The construction of the temple was found by Sally princess royal to build a palace for the Beradia royal family. The royal construction team completed Nolon, which paid another magic crystal, but the elf god gave five million goods. Nolon said that I can still build several such temples.
The small terran migration team is still slowly moving towards the Beradian Empire. Without looking back and worrying, the faces of the small terran people are also beaming. Every day, the targets that need to be guarded are reduced, and the speed of the team is accelerated. After a month, the team arrived at the Malac Mountains.
Arrange the home construction. Kara, the demigod, went to the Imperial City with several senior officials of the small Terran and the Heavy Horse Corps. On the one hand, she expressed her gratitude to the small Terran, and on the other hand, she officially joined the Beradian Empire family on behalf of the small Terran.
Because the first temple of the goddess of fate is under construction, many details need to be discussed. Nuolong squatted on the temple site every day. At this time, the businessman of Bartorea family just happened to go back to the orc empire, Nuolong bought his room in the aristocratic area and pushed it to redo it according to Ellie’s wishes. This project was also handed over to the royal construction team for settlement.
Margaret was also released from the temple and watched with Nolon as the first temple of the goddess of fate was completed. It was a great honor for the white faerie dragon people to recognize that they could witness the completion of the first temple of God. Therefore, after patrolling the temple site for half a month every day, a white elf who often circled in the center of the rich area became a wonderful scenery in Xufeng City.
Kara has also been here once, and she was shocked and unbelievable when she was held by Nolon for an hour. The little Terran demigod walked out of Nolon’s four-story villa and went back to the little Terran to prepare.
Another month later, in Nuolong, we discussed with the royal construction team about the combination of the Titan God Alice Philo and the goddess of fate. At the same time, the residents of Xufeng City all know that there will be an unheard-of temple of the goddess of fate in this city.
Like other temples, the Goddess of Destiny Temple has an area of about 300 square meters. Altar and mutual aid house with Titan style belief; One can’t accommodate three people at the same time; A temple garden compose of precious plant brought by Sally princess royal and Melvin; A square in front of the temple with nearly a thousand square meters.
On this day, Nolon Su Margaret and the three white elf girls were received at the entrance of the temple to congratulate the representatives of various forces. Although Margaret is not a white elf, she is indeed an orphan who grew up in the country of white elves. Now she is strong and serious, but now she shows a weak expression. The dragon girl begged Nolon to give up the plan of giving these white elves gifts to other high-level forces, but let them be temporary nuns to receive believers in the newly built temple.
Today, the square in front of the temple of the goddess of fate is full of carriages, among which there are many great people who can shake the empire of Beradia by stamping their feet.
For example, the Temple of Sivir represents Sivir’s lv3 deities, and we, the princess royal Sally Hall of the Beradian Empire and Krone monica bellucci, deputy director of the Sivir General Hall.
The Bishop of Shadow will represent the Bishop of Shadow, Berberia, the great emperor of the Empire.
On behalf of the ten-member parliament of the World of Warcraft, KUKALIA of the World of Warcraft represented lv4 King Kong.
Newly-joined Beradian Empire, the small terran represents Kara, the small terran demigod, and Melvin, the high priest of lv25.
There are also some people who are weak but can’t be underestimated.
The family of Raine Dunport, the Second Marquis of the Empire
The family of Jones Cage, First Earl of the Empire.
Archbishop of the main temple of the Beradian Empire
Archbishop of the Temple of Glorious Gods of the Beradian Empire
Archbishop of the Temple of the Goddess of Life of the Beradian Empire
It’s not possible to teach in the human empire with the support of the Temple of Sivir, where Nuolong paid several epic weapons and about 300,000 gold coins. The main temple of Beradia Empire was brilliant, and the temple of Nuolong had a dirty life. The temple of Goddess of Life also sent someone to send a flag that can be hung in front of the temple square of Goddess of Destiny to show its friendly power. It is located in an alliance with Goddess of Destiny, Sivir and the Lord God. The flag of Goddess of Destiny is as high as that of Sivir.
There are also some people who come to congratulate me inexplicably. For example, the sea orc represents the brother of the high priest of the sea orc, the title of the knight who breaks the waves and the demigod Arouca, and his appearance has puzzled many people.
Isn’t there something wrong with the diplomacy of the Beradian Empire and the Utopian Alliance? How can a sea orc, the three major forces of Utopia Alliance, send someone to congratulate the construction of an unknown temple in Beradia Empire?
They also said that the orcs had come to smash the field. Some people looked at this magnificent orc and frowned. Nolon was worried that some people gloated at Nolon’s bad luck with a smile, while others were prepared to slip away in advance when they saw something bad.
But what surprised people was that Nolon brought this orc demigod into his temple with a smile, and that orc demigod even showed a friendly smile and sat next to the little Terran demigod. Isn’t Count Nolon afraid that these two demigods in opposition will fight with each other?
It’s Nolon. He’s a count now.
After the exposure of the demigod puppet, Kanolon also made a lot of efforts in the migration of the small terran. Sononolon was promoted to the second-class earl by the emperor of the Beradian Empire, and the badge of the Beradian Empire has been replaced, making it the fastest noble in the last 300 years.
Some people didn’t arrive, but the ceremony arrived. For example, Barton, the new first-class count of the Heavy Horse Corps, sent 200,000 gold coins; Yani Portia Victor sent 100,000 gold coins; The Emperor and Empress of the Beradian Empire sent a congratulatory gift; Some noble merchants sent by the Great Emperor also sent many precious stones and gold coins. Even the four emperors, Ernando, who were opposed to the Great Emperor, sent people to send gifts.
In order to complete this ceremony, Nolon first spent a lot of gold coins to invite a famous band of Beradia Empire to send them over a long distance, then sent people to buy a lot of precious ingredients to drink, and borrowed several royal chefs from Bekolis and Sally. Finally, Boss Tocage helped to find a group of qualified waiters and maids to prepare.
Today is a sunny day. The banquet will be held in the Temple Garden at one o’clock in the afternoon. By two o’clock, all the guests have arrived in Qinolong, and the banquet was announced after a few simple words. Now their goddess of fate has no large number of believers to pray or groups of professionals to perform. So big cats and kittens have nothing to do with a man. Can’t Jeannot Long let the earth puppet out for a dance?
After the banquet, many people gathered around Nolon with many questions, trying to find out the information of Nolon, the goddess of fate and the Titan behind her, which she had never heard of before. Nolon naturally started to laugh at such rubbish as "Mr. Byron, your clothes are really nice today" and "Miss Angelina’s necklace is really beautiful" until the most important moment came after the temple was built.
The temple is called a temple, that is, it is illuminated by the brilliance of the gods. After completion, every temple will be blessed by the gods according to the unification of Lafia mainland when Yin and Yang alternate, that is, when the sun is going down but there is still a glimmer of light.
All these guys who haven’t got any information from Titan are not in a hurry, whether it’s mules or horses. Look at how many gods in this temple are willing to spend a lot of power. Just bless them.
Soon the sun gradually set, and finally nine suns disappeared into the temple garden, which was given by God.
First of all, the goddess of fate, the owner of the temple, blessed the temple. At this time, Ellie did not follow Nolon, but watched the completion of the temple with three main gods and three high-ranking gods in the Titan domain.
There were not many gods of Titan. Before Azriel joined, there were three gods and three men who expanded Ellie. Although there were many gods in the Titan clan, no one was willing to become gods to recruit believers. Most of them were demigods and lived leisurely in the Titan domain. When the fighting came, they went to the abyss to fight a few pieces of territory and demons. Anyway, the Titan domain was formed by the unification of three gods and kingdoms. The Titan domain was big enough, and the 200-odd titans didn’t care about the territory and resources.
First of all, a mysterious silver light came down from the sky, first traveling around the temple, and then settling down in the main hall, the statue of Alice Philo, and then her eyes gave off a faint silver light, which meant that the goddess of fate recognized the temple
Oh, the goddess of fate turned out to be a high-ranking god, who gave this god to other temples. Compared with all the gods present, it is not difficult to find Ellie’s position
Then the three main gods of Titan also sent three rays of light from the sky and circled around the temple. Finally, a huge colored crystal was suspended at the tip of the main hall, which turned this colored spherical crystal into color.
The arrival of the three gods together represents that these three gods are very good, and also represents that Titan has three gods of the Lord God level.
This shocked many people present, and the gift of three main gods means that three main gods are willing to be behind the goddess of fate, so even if other main gods want to start work on the goddess of fate, they should weigh it.
The last three represent the gods’ gifts to the high position, which are the newly added gods, Azril, thunder goddess Tina Hercules. These three gifts are wrapped around the temple statue, which makes the statue emit three layers of blue and purple Ice Fai.
Finally, the Sivir Shyvana Temple, an ally of the goddess of fate, gave this gift, circled around the temple and landed on the altar of faith, which means that the belief points of Sivir and the goddess of fate can be passed at Xinyang altar. This move can be less popular, and the goddess of fate has brought many professionals who are willing to pick up from each other’s houses here and then exchange equipment and skills at Sivir Temple in other cities.
There is no Sivir Temple in Xufeng City.
With those who are willing to take up jobs, more people will be willing to come here to publish, which will increase the flow of people in the temple and attract many believers. Only with believers and gods can potential professionals be tapped among believers, and with a large number of professionals will God’s development gradually enter the track.
Chapter VII First Generation Disputes
Thanks to’ winter Lars’ exceptional.
In fact, this temple completion ceremony is not a high-ranking god Ellie, even for a middle-ranking god’s first temple completion ceremony, it is a little crude. Before God gives it, there should be reading out the achievements of the gods, preaching the temple norms, finding a magic that is neither weak nor weak, playing a dazzling battle that shows strength and performing a temple performance, and perfectly solving this magic. Then, the gods come to him (her) to look at other good gods, and then the gods give it to declare the temple completion.
However, Ellie is different from other gods, and has been covered and sealed by the three main gods. She is traveling in mainland Lafia. If she really comes to this temple and doesn’t say anything, she will also be discovered by the laws of mainland Lafia. After that, she will not be able to follow Nolon in the form of Lori.
On the other hand, it is also said that the goddess of fate is the strongest in two or three cats, and there are still advanced professionals lv6 Nuolong (upgraded after the completion of the small Terran). It is really difficult to take it, just skip the complicated and complicated ceremony in front and directly announce the completion of the temple.
The three main gods of Titan were also caught off guard for the establishment of this temple. They originally planned that in the last year of Ellie’s tour, they would go to various good gods’ doors in two places and invite several adult people and disciples to build the momentum, and then take out millions of gold coins in the dwarf kingdom of Macquarie or Titan’s site in the abyss to help build Ellie’s first temple.
However, they didn’t expect that Nolon was so capable. In the first year, he became a relative of Aili lv3. He met Carens, who had been silent for more than 20 years, invaded the Empire of Warcraft and helped the Empire of Warcraft solve this problem. After relying on the real phantom, a magic necklace with simple materials but complicated craftsmanship, he gained a lot of fame in the most powerful Beradian Empire, and then it coincided with the migration of the small terran and established friendship with the small terran. I don’t know how to make an ally with that annoying guy (Vera) in Shyvana.