to prepare to jump off the tower to help Guzheng.
At this time, Dai Fei suddenly stretched out his hand and stopped Na Lancheng with a slight smile. "Don’t worry, old woman, the drama is yet to come."
NaLanCheng smell speech that looks like a sissy face is full of bloody anger, eager to say "fourth brother and second brother are at a disadvantage, why don’t you let me help?"
Dai Fei smiled but said in a flat tone: "The first blow of the second brother was to hold the knife in his right hand and the momentum before running had a strong impact on Yizhen. The purpose was to try the knife, but the fact did not make the effort."
Listen to this, LanCheng a face of disdain, "fourth brother, although you are right, you are a teacher of * * and I am an ancient warrior. Of course, I can understand this trick. Not only does second brother really test each other’s strength, but it also really tests the strength of second brother’s knife."
"Ha ha, you hear me out. Second brother wielded a knife with his left hand. Everyone knows that second brother’s left hand is his strength. What did he say with his left hand?"
"Say that the second brother knows that the right hand method will cause fatal damage to Yizhen."
Na Lancheng said with a certain face that the slightly girly face also showed some dissatisfaction with Dai Fei.
Dai Fei, on the other hand, continued, "Then you should also know that second brother is not allowed to help others once he has left his hand."
Hearing this, Na Lancheng suddenly realized that Li patted his forehead and said, "Oh, look at my brain, how did I forget this?"