The conversation between the two people is really great. Usually Xu Xinghan says when he will come to the original owner and asks him what he wants to eat.
When watching chat, Xu Xinghan Ji always comes over on weekends, because the former owner usually has classes on weekends, but now she is a graduate student, so she is not so busy, but they are also used to meeting on weekends. Usually, Xu Xinghan occasionally comes over for a day from Monday to Friday.
But today is Saturday, and Xu Xinghan suddenly said that he couldn’t estimate it. Just stay with Xu Susu.
Every Saturday before, he left it to the original owner
Today, Yu Xin received that message from Chen Beina.
Chen Beina is Xu Xinghan’s pursuer and alumnus. It was because of Chen Beina and Xu Xinghan that she first met her original owner.
I don’t know how Chen Beina found out that Xu Susu called to humiliate the original owner after discovering that the original owner was actually a body double.
Xu xinghan didn’t know about it.
Since Xu Xinghan didn’t come to Yu Xin late, he naturally wouldn’t stay at home.
She’s still carrying it.
The body double Agreement requires her to play Xu Susu in front of Xu Xinghan, but it does not restrict her from being with others.
At the beginning, the original owner refused, and there was no one of the opposite sex around other suitors. He also said that the original owner should not be like this, but she should have her own life and be on call when she needed it.
Thinking of these words, Yu Xin really wants to give him a few dirty eyes.
Also thanks to the original owner’s honesty, if it were her, body double would take care of it as a man.
Xu Xinghan treats her like body double. She treats Xu Xinghan like a fool. It’s not necessarily who plays with more money.
She did what Neptune was supposed to do and didn’t violate the agreement. Even if Xu Xinghan knew, she wouldn’t blame her.
In order to improve the quality of the opposite sex, I decided to start from the side first.
She looked through the original WeChat list first, and none of them were interested, but after thinking about it, she came up with an object that should be of good quality.
Xu Ling, the leader of Uncle Xu Xinghan’s Xu Shi Regiment
Chapter, chapter
The original owner met Xu Ling at an event before. Although he is in his thirties, he has always been single, handsome and attractive, and often appears in financial magazines.
Yu Xin should know a lot about men like Xu Ling.
If you succeed in making him a raiders target, you will definitely get a lot of benefits.
Moreover, Yu Xin thought that Tong said that she would put her raiders process on the live broadcast platform.
She is not sure what the audience likes to watch, so she can substitute her own ideas. What she likes best is the dog blood to stimulate the bridge.
It should be exciting to directly attack Uncle Xu Xinghan.
However, it is not urgent to get in touch with Xu Ling, which is not a simple matter.
The original owner has been with Xu Xinghan for two years, and he knows a little about Xu Ling. He lives in the most upscale rich community in the city center. He is a workaholic and his only hobby is playing golf.
This is still when I chat with Xu Xinghan occasionally, Xu Xinghan tells her.
Yu Xin opened her mobile phone webpage and searched Xu Lingxiang’s information, but she couldn’t find anything. I didn’t expect her to see a few pieces of information.
There is a golf course in the city, which is invested by Xu Shi Group Company. Xu Ling said in an interview that she occasionally goes there to play golf with friends, and recently the Xu Shi Group invited a dinner party, all of which were celebrities and business elites.
See these Yu Xin, the in the mind have a plan.
She put on makeup and went out to the golf course.
But instead of playing ball, she went to an interview.
Yu Xin is a good player and a frequent visitor to the golf course in her previous life. It is enough to be a coach, but she has no certificate. She plans to interview the bag clerk for a part-time job.
She saw on the internet that there was a part-time job vacancy at Yujinglan, and she just met the requirements.
If she pretends to be rich and goes to that place to play golf, no one will doubt that many girls who fish for Kay will do so, but her purpose is that Xu Ling will definitely check her identity once she is interested in her.
The fact that she is a poor student can be found out at a glance.
In this way, we can find that her starting point is not pure Xu Ling, and it is impossible to believe her.
But if she’s working part-time, it all makes sense.
Yu Xin’s interview was very successful. She is good-looking and knows several foreign languages. She is also good at playing football, which meets the requirements of the other party.
Less than ten minutes after the interview, the stadium manager asked her when she could be on duty.
Yu Xin wanted to think. Anyway, I didn’t make any other arrangements today. Let’s just do it now.
The person in charge was more satisfied with her because she was so active. Ma An arranged for her to be familiar with the environment for job training.
The staff in the bag room is very simple. She needs to be responsible for playing ball at the gate of the club, receive the guests, carry their bags and guide them to the stadium.
Because it is a part-time job, the salary is generous by the hour, and the guests will give her a small one
Yu Xin, changing clothes and looking at the door of the club for ten minutes is simply a landscape. People in the club will look at her more when they come and go.
The day before yesterday, Xu Susu returned to China, and Shen Chuyan specially brought a large group of friends to pick her up, but Xu Xinghan robbed her first.
Today, he asked Xu Susu out to play and Xu Susu didn’t come back for a long time, so he pushed him to spend more time with his family.
In the words, he heard Xu Xinghan saying that she was not allowed to go.
Shen Chuyan was very unwilling, but he couldn’t ask his friends to go to Junnuo Mountain Golf Course to play together. Shen Chuyan also agreed casually.
Junnuo Mountain Golf Course has been built for half a year and he hasn’t been there yet.
This project is worth an inch of land. Other companies compete for this land to develop real estate. No one expected that the Xu Shi delegation would use it to build a golf course. Together with buying a large tourist resort nearby, it spent more than one billion yuan to build the largest golf course in China.
Only half a year after the establishment of the golf course, many international golf competitions have been held, and several foreign golf stars have been invited to attend, which has attracted great attention.
Everyone knows that the Xu Shi delegation invested so much in this project mainly because Xu Ling likes to play golf. This course can be said to be built for himself.
Shen Chuyan and a group of friends drove to Junnuo Mountain Golf Course.
A few people just walked to the door of the club when someone noticed Yu Xin.
Chu Yilang is a good buddy of Shen Chuyan. He patted Shen Chuyan on the shoulder. "Ah Yan, do you think that woman looks like someone?"
"What?" Shen Chu said that he had something on his mind and had been absent-minded all the time. He listened to his friend and answered lazily.
Chu Yilang "Let you see that woman over there"