"It’s a shame to let them attack you on purpose. You’re killing them, but it’s not your wind!" At this time, Li Yangyin entered Lin Tianxiao’s ear
"The old generation hates arrogant people. If you have the strength to be arrogant, it will be a pile of garbage. If you are so arrogant, who can be arrogant and old?"
Lin Tianxiao said that he knocked on two bottles of big medicine to fill up the blood volume and then cast invisibility and rushed into the demon altar!
There are thousands of people there killing the double-headed King Kong, and the double-headed The Hunger can no longer be killed by these people!
Lin Tianxie just disappeared and watched the double-headed King Kong kill the players!
Making money will be regarded as a day. Tianmen is a famous guild in Liu Heng and Li Junhong. After they quit here, making money will quietly come into being. They have a purpose that is to kill boss and explode equipment to make money. Players will pay wages and benefits every month according to their contribution, which is not bad. They can get tens of thousands of gold coins every month.
"Rabbit, how long will you be in bondage?" A show is the leader shouted.
Then a good-looking female player responded, "It will be a minute soon!"
"Let’s wait for the dead rabbit to bind the double-headed King Kong. Your strongest skill to attack will assassinate the soldiers and get ready to charge!"
On the one hand, Lin Tianxiao thought highly of this player’s arrangement. Most people usually use big moves after boss is dizzy or paralyzed. In fact, this is a mistake, and this person’s arrangement is correct.
When the boss is still free to move, 99% of the big moves can be hit, but with general skills, the boss may hide in the past. The boss is set to be assassinated by players or growled at ice. That’s the best, and it’s not too late to kill the boss!
Wind and rain resistance professional knight level 11 This is the information obtained by Lin Tianxiao after checking this player, which is not bad. It belongs to the type of tour. Now players are generally blocked by the three hurdles of 9, 99 and 1, and rarely rise to level 1.
Hey, hey, since I’m here, of course I can’t go home without my hand. Double-headed King Kong broke out with his equipment and always accepted it. Who told you to watch the door? Those dogs are your eyes! Lin Tian evil heart obscene thought.
Just then, the rabbit drank a "bondage!"
Seeing that the net is like an optical network moving towards the double-headed king kong hood, I will cover the double-headed king kong in an instant. This optical network is getting tighter and tighter. On how the double-headed king kong struggles, he just can’t earn it.
"The soldier stabbed and rushed!"
"When the collision team is ready for five seconds, it will take turns to display a brutal collision!"
Boy, Lin Tian evil heart andao this is to double-headed king kong dizzy rhythm!
Sure enough, this group of people attacked crazily for five seconds and immediately retreated back, and those players who could collide savagely had already used their skills to hit the double-headed King Kong!
A series of impacts, let alone when the sixth person crashed, the double-headed King Kong was stopped again. This time, the life of the double-headed King Kong came to an end. After many players smashed their skills, a double-headed King Kong exploded all over the ground!
Wind and rain resistance immediately rushed to collect the ground objects, and those players were all on the side, which was very orderly.
But at this time, Lin Tianxiao had already come to the double-headed King Kong Big Bang and brushed up three things in a row. Only then did he face a thief and stare at the wind and rain resistance pickup.
"No, why didn’t the jihad column break out?" Collect the wind and rain resistance a little surprised murmured
According to the situation, the double-headed King Kong and the double-headed The Hunger are bound to explode jihad equipment. After all, the boss is refreshed once a month, and they have also killed twice, and they have exploded every time. Besides, just killing the double-headed The Hunger also exploded the Fashen equipment.
The wind and rain in my heart seemed to think of something and immediately shouted, "Go and see if the watchman is still there!"
Boy, the reaction is quite fast! Lin Tian evil heart andao followed a message to Li Yangfa to let him return to the city for himself and went to the door of the demon lair!
"The boss is not good, and outsiders are gone!"
"Sure enough, I was mixed in by thieves!" Wind and rain resistance, eyes like swords, immediately scanned the corner of the demon altar, and finally set his eyes on the door of the demon lair, and his face recovered in a surprised but instant.
"Let’s all go back to the city. It’s bad luck today. Maybe the double-headed King Kong really didn’t explode advanced equipment!" The wind and rain resistance said that the white light flashed back to the city, and finally the wind and rain resistance was left alone!
Seeing the wind and rain, I looked back at the doorway of the demon’s lair again. "Isn’t it demeaning for the first person to rob me of this thing?"
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect you a warrior player to be able to see through my invisibility. It is reasonable to say that Hawkeye is an archer and a thief. It is impossible for a warrior to learn. I think you have something to detect invisibility or detect the player’s position!"
"Pepe is the first person, and his eyes are sharp. Yes, I have a detectable stealth equipment, so I won’t tell you what equipment."
"Don’t tell me, I also guessed that this equipment seems to need you to trigger certain conditions to find invisible players!"
Hearing Lin Tianxiao’s words, the wind and rain finally showed horror!
Chapter 169 Red Moon Old Magic Anger (7)
At this time, Lin Tianxiao actually shot a pair of wind and rain resistance directly, and it was too late to react when he came back to the city, because he had entered the fighting state.
Lin Tianxiao suddenly flickered to the left, and the wind and rain resistance immediately drew out weapons and stood up!
Good. That equipment is still with him. Pray that it will explode! Lin Tian evil heart andao immediately killed to the wind and rain resistance.
That’s right. Look at this equipment. It can detect stealth equipment. Lin Tianxiao really needs three soul fire symbols to form a straight line and shoot at the wind and rain resistance.
The wind and rain are full of anger. This first man not only robbed his own equipment, but now he wants to kill himself. He has never offended him. Why should he be slaughtered?
Brush brush!
Poop, poop, poop!
Wind and rain resistance must not be when little Amon split the fire operator three times in a row, which made Lin Tianxiao somewhat surprised!
But Lin Tianxiao is not worried about what the other party will do to crash and burn because he is not qualified enough.
"God punishes!"
A big hand went through the ceiling and grabbed at the wind and rain resistance, trying to resist the wind and rain resistance method, and was directly caught by the big hand, followed by a hard pinch of blood spatter and shot out from the wind and rain resistance.