"Ha ha can revenge is hard to say, maybe lose again? But I am really interested in playing another game with you now, because I saw that your strength seems to be much stronger than before when I was watching the game just now! "
"That is, of course, don’t you and I are mixed to die this time? Cut the crap and let’s go out to a separate room! " Pearl Krabs typed very cheerfully. Ye Qing suddenly felt quite * * * when he saw this passage. What do you mean, let’s go out to a separate room … Master has a girlfriend, but you can’t just have a room with others!
Chapter 531 Pearl Krabs comprehend a new realm.
Pearl Krabs confessed a few words to his team members and left the room to rebuild the house. Ye Qing also followed out and invited Ye Qing after Pearl Krabs built the house.
"Whatever map you choose, I always want to let your heart just go." Pearl Krabs typed at Ye Daoye and smiled involuntarily. Pearl Krabs seemed confident that he could beat him. Of course, he couldn’t show weakness, so he replied, "It’s up to you to choose the map. I’m an arrogant person who accidentally beat you. You said it was because of the map. I have to let your heart just go, don’t you think?"
"Well, I’m too lazy to argue with you. It’s your own choice to lose. Don’t complain." Pearl Krabs chose a ghost mode map after typing this line, which is the most classic research institute. Ye Qing suddenly looked at his position again. It was The Infiltrator. He immediately couldn’t help but scold "Where the fuck is it!"
He quickly typed to Pearl Krabs, "Wait a minute! Stop playing games! What is this map? "
"You let me choose a map! I chose this map. What’s the problem? " Pearl Krabs triumphant tunnel
"But I’m The Infiltrator. I don’t have a gun. What am I doing with a dagger?" Ye Qing is very authentic
"I didn’t say I wanted to compete with you on the gun!" Pearl Krabs is very cunning tunnel
Ye Qing is going to explode. Is this * * * deliberately playing him? He was very upset and said, "Don’t fart if you don’t shoot a gun. I said you can be normal. Don’t you feel sprouting today when the doctor didn’t give you medicine?"
"You didn’t take medicine! No, you took too many drugs to feel cute. You told me to choose a map. Now that I have chosen a map, it’s really troublesome for you to choose a map. I’ll choose whatever map you say, right? " Pearl Krabs almost couldn’t help smiling. If it weren’t for her teammates, she would have laughed. It’s so interesting to play tricks on Ye Qing.
When Ye Qing didn’t want to wave any more, he said to her, "The main road of desert 1d doesn’t thunder, flash or smoke at guns. How about we have a fair shot?"
"You and I are afraid of you. Come on!" Pearl Krabs was very quick to choose the map of desert 1d, a professional player. This map can be said to have been practiced several times. Most professional players probably feel nauseous when they see this map.
Ye Qing’s best map is also this map. Most people will choose this map when he fights one-on-one, unless the other side has special requirements. He will gradually master ak marksmanship skills on this map, and also practice marksmanship and conscious posture on this map.
Pearl Krabs in this map is absolutely not as severe as Ye Xie, and Ye Xie’s dominance in the main road is very difficult for anyone to be comparable in today’s F world. It can be said that five fingers can count it. Although Pearl Krabs has made rapid progress, it has certainly not reached the level of Ye Xie.
The two sides agreed that the number of people killed was still four, so that the winner could be decided quickly. However, there is no difference between The Infiltrator and The Infiltrator in the team competition mode. Both sides are in a fair environment because the terrain of the two camps is exactly the same, which will not be particularly beneficial to one side.
Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs entered the main road almost at the same time, and then showed their posture at the same time. At the same time, the gun movements were quite consistent. However, when Ye Qing’s posture was thoroughly exhibited, Pearl Krabs found that Ye Qing’s posture was too flexible and traceable, which was much more powerful than a fight.
Pearl Krabs felt that she didn’t even have a shot, but she was constantly losing blood. It can be seen that Ye’s body method was fierce and her marksmanship didn’t fall. She became more and more frightened. If she hadn’t made a lot of progress herself, she might have been shot in the head by Ye.
Her posture is really hard to practice, and she watched a lot of professional great gods videos, synthesized those great gods’ posture and kept practicing. At one time, she pressed her left finger out of blood bubbles and rested for a few days.
Ye Qing also felt the dramatic changes in Pearl Krabs. He couldn’t even shoot Pearl Krabs in the head quickly. You know, this is a one-on-one fight against guns. Without other interference, he can deal with Pearl Krabs physically and mentally, but he can’t shoot him in the head. You can imagine how powerful the other person’s posture is.
Despite this, Ye Xie still has a great advantage in marksmanship. Pearl Krabs’s blood volume keeps dropping, and eventually Ye Xie consumes his blood.
“firsblood!” Li Xiaozhe dubbed it in a funny way, meaning that Ye Qing got a blood. He was surprised to see Ye Qing’s posture and marksmanship. I didn’t expect Ye Qing to become more severe after leaving Julong Internet cafe, and it was much worse than before.
Now I have seen Ye Qing kill Pearl Krabs with my own eyes. He finally believes that Ye Qing said that Pearl Krabs was defeated by his hand.
Pearl Krabs rushed out after the resurrection of the base. She was very surprised that her posture had been practiced flexibly enough, but Ye Qing’s posture seemed to be much more flexible than her, which actually made her have a way of aiming at the target by feeling the roots from her hands.
Pearl Krabs is very angry. Is it that he still can’t catch up with the footsteps after training so crazily? As the saying goes, a stupid bird flies first is not a stupid bird, and it is more diligent than a stupid bird, but even so, she still has a gap with Ye Qing, which makes her extremely unbalanced psychologically.
After entering the main road, Pearl Krabs saw that Ye Tipping was still in operation, which was a good habit and wouldn’t give the enemy a first-hand chance. After she showed her posture, she tried hard to let herself see the trajectory of Chu Tipping, and she didn’t have a chance to hit the opponent’s body until she saw the trajectory of the opponent’s posture clearly.
Ye leans too fast. It all stems from his quick hand, three fingers in his left hand beating like the wind, and his hand shadow is heavy. Pearl Krabs’s eyes are staring at Ye leans and wriggles. Who knows that after watching it for a long time, his eyes are full of eyes.
She felt a little dizzy, and immediately collected her mind to dispel the shaking figures in her mind, and then made some shots according to her own feelings, instead of looking at them with her eyes. In fact, this is the most correct way, but the leaning method made her realize a new realm, relying on feelings is more accurate than relying on her eyes!
She tried her best not to get caught up in the method of leaning against the leaves, and she kept shooting with her feelings. Seeing that her blood volume was decreasing, she couldn’t help but admire Pearl Krabs very much. This was the only person who could shoot so many guns in a one-on-one situation after his marksmanship and posture were great.
Ye Qing knew that Pearl Krabs must have learned something in the process of his gun, and he was able to click him so many times. He couldn’t help but admire Pearl Krabs’s understanding ability. The biggest gain from the gun this time is definitely not himself but Pearl Krabs.
Although Pearl Krabs was able to lean in the middle of the point, he almost rubbed his body. It was difficult to kill Ye with a few bullets, and Ye relied on a very rhythmic point to finally blow Pearl Krabs’s head.
Pearl Krabs dialed her hair and then rushed out of the base. Although she was shot in the head by Ye Qing again, she was still very excited because when she died, she knew that Ye Qing didn’t have much blood. If she entered the main road this time, she would definitely kill it.
Li Xiaozhe watched carefully, and both Ye Qing’s marksmanship and posture left a deep impression on him. He felt that he was really underestimated. Before Ye Qing Ye Qing was in Julong Internet Cafe, his strength was already very strong, but now he is several times stronger than then. More than that, he thinks Ye Qing is the real enemy in Julong Internet Cafe.
Ye Qing looked at his blood volume and frowned. He is already red-blooded. If he is shot again by Pearl Krabs, he will die. His posture is fast enough, but Pearl Krabs can still feel him by himself, which makes him helpless. It can be killing three thousand enemies.
After Pearl Krabs entered the main road, he shot several times in a row, and sure enough, Ye Qing died. She suddenly smiled happily. Now the situation has turned into Ye Qing killing her twice. She can kill Ye Qing once. If this continues, Ye Qing will win in the end.
Despite this, Pearl Krabs also felt very happy that Ye Qing’s strength is now beyond her imagination, and she has reached a height that she can temporarily return to France. She has been very satisfied with killing Ye Qing once at the cost of dying twice.
The two men fought according to this trend. Occasionally, Pearl Krabs can kill Ye Qing once without dying. If he is lucky, he will directly explode Ye Qing’s head. The game process is quite wonderful. When Li Xiaozhe was fascinated by it, when he chased Pearl Krabs, Pearl Krabs said that if he could win her, she would agree to associate with him. Now he sees that Ye Qing can beat Pearl Krabs, so he is not envious. He thinks that if Ye Qing is willing to teach him, then he must have a chance to beat Pearl Krabs.
Thought of here, Li Xiaozhe was excited and made up his mind to worship Ye Qing immediately after Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs’s one-on-one hit. Did he ever think that Ye Qing would promise because he thought he and Ye Qing should not refuse to accept such a handsome apprentice?
Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs’s game progress is quite fast, because they are both fighting each other in the main road. It’s easy for Zhenzhen to try his best to turn the tide, but Ye Qing showed great dominance in the main road, where he is the master!
Chapter 532 Lobbying Pearl Krabs
Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs single-handedly won Ye Qing’s final victory, and the score was fixed at 4:31. Pearl Krabs made unremitting efforts to narrow the score, which made her lose nine kills, which made her very satisfied. If she hadn’t grasped the new realm, she would have lost about twenty kills.
Li Xiaozhe saw that the two men had finished playing and immediately said to Ye Qing, "Ye Ge, I want to worship your teacher and teach me to play ak, okay?"