This time, after Shayue hit the door, the whole person’s clothes and hair have become neat again.
But her blushing face proved that everything just now was not an illusion, but really happened.
Pang Xia came to say something to Sha Yue, but when he really saw Sha Yue, he suddenly found himself as poor as ever and didn’t know what to say.
The two men were silent for a while, and finally Shayue took the lead in saying, "You didn’t care too much about it just now. I won’t think much about it. It’s getting late. You should rest quickly."
After speaking, Shayue was silent for a while again, and then looked as if the stool was dry and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it. Pang Xia sighed and opened the door.
Looking at Shayuemen Pangxia turned to a dull face and muttered, "What is this development process?"
How come it’s like I was taken advantage of and then directly abandoned?
And more importantly, there is a faint loss in my heart.
I have a female ticket, so I have the world of mortals, although I am not really sure …
But it’s tacit. What’s this sudden feeling about Shayue?
Nima … So I’m a ungrateful bastard? "
Pang Xia stayed in wait for a while and returned to his room. The whole person was deeply entangled.
This directly led to the second day early in the morning, when Zambezidan, the current Tubo country, visited Pang Xia’s room, Pang Xia’s eyes were crimson and the whole person fell into a semi-enchanted state.
Obviously, Pang Xia felt very entangled in his subtle feelings of Shayue.
I have to say that in dealing with men and women, Pang Xia is not as loose as he usually says.
In fact, Pang Xia is a slightly unified person from the bone.
He feels that he should treat a woman wholeheartedly if he values her.
Like now, he has a subtle feeling for another woman, which he himself does not allow.
However, whenever Pang Xia thought of cutting off his thoughts about Shayue, he felt extremely painful in his heart.
And that’s why Pang Xia struggled this night.
Also came to the room sand month looking at a face gaunt PangXia nai sighed in my heart.
A woman and a clever woman can naturally guess why Pang Xia is so.
But when Shayue felt nai and sighed, there was also a trace of heart in her heart.
Because Pang Xia looks like this, he represents his weight in his heart.
Otherwise, Pang Xia doesn’t care about nature, so it wouldn’t be like this.
On the whole, two young men and women, who used to laugh and laugh at each other in the evening, are now taciturn and full of worries.
It takes a person who has been there for a long time to let nature see that Pang Xia and Sha Yue are entangled.
He also knows what the guard officer saw and heard last night.
So when he saw Pang Xia and Sha Yue, he felt their unnatural atmosphere.
Immediately, I broke into the list of suspected Buddhist temples last night and crossed out Pang Xia and Sha Yue directly.
"I don’t think both of you have a good rest. I won’t bother you, Jeb. Why don’t you go to some breakfast with your father?
I’ll send someone to deliver your master breakfast and your aunt breakfast, so don’t bother me here. "
Although Jeb’s age is still not very good, it is better for children to feel that they should leave now.
Therefore, Jeb happily followed the second Dan to let go of Pang Xiafang.
Gently closed Pang Xia’s door from the outside, and Jeb skipped along with the second Dan before letting him go to breakfast.
When the second Dan let Jeb away and opened the door, Pang Xia and Sha Yue’s face suddenly changed.
Although their faces are still faintly tangled, they are far less serious than just now.
Obviously, the root of their early state today is to show it to Zidan.
"Shrimp, you said every time you let it go, you should no longer doubt you and me."
Silent for a pang Xia shook his head slightly and said, "it’s hard to say that it is really no doubt for you and me at this stage."
But if I continue to explore the question of asking Buddhist temples, I will probably be suspected again.
But what I want is now there. Ask the Buddhist temple. I must get it.
What is suspected is certain. The only thing that can be done is to delay the fight as much as possible. "
Hear Pang Xia say that Shayue slowly nodded his head in agreement and white.
Business had said the room fell into silence again.
In order to prevent the awkward atmosphere, Shayue simply put the monty piano on the table and played it slowly.
When Pang Xia saw this, he sat cross-legged on the bed and breathed deeply to practice "Small Phase Work".
Last night, a brief encounter with the old Lama of Nawen Buddhist Temple made the bottleneck of the fifth layer of Pang Xia’s Xiao Xiang Gong loose again.
According to this situation, it is just around the corner for Pang Xia to break through to the sixth floor of Xiao Xiang Gong.
By that time, if Pang Xia fights with people, he can simulate the opponent’s moves in Xiao Xiang Gong.
Although the simulation moves stay for a short time, it is extremely doubtful for actual combat because of the imitation conditions.
Especially when facing the old Lama, Pang Xia is not convenient to show his martial arts.
Therefore, it will be a very good help to get the third type of "Three-pole Knife" if we can cultivate "Small Phase Work" to the sixth level.
A big Sunday passed, Pang Xia opened his eyes and sighed. This time, although the distance breakthrough has taken another big step, it is still a little worse.
The result remains unchanged, and there is still no breakthrough success after all.
The delay in making a breakthrough made Pang Xia impatient.
So he frowned slightly, and his breath kept floating, and it was a little messy.
But at this moment, a broken sound like water drops dripping borneol sounded in Pang Xia’s ear.
Then, like the gurgling water, like the breeze blowing through the room, Qin Liu acoustics.
Suddenly, Pang Xia’s impetuous mind calmed down, and he suddenly found that he had been slow to break through the fifth bottleneck of Xiao Xiang Gong, and there were signs of loosening! ‘
Chapter 44 Is it worthwhile to visit the temple again
In Shayueqin, Pang Xia made a breakthrough again.
Let Pang Xia didn’t think that this breakthrough was smooth. He couldn’t believe it himself.
As if everything is so natural, after running for a week on the fifth floor of Xiao Xiang Gong, a muffled sound came from Pang Xia Dantian.
Then a new qi poured out from the depths of the abdomen and merged into Pang Xia’s great qi.