Pang Xia didn’t choose to make this magic handle because the nine yuan fairy sword consumes a lot of qi.
Instead, the magic chopping combat knives are slightly weaker but also extremely powerful.
Chapter 596 Goodbye Jinlun French King
The magic chopper cuts into the leather armor of Mongolian soldiers and then cuts the leather armor people in half.
Pang Xia drew a knife and came out with a bloody knife with the blood of the Mongolian soldier who had just been cut in half.
The crescent-shaped bloody knife gas passed over three Mongolian soldiers before it dissipated.
Look at that three Mongolian soldiers who were cut in half, Pang Xia spit out a sigh of relief and rushed with a knife again.
In Guo Jing and Yang Guo, they led Pang Xia to follow them and rushed towards the center of the Mongolian camp.
Demon cleavers in their hands constantly kill Mongolian soldiers, which are recognized by other players as the enemy Mongolian soldiers in the realm of the day after tomorrow.
In Pang Xia Dao, there is no ability to cooperate with the enemy.
After all, Pang Xia is already a strong man who can face the master more than kill him.
This kind of Mongolian soldiers with brute force and speed are just delivering food in front of Pang Xia.
A knife draws an arc, which makes Pang Xia’s Mongolian soldiers die or retreat on Wednesday.
Then Pang Xia released a huge murderous look, all of which were classified as splitting magic combat knives.
Immediately split the magic combating Dao from blood red to paint black and accompanied by filar silk black light released from the blade.
The second version of Three Pole Knife is ready to go.
Pang Xia directly shouted to Guo Jing and Yang Guo in front, "Guo Dage is hiding!"
Hearing Pang Xia’s words, Guo Jing and Yang Guo immediately took refuge.
One of them flew up and the other rushed to the right.
See this PangXia word both hands holding a knife mercilessly chop toward the ground.
Road cracks appear on the ground, and several knives are released from the cracks and intertwined into black energy balls.
This black energy ball didn’t last long after it was born, and it suddenly broke out and turned into a black fan-shaped light beam.
But I saw that the black light beam rushed directly towards the center of the Mongolian camp and swallowed all the people and things that stopped it.
After a move, Pang Xia killed 27 people, including a junior officer of the Mongolian army.
This made Pang Xia directly kill half of the Mongolian soldiers.
Looking at Pang Xia with a knife, Wei Guo Jing suddenly burst out laughing and struck several soldiers from the semi-fall.
Then he rushed towards the Mongolian camp center, and at the same time, Yang Guo waved his sword and followed Guo Jing.
Guo Jing and Yang Guo took the lead in rushing Pang Xia, and naturally they wouldn’t let the two of them specialize in beauty.
Follow by Pang Xia, he waved a magic chop knife to repel and kill Mongolian soldiers who came to interfere with him.
Pang Xia’s outstanding flying skill soon chased Guo Jing and Yang Guo.
Seeing that the three men were about to rush to the center of the Mongolian camp, they were dressed differently.
But the body breath is not weak. The strong man rushed out of the camp in the Mongolian camp center and intercepted it in front of Pang Xia.
Looking at the three people who came to stop Pang Xia immediately recognized that the three of them were Mongolian Sanjie.
Xiaoxiang, Nimbus, Yin Kexi!
Three of our own enemies naturally became a one-on-one situation.
Guo Jing faced the strongest of the three, Xiaoxiang Yang Guo, while Pang Xia stood opposite Yin Kexi.
Looking at her opposite, she has wavy blond hair and a big face of gold Hu Yinkexi.
Pang Xia smiled and said, "Hu, you are wearing jewels."
If you lose one or two babies in battle, wouldn’t it hurt for years? In my opinion, you’d better change clothes. "
Hear PangXia Yin Kexi immediately laughed "I have been doing business in Yin Kexi for many years.
These things nine Niu Yi hair roots don’t care about brother, don’t worry about me so much. "
Pang Xia smiled and then said, "Don’t regret it if I do this."
Say BiPangXia clenched split magic combating Dao ready to shoot.
However, at this moment, two figures rushed out of the camp, and there was no doubt that it was King Jinlun and Ma Guangzuo!
All the five masters of Kublai Khan, the Mongolian general, arrived.
To be fair and reasonable, three against three is now a big disadvantage in the form of five against three.
Four sovereign Kublai Khan, five masters, one master and four innate peaks, all of which are masters.
However, these five masters did not split the three factions in Qi Xin.
Among them, Xiaoxiang, Nimoxing and Yin Kexi United against the only master, King Jinlun.
But Ma Guangzuo’s simple and honest temper is to stay out of it and not fight for anything.
However, if you really fight, you will be born with divine power. Ma Guangzuo is not weak in martial arts, but he is the first person of the Golden Wheel French King.