Several people complained that the game never stopped when the sky was unfair. The stowaway was also looking for the box, and several people complained that it was almost time to play props to see the truth.
"High stealing!" The stowaway laughed
"No way!" The evil one is surprised.
"lie!" The redeemer’s method believes
"fifty or sixty million!" Returnees stunned way
"If you earn all the money in the box, you can still earn 10 million or 20 million!" Followers calculate way
I’m sure gm’s black-bone chicken eye was really pricked by a needle! The evil one said with great certainty
"Know what you don’t have?" Stowaways suddenly asked with a smile.
"What?" The evil man is curious.
"Because gm has never given me experience!" Stowaways suddenly speed up sad way
"It seems that I am at level 53 with Xiao Qian, and you are only at level 51 and a half!" The stowaway looked at the Redeemer and then at the stowaway and said
"Level 53" returnees said.
"Just level 54!" Said the follower
"I’d rather be level 56 now than advanced sneak attack," the stowaway said gloomily.
"It’s pity that although there is a lot of money, experience just doesn’t improve!" The evil man pities.
"Seek the wind and water to turn!" The stowaway lamented
Nearly an hour and a half later …
"It seems that there is no box!" Evil depressed way
"The frontier has also been destroyed," said the redeemer, equally depressed.
"Only three points are the same," said the returnee unhappily.
"Please brush the box quickly!" The evil man’s painful way
"Digging the map is too weak. Dig more fairy treasure rooms!" The redeemer complained
"Let’s go shopping first." The stowaway laughed. At the moment, his lowest level is more than 56, while others have reached level 5.
"good! Make room to continue! " The returnee said
"It’s all rubbish and three golden treasure maps!" Evil depressed way
"I can’t get three luminous beads!" Said the redeemer.
"Experience is the key!" Stowaways encourage way
"The problem is that I don’t have much experience," the redeemer said gloomily.
"I don’t have much experience and my level is several levels higher than mine." The stowaway smiled wryly.
Several people have to admit that in terms of rank, stowaways still continue their original style, hanging upside down and motionless at the rear of the car.
"Alas, the boss is too sad in this respect, and things that are not needed will always come the fastest and things that are needed will not come." The evil man shook his head and sighed.
At the same time, the channel in the game suddenly sent out a brand-new message that five people dreamed of-
In March, I accidentally dug the fairy treasure room when I was digging for treasures. Many treasure boxes were scattered in the wild south of the Yangtze River, and some people can go and pick them up!
At the right time, the stowaway and the follower said in unison, "Brush in the wild!"
Without slackening, five people lit the flying flag at the same time and flew to the east gate of Chang’ an. When they entered the south of the Yangtze River, they flashed straight ahead, left, right and left.
"I finally met Kim and asked for two million experiences to rise two levels in a row!" The evil man was greedy, but as soon as his voice fell, he was depressed and angry. "Grandma is 60 thousand again!" "
"Not bad, it’s three points and two levels again!" The redeemer envied
"Look, brother will give you a soaring 69!" The evil man cheered up
"Brother must open his eyes and look carefully!" The redeemer replied very solemnly
Just as several people were in full swing, the meaning of life came in to wake them up for dinner.
"I said that life won’t be anything unusual again, right?" The evil man is very sensitive and always feels that the atmosphere will suddenly become dignified when the meaning of life comes.
"No, it’s just that I asked you to have dinner together in case you were busy upgrading your equipment and the baby didn’t cook," explained the meaning of life
"You are very idle? There seems to be a fight today? " Asked the evil one.
"Someone help me! Hang up every day to receive something "meaning of life laughed.
"Oh, we’ll be there on time! You go! " The evil one gives orders and generally says
People are surprised.