Say Nv team is unprofessional?
The captain of Nv team bought a knife-mending axe when he was the captain, which will not cause low-level mistakes among passers-by
Directly affect that wonderful degree of the final decisive battle.
There are HUE and Nv delaying tactics before and after, and five ghosts team defending tactics behind.
The Nv team experienced a high-intensity battle of the P5 in one day.
Don’t say it’s a semi-professional player whose training is not very uniform.
Even at the peak, EH will be tired of playing five rounds and three games a day, right?
Even the tough SK can’t penetrate all WCG opponents in one day, can it?
The problem of compensation for captain HUE and captain Nv is a must.
After seeing the tough attitude of the Five Ghosts, Mingjin directly found the direct person in charge of the intercity league.
After asking for instructions and receiving Mu Zi, the Five Ghosts Team got the next restructuring and shouldered the medical commitment of Nv Team Captain and HUE Team Captain.
Without sponsorship, the HUE team also received the notice from the Five Ghosts team at the first time.
N normal school did not see the award ceremony for a long time. After hearing the news on the spot explaining GV explanation, the audience heard it.
For the five ghost team, this unexpected black team has a lot of affection.
In fact, the award ceremony is that Yunfeng said a bunch of things to the camera at the podium with a huge check of 20 thousand yuan, such as thanking Sanxi milk powder and thanking CNPC for sponsoring it.
But there is no way. Whoever asked the sponsors to pay for the competition didn’t give others a chance to show their faces.
Finally, who will come to the live broadcast without a close-up of it?
But Yunfeng’s usually slightly obscene face after seeing the live video
To the surprise of the five ghost teams, the saliva stopped flowing, the eyes were not obscene, and the speech was clear.
Well, Lord J, Yunfeng is actually a pretty normal young man.
But his obscene image has been deeply rooted in people’s minds for a long time.
It’s like a dusty MM who suddenly confuses strangers with her elegant manners and pure feelings in front of the camera one day.
What do you think? How awkward …
Finally, the nigger made a concluding remark. One day it’s obscene, and the diaosi generation has obscene breath. It’s really unaccustomed to suddenly getting serious.
Come to see after the speech repeatedly in the live picture bear hug GV take charge of Hua Dan MM Guoguo Yunfeng also specially hugged for a while and whispered in Guoguo ear Yunfeng had a deeper understanding of Yunfeng obscene color.
These are all episodes.
Including the fact that Yunfeng was left aside by him all the time and the fat fish explained it directly to the live picture, it was also an episode, so I won’t go into details.
When the Five Ghosts Team got the after-tax bonus of 20,000 yuan and prepared to go to the Cloud Palace to relax.
The audience of n Normal Gymnasium also slowly exited in an orderly manner.
Some female spectators stopped by a gym to wash their hands before leaving.
Found Nv team leader shook hands with a handsome man, turned around and walked out towards the outside of the stadium.
And that handsome and seductive man turned and washed his hands …
A shrill scream broke the ordinary picture …
Zhaihao didn’t pay attention at the moment and turned into the woman to wash her hands …
I’m washing my hands outside, and I’m going to go in. When I see my brother wearing sunglasses, I’ll look at Zhaihao’s washing hands behind him.
Wu wear the belly laugh for a long time, tears came when I found that my brother Zhaihao was no longer in the sink.
Where did Zhai Hao go?
Winding yee was talking when I heard a rumbling of men washing their hands.
“Shi! ~ Luo qi, you play with eggs! My limited sister 92 fell into the toilet! " There was an angry voice from Zhai Hao when the man washed his hands.
"Ha, ha, ha ~ Let you call me stupid ~ What you deserve?" Winding yee, this will be a real laugh.
Ten minutes later, Zhai Hao took the wet sister Lu 92 and blew it for a long time next to the sink …
Out of N Normal Gymnasium, Mi Wei saw a blue sports car at the exit
Slightly surprised, I took the co-pilot seat and went in.
Blue Ferrari shuttles like a fish in the streets of J River City.
Mi Wei just looked at the man beside her who was just judging the game. He was just a little bit.
I used to be the captain of the Nv team, and now I am also the sponsor of the Nv team. People don’t know it, of course, not including this woman in front of me.
I don’t know much about sponsoring Nv, but I can’t hide it myself. I simply told Mi Wei that Mi Wei didn’t refuse unexpectedly.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Today is the first time that Wei Shao and Mi Wei met after breaking up three years ago. Mi Wei is still the same as that Mi Wei. There is no trace left on the Nv team leader woman this day and night, which gives her a little more charm and wisdom by filling in some charm and events for nothing.
It’s a small amount, but it’s not the two-handed boy of that year
Little money.
Love is so close but so far away.
The blue Ferrari stopped by a river
After the door was opened, I leaned against the guardrail by the river. At night, the river wind blew my windbreaker and grinned.
"He promised me and promised her to go back to EH." After Mi Wei took this car and was painted by herself, Ferrari went behind him and put his hands around Wei Shao’s waist and held this man who had always loved him.
The blue Ferrari has an indescribable beauty against the moonlight.
With kawakaze blowing her hair, Mi Wei quietly stuck her body on the little girl.
What kind of look is it to fall to the ground with your back to Mi Wei’s invisible face?
Maybe it’s a heart smile
But why is he crying?
"When can we have a home of our own, with French windows and salty sea breeze blowing every day? I wake you up in the first ray of color when the sun shines into the room, so that you and I can spend every day tired, tired, tired … you are my harbor …" I didn’t say anything.
Because a pair of red lips have found their chattering mouth
Then it’s gently demanding, and then it’s crazy possession …
Ferrari in the shadow of the riverside Woods from time to time gives a fright, birds beating fish, happy sounds that have been suppressed for many years, and emotions are slowly released at this moment.
There are feelings in the air that ferment into love.
That year, you cried and held my hand, and something of hope slowly appeared in your desperate eyes.