"Boss, we need to know what they want to do? Is it a passer-by, a bad star, or do you want to be a local tyrant? " He Yuming whispered.
Seeing the people staring at themselves, Tianxin began to sort out his own ideas. "Passers-by, malefic, local tyrants, they are all. Therefore, this group of people cannot be allowed to enter the earth. The earth is very chaotic now. Although the Five Supreme Powers and their high-ranking men have made the earth a mess, compared with billions of people, tens of thousands of people are rootless, no matter how powerful they are, and they can only float on the sea of human beings, but they can’t put their roots under the earth. Unless the earth is destroyed, it will be difficult for them to make a difference on their own, but it will only accelerate the reshuffle between the original state forces on the earth, and the overthrow of various values is like the sudden appearance of our Tianxin Group and the establishment of the three systems. "
"Five supreme came to the earth, the object is not human, they have a more important purpose. But if we let these millions of people in the special passage enter the earth, then the earth really doesn’t belong to us! Most of these guys are low-level. When they arrive on the earth, their quality determines that their demand will not be much higher, and they will do whatever they want on the earth for their own sake. After three days of small wars, five days of big wars, flying sand and stones will cover the sky, and then the human beings on the earth will be destroyed. Therefore, we must leave this group of people here and monitor their follow-up people. "
"Boss, what? You said, I have contributed to Jiwu! " Jiwu laughed, and he was happy when there was a fight.
"Yes, boss, the big men and MM are waiting for you to give orders. Hee hee, what are you afraid of? With our seven little spirits here, whoever comes will be beaten. Er …" Guangling shook his little arm and suddenly found something. "Sorry, watery is not here, but the six little spirits can still fight!"
"Yes, brother Guangling’s words win my heart the most. If anyone makes the boss angry, I will set fire to him." Huoling opened his blood basin and made a small mouth, but it looked like a red cherry at this time.
"Come on, you little boys, you only know how to bully us MM, and you don’t know what heavenly kings, wise kings and angels you are up against. Can you still do it?" Li Qiang put on his mouth and disdained the tunnel.
"You this MM, also too look down upon our seven little spirits, if it weren’t for … if it weren’t for …," fire aura.
"If it weren’t for anything, little one," Li Qiang held his head high and teased the fire spirit.
"I won’t talk to you, you wait for special training!" Fire spirit bold tunnel, hands a scratch, and then back up his hands crossed hands, in the tsing lung ship conference room all sitting around the round table, flustered and frustratedly walked up and down.
Meeting atmosphere to fire spirit, so light smile and laughter, suddenly relaxed, soil spirit jumped out to clap fire spirit, "forget it, fire spirit elder brother, this sister MM’s hair is very long, let’s not dispute with her. I can’t tell her clearly. "
"Little boy, what do you mean by long hair?" Tong Ya asked in surprise.
"short knowledge!" Tu Ling made a face and ran away.
"Little boy …"
"Eldest brother, have something to say hello, I’m going to take shelter for a while. In the TV I watched before, MM got angry and asked the big man to kneel and rub the washboard. I can fight, kneel and rub the washboard, but I can’t. Flash. "
"Ha, ha," they looked at Li Qiang’s red face and couldn’t help laughing. Unknown so, the five little spirits present, such as Guang Ling, looked strangely left and right, then at himself, and giggled.
"Well, stop laughing!" Seeing that the atmosphere was about the same, Tianxin said, "With our present strength, it is definitely impossible to play positional warfare with millions of troops from five major forces. Let’s fight guerrilla warfare in depth, and maybe we can keep them all. "
"Deep guerrilla warfare?" They asked strangely.
"Yes, I went to call in and fight with them for a period of time; The four dragons and starships played the second array and concentrated their fire on the low-level immortals. The third array, led by Dolly, Mu Ling, Huo Ling and Tu Ling, consisted of space-based soldiers, ichthyosaur corps, internal energy corps and black armor security corps. When people with five major forces appeared, they concentrated their fire to annihilate them. Light and dark spirits can also make moves, but pay close attention to the experts who may come from the other side in the direction of the earth or other directions. At that time, I will come back to cooperate with you. "
"Boss, isn’t it a little too dangerous for you to go alone?" The daughters worried about the tunnel.
"Don’t worry, it’s not a hard fight with them. This is the direction of moving up, down, left, right, east, south, west and north. If you can’t beat it, you can escape." As laughed.
"The boss is wise." I don’t know when the earth spirit slipped back and shouted in unison with the other five spirits.
"A batch of pony farts." Li Qiang scolded. The other women are particularly helpless. They don’t understand why the seven spirits just don’t dump them.
Man is a knife, I am a fish.
In the corner of new york, the heart-pounding sirens resounded through the sky, and the city just looked at 101 black men. The wind rustled the fallen leaves, but it could not move the heavy machine guns behind them. In front of them, the seemingly ordinary ground suddenly cracked, and a huge black muzzle leaned out of its head and pointed at this group of armed men.
"Fight, give me a hard blow to death these bastards." A voice in the battery said bitterly.
"Mama of, it’s really overreaching to want to find trouble with me and Tianmen with this thing."
Niv Monty looked at the flying shells and shook his head. For several days, he has been bathed in human artillery fire. Although he was totally embarassed every time, the worst time was when he was beaten on the ground and smashed out of a deep pit without any damage. It’s still the same this time. This creature has no tricks. After the loud noise, he smoothed his messy hair, strode out of the cloud of fire and smoke, screamed out, shouted at the big man in black behind him, and several Guanghua flashed, the battery turned into a fireball, and the scattered debris was mixed with screams. Youhachen, a "wise demon", caressed the smoky machine gun and laughed and cried, "It’s enjoyable, enjoyable. It’s really enjoyable when these things are used to kill creatures."
Next to him, another devil-level master Huahua rushed into the dense bullet stream, roaring with laughter and machine guns. At this time of vigorous fighting, heavy footsteps and mechanical roar came from a distance, and a large number of soldiers rushed after tanks, armored vehicles and missile launch vehicles.
"Brothers, start work, someone with a better guy has arrived, and rushed for me." With the barking of Hehe Monty, he threw away the machine gun he had won just a moment ago, stamped his feet on the ground, and when the dense tank shells, armor-piercing projectiles and missiles were near him, he flew into the air, struck with his right hand, and the black gas swept like a gust of wind, and the tanks flew backwards and armored vehicles sideways, and a large number of soldiers were groaning. He cursed bitterly. "Shit, I can’t help but fight at all. This time, Jin Dao is still used."
"Hehe boss, I told you long ago that it would be a little interesting to play with them with their things. You just have to show off with your hehe magic, which I don’t know how many women have trained. It’s strange that you have to get addicted." Youha dust sneered.
Niv monty snorted, "I’m protecting the environment. These humans are nothing, some rotten implements. As soon as they make a move, they scatter sand and stones all over the ground, the house and the surrounding area, and the smoke is everywhere, so that they can’t help but fight with them. One finger is pitted."
"Tube him, those rubble, then call brother magic fire cleaning, now the most important thing is enough. We are a dozen in the underworld, and now we are a dozen people, which is very fulfilling! If you fall down, you can get up, and finally you will tear those guys who bite off more than you can chew, or grab some shivering guys,’ click’, break their necks, and break that little white cloth. Damn it, they are cowards, and they will surrender without seeing if they have enough money. Bah, what will such a waste do! " Especially the dust scold a way.
"Hey hey, do you really think you have any achievements, not just with a pair of body where to rush. It’s too tiring to play like this, and it’s not interesting at all, "Hehe Monty shook his head." I thought of a better way. Let them fight, just like their boxing match. Still the champion, I only shook my fist when I went up, and before I hit my upper body, the champion had no bones. So let them fight, and I will be the commander holding the girl. I think it will be more enjoyable. "
"Ha, ha, hehe, you are right after my heart, fighting with these guys who have no strength is very boring. Why don’t we fight with them and maybe see what fun they can make us enjoy? And the boss, you go to the north, I go to the south, and I can’t beat you; But if we organize two groups of creatures to fight, your creature may not be my opponent, ha, ha. "
"Hum, I’ll fight with you and show you the wisdom of monty. Is it that your crazy devil head can match!" Niv monty YinYin smile.
"It’s a deal, let the demons stop, we dispatch troops, and they will follow whoever they like. Anyway, we just command, regardless of fighting, more and less meaningless. As long as I don’t do it myself, I dare to fight 10 thousand monty, "Yohachen showed no weakness."
The two of them discussed it properly, called 99 demons together, and immediately agreed. In the words of one demon, "It’s boring to do it yourself. Maybe it’s ok to go to the theatre."
Coincidentally, in Europe, Prince Lip was tired of killing, and he also came up with the idea of establishing power. "The western gods can hold up a holy see, hehe, I will hold up a current force, and their weapons are not good, but it is still ok to play with those believers and monks in the western holy see."
In the United States, Africa and Europe, a bloody power war has been launched. Demons of all sizes pull and arrest everyone they see. On the issue of selecting leaders, the concept of "the strong is the most important" has been interpreted to the extreme. It is no problem for black boxers to be captains. Fine-skinned politicians have become soldiers with guns trembling. Those who raise objections and think they are noble have their heads kicked out in the air.
This situation is better in Europe. After all, the blood clan is too weak, and the supreme spirit of the southern blood demon world does not want to have too much conflict with the western god king Gogol. Therefore, only hundreds of blood clans are allowed to fool around under the guidance of Prince Lip.
Demons, demons and angels can live without food, but people are different. Demons, big and small, killed indiscriminately, and the circulation network on which modern society depends was completely interrupted. The number of people who died of hunger far exceeded the number who were killed or killed. Big cities no longer exist, the population in mountainous areas is exploding, people are short of clothes and food, and they are miserable and inexplicable. Everyone’s eyes are shining with hatred. No one can escape. Demons and demons hate people who give up their living land. Passenger planes, ships and warships are smashed with one punch, while ships and warships that walk in the water are sinking.
The world economic structure is completely broken. Tianxin Group’s branches in America, Africa and Europe are all gone. In the sea entertainment empire, Milan looked at the last news sent by the branches through nerve wave signals, and her heart ached like a knife. She could only look at the distant starry sky and cry. "Natural selection, survival of the fittest? When everything exists by instinct, just like the three-light policy that the Japanese implemented in China in the 1930 s, it is very terrible. "
Most of the employees of the group branch have a good life. They have the internal energy to practice, and in the cruel instinctive selection, they all become leaders, small leaders, or selected as the leader guard. However, under the command of the devil, a "civil war" was waged, and one of our own beat one of our own to survive.
Milan is speechless, and can only send all signals to the deep blue base to promote the return of the soldiers in space; While comforting the branch staff, let them try their best to save themselves, and then let them personally take revenge.
Southeast Asia and Oceania, which are not valued by the five major forces, are scared silly by the horrors in Europe, North America and North Africa. They don’t know when it will be their turn in such a terrible situation. People’s minds have changed and they have turned their attention to China, the most powerful country on earth. Zhongnanhai, frowning, the horrors of several continents, see in the eyes, surprised in the heart, only to strengthen propaganda guidance, strengthen combat readiness. Develop weapons that can kill and kill big men in black.
If you don’t break out in silence, you will perish in silence.
Milan made an action that shocked the world at this moment, and sent a letter to the Devil Zun of the North Tian Ma World on the North American continent, demanding that Qin Wudao punish two monty and 100 devil-level masters who destroyed the North American branch of Tianxin Group.
"The demon in the northern underworld respects Qi, and the demon in the southern underworld respects Qi. Tianxin Group is kind to people and implements the three systems because human beings have the right to survive and the basic rights and interests of survival. Tianxin Group’s three systems are applicable to the group and any insurance company under the group, and are applicable to the maritime entertainment empire. Today, our Tianxin Group’s companies in North America, Africa and northwest Europe have been destroyed by others, violating the’ everyone judge system’ of the group’s three systems. The Group will implement punitive intervention in the near future. I hope that you will do it yourself and be kind to the United States, Europe and people’s livelihood. "
Milan may be impulsive or unbearable. When the old Lin died, such a relative made her feel miserable. Now, the overseas companies under the group have been slaughtered, and many senior staff members are familiar with each other and die in the blink of an eye. The bad news really makes her feel that she should do something! She believes that the boss has this ability! Milan’s character, this move, is accidental and inevitable. However, her actions brought great pressure to Chaduc’s deputy Tielin, and numerous security forces guarded Milan’s residence.