"I don’t think people can break!"
Ye Lingfeng drifted down with a hearty laugh when debauchery became speechless.
"Eldest brother, how can you!"
At present, things are more and more incredible. This lake is full of fog and illusion. If it is not a map, few people in this world can break through this fog and find this mess. Ye Lingfeng is impossible without a map, but what is going on!
"It’s strange how I find it? Of course, someone is leading the way! "
Ye Lingfeng smiled and said debauchery. A wave of doubt beckoned Lan Chenxi, who appeared with Lan Chenxi, and the ink swallow was made.
"Yan son! This is what is going on! "
See ink swallow appear debauchery fierce while eager to express.
"Ha ha! Don’t worry, she is just restrained. I won’t hurt my good sister-in-law! "
Said Ye Lingfeng before floating patted debauchery shoulder gave Lan Chenxi a wink who knowingly threw Mo Yan to debauchery.
The young monk quickly held Mo Yan in his arms and stretched out his hand and took a few pictures on her.
Mo Yan has been freed from the shackles and pushed the head of debauchery. The black light flashing towards Lan Chenxi is about to start work, but it is pulled by debauchery.
"They dare to put you said not afraid! Don’t try! "
Mo Yan dumped them with a cold hum, but the anger in her eyes made the debauchery around her and Ye Lingfeng in the distance a trembling woman!
I don’t know what Lan Chenxi did to her.
On the other hand, Lan Chenxi is a so-called kind of glaring at Mo Yan, and it’s not like you.
Being so provocative by Lan Chenxi, Mo Yan waited for a look but didn’t make moves after all.
"I said that you should control your debauchery. My daughter-in-law told you that I can’t control my deputy cabinet owner when I angered the morning light!"
Ye Lingfeng patted debauchery shoulder hand hook.
"Eldest brother, you show me how much you know!"
Said the debauchery nai took out a sheepskin map to Ye Lingfeng a face of depressed words.
"In fact, I didn’t know a lot, but I accidentally knew about you and Liu Shuang. After all, you were so simple to be my younger brother in Yuehe City that day. It’s unrealistic and you are also the only brother of the scattered people. It’s unscientific to be killed by Liu Shuang, so I tried to ask someone to check you and Liu Shuang. I don’t know if it’s shocking, but? It’s not that I didn’t discover your layer, but I could benefit one day. Later, when you arrested the boss, I knew that Liushuang was also looking into the Terran monster beast thing. I deliberately alienated you until I came to Lianghe and you came to me when I was short of hands. I knew that it was time. As far as I know, Ye Lu left something very important in Lianghe in the past for the Terran monster beast thing. I knew Liushuang would never let these things go. Did I deliberately let you join in? My plan is to let you speak out on your own initiative, but then it will be boring and frost will be prepared. Later, when I came back from the middle of nowhere, Dawn told me that you were different from that Mo Yan over there, and I understood my mind. You know, Mo Yan hurt Dawn in the camp that day, but the knife at Dawn was by no means easy to deal with, but later Mo Yan was as good as ever. Dawn analyzed with me that Nanfu was not good at treating her. The only possibility is that a Buddhist master can cure her and then contact you again. Naturally, it is easy to get a betrayal. The conclusion, however, is that the war will make you a double-faced spy, and you are willing to risk being found in a dangerous area to treat a person. If you are a woman, there will be many possibilities. For example, if you like her, like you, she is a spy lurking in Nanfu! What do you say? "
Debauchery so-called shrugged his shoulders.
"I can guess so much by guessing, although I don’t want to say it, but I won!"
Ink Yan mercilessly stared at debauchery over there, but the latter continued as if she didn’t see it
"Yes, it’s Ye Lu who left the pieces here, but I didn’t expect the chess keeper to be so difficult to deal with, and it’s still a little unexpected that you killed Nan Fu and took away the ruler’s dictatorship. This is also your arrangement!"
"No!" Ye Lingfeng doesn’t mind having a showdown with debauchery at this time. The outcome is decided. He won this game.
"I’m going to break up with Nanfu. After all, his army is what I need most, but I didn’t expect that he has been controlled by the ruler’s dictatorship. Later, it was unexpected that I took the risk to kill the tiger king. But I heard that the organizers didn’t kill them after dawn. I felt something was wrong. If they were loyal to Nanfu, they should kill me while fooling around, but they didn’t act for a long time. I guessed that Nanfu was controlled by something, but I got the news that the organization was still breaking around. I have come to the conclusion that everything has something to do with the dictatorship of the rulers. I deliberately set up this game today. On the one hand, it is to lure them out and catch them all, on the other hand, it is to help her find you! "
Said Ye Lingfeng stretched out his hand and pointed to the ink swallow and pointed to the debauchery.
Clap your hands with debauchery.
"After all kinds of calculations, it’s really beautiful to play this mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds in the back, so I can’t solve this chess game anyway. Come on!"
Said the debauchery a hand made a gesture, please pull the ink swallow back, by the way, ink swallow unwilling to struggle a debauchery gave a look, the latter eventually took a step back with debauchery to the side.
Ye Lingfeng casually looked at the calm lake in the previous step. The speaker at the bottom of the lake just now made him curious, but now people don’t talk. Ye Lingfeng doesn’t force a glance at the black and white chess game on the lake, but it’s a matter of time before the key points are firmly grasped by the white, the black dragons are firmly stuck and the throat can’t move.
Ye Lingfeng tried to grab the chessboard black in the previous step, but suddenly a awe-inspiring momentum rose in the lake and the man in the lake made a move.
Ye Lingfeng jerked a tingle, which is not simple.
Just a wave of his hand, the weirdo in the lake will be seen as soon as he comes out. A recruit across the lake has overwhelmed Ye Lingfeng with a suffocating strong momentum, but this strong momentum is not the most terrible part of this recruit.
The most terrible thing is that this move has not yet arrived. Ye Lingfeng has already flashed several shocking images in her mind for a second!
In this ten thousandth of a second, they really felt in their minds and clearly saw a tough move in their eyes!
He caught a glimpse of this trick in his mind, although it seemed simple and direct, but it seemed that a palm, a leg, a sword, a knife, a kind of achievement method and a blow in this world could meet this trick!
It’s necessary to change shape and shadow
Ten-side extinction of saber-drawing is indispensable.
Xuan Bing Road is a must.
Even the thunder and ice flash given by Ye Lu’s gods can’t be done.