But now it is said by the royal elder sister; Sunday is immediately began to attach importance to the little girl.
Can let the royal elder sister take the initiative to avoid the little girl in this way to remind yourself, this is already illustrates the little girl’s problem is more serious than Sunday’s imagination. Add some other factors; After listening to the words of the royal elder sister, Sunday was suddenly nervous and asked the royal elder sister at that time: "What happened to the little girl?" I don’t know anything about you except your names, and even your names are not sure whether they are true or not, every time; Keep everything from me, forget it before; I know myself, and I can’t help you anyway; Instead of forcing chā hands to help, it is better not to let chā hands handle it yourself. But now I have a certain strength, and the power in my hands is already Se. Although I’m not sure I can help you, at least you should let me know something about it. Although it sounds a bit overreaching, I still feel that maybe I can help you with what you can’t do. "
Maybe I didn’t think Sunday would suddenly get angry with her. After listening to Sunday’s words; Royal elder sister not for a stay, but after that; Silent for a moment’s royal elder sister is after a sigh; Still on Sunday, I replied, "There are some things that I don’t want you to get involved in. After all, you are not from our rainy family, so I am afraid that I will hurt you then. But … "
Said the royal elder sister smiled; It is only after a deep look at Sunday; "But now that you have become my fiance, then naturally it is even half a rainy family. Even now, no matter how you don’t want chā to come into the things between us, now you have been passively reformed, although you don’t want to; But you are right. Now you are qualified to touch those things. "
"That’s …" Although on Sunday, when I thought of those things, it was inevitable that I had some anger in my heart, but now after listening to those words of the royal elder sister, I felt a burst of joy because the royal elder sister officially admitted his status as a partner.
Royal elder sister can’t pay attention to Sunday’s small thoughts. Now that she has made up her mind to inform Sunday about those things, she naturally won’t have any concealment in her heart. She just concealed those things about Sunday and explained to Sunday: "Luo Li was born in Imperial Animal Gate, the only daughter of the former owner of Imperial Animal Gate. Imperial Animal Gate offended a top fix true sect for some reasons, and at that time; Luo Li’s father was pulled out by the elders in the door and took the fall guy. And may be already expected that there will be such a result, so Luo Li’s father contacted me before the accident, and gave Luo Li to me for care, but I didn’t want this farewell to be a farewell, because of the struggle inside the door; Luo Li’s father was killed by the Presbyterian Church of the Royal Animal Gate a month ago, and Luo Li was in such a bad mood these days because he heard the news from my father. Even hurt by the fox’s charming fantasy, if possible; You’d better spend more time with Luo Li so that she won’t be affected by what happened to her father. "
Silent nodded; On Sunday, I didn’t think that the little girl had been carrying so much pressure these days, thinking of her heartless performance. I didn’t know the situation of the little girl until this time, and I felt blushing on Sunday.
Thanks to myself, I still regard the little girl as one of the more important people in my heart. Since I haven’t even noticed her abnormal performance, there are various reasons. However, on Sunday, I don’t think those so-called reasons can constitute the reason for my current performance. My previous performance was even Sunday himself; It all feels pretty bad.
However; Then on Sunday, I calmed down, but I immediately put away my little thoughts. How to treat the little girl is important. But on Sunday, I guess I can’t do much.
At present, the little girl’s heart is hurt because of her father. This kind of pain can only be overcome by the little girl herself, and Sunday can only be a guide at most. If she really wants to help the little girl heal her inner pain with his ability, Sunday knows that she doesn’t have that ability yet.
The little girl’s business on Sunday can’t help much. On Sunday, as in more, it’s still about the royal beast gate.
External influence is good; Whether it’s infighting or not, on Sunday, I didn’t have a little interest in those things in the royal beast gate. If it weren’t for the little girl, the animal gate or something; Even if the whole sect is destroyed, Sunday will not ask one more question related to it.
But now that we know the origin of the little girl and the reason why there will be such changes during this period, it is impossible to have the same attitude as before on Sunday.
The little girl is one of the few people who attach the most importance to Sunday. Now, I know what the little girl has changed because of, no matter what is right or wrong, from the bottom of my heart anyway; On Sunday, he became disgusted with the royal animal gate. Under the thinking mode of justifying one’s faults; On Sunday, I directly pushed all the wrong things about my little girl’s father to the elders of the Royal Animal Gate, and greatly pitied the little girl for losing her father by urinating. If I didn’t know that the Royal Animal Gate, which is not so easy to deal with, is now ready to run to the Royal Animal Gate to make a scene and help the little girl to take it out.
"What sect is the Imperial Animal Gate?" Although I didn’t intend to help the little girl get revenge now, I didn’t intend to let each other go on Sunday. A gentleman’s revenge is not late for ten years. In order to avenge his father for the little girl on Sunday, I don’t mind waiting for a hundred years, but now I don’t have the ability; Then wait until you have the ability to get even with the royal beast door.
Just; Sunday didn’t have that idea, but Sunday didn’t explain it; Royal elder sister naturally it is impossible to know Sunday’s thoughts. Since I heard that question on Sunday, I was anxious at that time …
"Sunday; I know you love Luo Li very much, but the Royal Animal Gate is not so easy to deal with. Lord Luo and my father are close friends. Why do you think my father didn’t dare to make a move after his death? You are no longer a lone ranger, and there are a large number of people standing beside you who support you, if you are as impulsive as before; Then if you have an accident yourself, it is very likely that even we who stand by your side and support you will be affected. You can deal with the royal beast gate; But I don’t agree with you to fool around now, before you have enough strength; I will never allow you to do stupid things. "
Accused by the royal elder sister; Sunday is a big shame. Is it such an image in the heart of Royal Sister? Are you that impulsive?
Wry smile in my heart; But when I saw the serious expression of the royal elder sister, Sunday had to explain to her again: "Don’t worry, I know the discretion, before I have enough strength; Of course, I won’t go to provoke the beast gate. After all, the strength I have in my hands is still too weak, and I simply don’t have the ability to confront them. "
"It’s good that you know." Seeing Sunday’s serious expression, the royal elder sister finally decided to believe Sunday’s words, and after sorting out the relevant information in her heart, she introduced to Sunday: "The Royal Beast Gate is a special school in the field of repairing truth, and its internal practice skills can only be said to be average, and its attack power can almost be said to be more than that of Danxiu. However, they also have their own advantages. I don’t know who invented the method of royal beast gate, which enables monks to get the ability to communicate with animals after successful practice, relying on this ability; There are many powerful monsters sitting in the Imperial Beast Gate. Although it is called the Xiuzhen Sect, it is actually a special Sect that relies entirely on monsters to fight. "

Chapter two hundred and one Seal memory
"Listen to the name will know what they are factions! What I want to know is the strength of the animal gate. "
"Don’t say anything to me, isn’t that what I’m going to say?" After mercilessly stared at Sunday; Royal elder sister this just at that time to connect a way; "Because the growth of the monster beast is much slower than that of the human monk, the monster beast that the first phase of people soothed in its master or even its master’s disciple or disciple soared or died, often those monster beasts eventually lived in the royal beast gate. For this reason; The number of high-order monster beasts in Imperial Animal Door has reached a rather horrible level. Although it does not belong to the top sects now, it is only because there is no scattered fairy sitting in Imperial Animal Door, but even so, such as the monster beasts and monks with Dacheng Phase I strength, there are no less than ten’ people’ in Imperial Animal Door. According to the strength of our rain family, although it is not necessarily hard to fight them, it is impossible for Rain Family to fight with Imperial Animal Door because of Luo Li.
Royal elder sister’s words although not explicitly; But the meaning is already clearly expressed. With the strength of the sugar gate at present, it is impossible to fight against the royal beast gate. If Zhou Naive is prepared to fight the royal beast gate forcibly, then the royal elder sister will not support it, but may put him under house arrest because of this matter.
And Sunday! Although I’m not happy with the royal beast gate, I’m not so hot-headed that I think I can destroy it now. According to the strength of the royal beast gate in the royal elder sister’s mouth, on Sunday, I estimated that I would be able to eat each other with a lot of external force. Now, I haven’t helped myself with a second turn of Xuangong. On Sunday, I don’t think it is possible to eat the royal beast gate in my own situation.
Judging the strength difference between the two sides in the heart, knowing that if you really fight, you won’t have any hope of winning. On Sunday, you immediately made a decision at that time and sighed helplessly. After listing the Imperial Animal Gate as a hostile sect in my mind, Sunday will take a breath. Put this matter aside for the time being.
Now don’t talk about revenge, just say how to persuade the little girl this thing, let Sunday feel very difficult!
Even if you already know why the little girl has such a performance at the moment, but if you really want to persuade her on Sunday; But I still feel like I have nowhere to start. Sunday’s character itself is not very fond of talking, generally speaking; It is the kind of person who is bored with sāo, even if he has some special thoughts or words in his heart, he will only keep them in his heart and will not speak them out, like Sunday; Let him help the little girl out of the shadow of y and n; That’s really the wrong person.
Subsequently; On Sunday, in desperation, they could only ask for advice from the royal elder sister. As a result, the two of them discussed it. Time passed quickly, but on Sunday, the two of them; But I didn’t come up with a feasible way until the end.
"Like this kind of thing, which may be what we can figure out a way to solve, everything still depends on her. If she can get out of the shadow of Y and N, she will get better if we don’t do anything. If she doesn’t have the ability; It is useless for us to think of more ways now. " In the end, there was really nothing to think about. After Sunday dropped such a summary, he suddenly said to the royal sister, "Since we can’t discuss the matter of Little Loli, do you think it’s time for us to rest?"
"Rest?" Royal elder sister first looked at Sunday puzzled, and after seeing the wipe off in Sunday’s eyes, all of a sudden royal elder sister once again understood the meaning of Sunday’s words, and her face turned red; Royal elder sister is some angry punch on Sunday’s stomach, and then dropped a "already dawn"; He ran away like that without looking back.
"I said; Shyness doesn’t need to be expressed in this way! " Being punched down by the royal elder sister, Sunday is no ordinary pain. After Rou’s own stomach has changed, Sunday sighs helplessly. He also left the abode of fairies and immortals behind the royal elder sister.
And when I went out on Sunday; What he saw in front of him was that he couldn’t believe his eyes on Sunday.
Róu opened his own eyes, and Sunday was sure that what he was seeing was not an illusion, but a real picture.
Since the girl is playing coquetry beside the royal elder sister, if it were before yesterday, there would be no special feeling on Sunday. After all, this is the performance of the little girl at ordinary times, and there are many pictures like this on Sunday. Naturally, you can’t see any problems.
But on Sunday yesterday, I heard about what happened to the little girl from the royal elder sister. According to my understanding of the little girl on Sunday, I don’t think that the little girl is the kind of person who will forget things when her father dies. At present, this kind of performance is not satisfied with her personality. On Sunday, it is natural that I have some doubts about whether what I see now is true or not, and will it be the dreamland of the fox.
"I have sealed all her memories related to that thing last night. Now Luo Li is too young to let her know about those things, until she is older in the future; After the strength is stronger than it is now, it is not too late to tell her everything at that time. " On Sunday, I was surprised by what I saw in front of me. When I was going to ask what was going on, the fox’s flattery was silent at that time and appeared beside Sunday, explaining why the little girl would have such a change at the moment.
After listening to the fox’s flattering words; Zhou Tiancai is understood. With that painful memory, it is impossible to smile so sweetly as it is now according to the little girl’s personality. However; If you really want to be like fox mei mei said; She has sealed part of the little girl’s memory, so it is not surprising that the little girl will behave like this now.
Fox flattery will naturally know the intention of saying these words to him on Sunday, because he just doesn’t want him to say anything he shouldn’t say in front of the little girl. If you don’t pay attention to remind the little girl of something she shouldn’t think of, then the behavior before Fox flattery will be meaningless.
Sunday is naturally not going to do that stupid thing, to say the words; Sunday is also one of the people who want to see the little girl change back. At present, seeing the little girl become a familiar appearance, Zhou Tianxin will only be happy; How can I object, even if it is flattering? On Sunday, before nòng understands this change, I believe it is unlikely that luàn will speak.

Chapter two hundred and two Conditions