It’s a treasure once and for all, but it’s a jade charm that has the power to strike at the peak of the golden elixir. He has always been reluctant to use it, but today when he sees the bronze mirror, he has to do his best to kill Haikui and get it. What is this jade charm after having the bronze mirror?
Iron proud born eyes don’t blink mouth spit out a mouthful of true qi hands pinch tactic quickly refers to a tiny golden symbol suddenly on the jade operator quickly raised.
Iron proud life coldly looking at Haikui eyes fade.
Chapter 139 I let you go!
Haikui took a bronze mirror to resist Liang Dingnan’s black charcoal stick while watching the black wooden stick floating in front of the iron proudly hit the bronze mirror and made a clanking noise. Haikui came to the left just like playing table tennis, so he waved the mirror to the left and fanned the mirror to the right, and he waved the mirror to the right. From time to time, he also made a hoo-hoo-hoo sound to cooperate with his movements, which looked very comfortable.
Iron proud eyes cold light increasingly rich now staring at is a joy to resist the black stick Haikui one hand a finger in front of the jade symbol suddenly shot on the golden symbol flashing constantly one by one symbol from the jade symbol gives fully arranged on a line, a total of nine symbols.
He never saw three symbols flash quickly and the finished glyph appeared around Haikui. A golden electro-optic light visible to the naked eye connected among the three symbols to form a trap and surrounded Haikui.
Haikui only felt his eyelids jump. Looking at this sudden golden symbol, he felt that the energy contained was huge.
Liang Dingnan’s black charcoal stick has been waved back by Liang Dingnan and looked at those golden symbols strangely and said, "It’s a treasure with this magic weapon. This boy is dead."
Haikui stretched out his palm and turned it into invisible qi. His big hand grasped the golden symbol around him.
Iron proud sneer at hands tactic a change immediately the rest of the six golden symbols lined up and rushed to the sea Kratos.
Haikui grabbed a golden symbol, which quickly exploded in his angry thugs, and the impact was so great that Haikui could not help but retreat three steps.
Iron proud eyebrows slightly wrinkled a refers to a rune quickly rushed over and instantly hit Haikui’s chest. Shanghai Kui only felt a tightness in the chest, pressed back one mouthful blood and spit out this golden rune and disappeared.
The blink of an eye of the second golden rune is still followed by a loud hum in Haikui’s chest, and his chest is bleeding rapidly and his flesh is bloody.
The third golden rune then comes to this again. If you hit the chest again, Haikui will definitely be penetrated. In a crisis, one mouthful blood is sprayed on the golden rune, and the tip of the tongue is holding his teeth to protect the body. The qi is crazy. The work is absorbed quickly. At this crisis, his true yuan is lost too fast. He has no time to think about it all by instinct and his own spells.
Absorb power * * quickly absorb the energy of golden runes and turn it into spiritual power, all of which are absorbed in Haikui’s body.
The third rune hits the protective qi of Hai Kui. Shanghai Kui shivers all over, but grits his teeth to work hard. * * Before the rune explodes, he absorbs it and turns it into the qi in his body.
Iron proud life was coldly looking at, but suddenly found wrong is also very surprised, if I were under this precious jade operator, I’m afraid I don’t have any strength to fight back, but this boy actually survived three times and the weird third time didn’t aggravate the injury.
He frowned and dashed the rune again.
The fourth, the fifth and the sixth rune rushed towards Haikui at the same time, which was equivalent to a full blow in the later period of then. Although Haikui was in the infancy of a fairyland, he could not be injured under this power, so he was in such a mess.
The protective qi was a little overwhelmed by the beating just now. At this time, it is impossible to let three hairs on his body suddenly fight hard at first.
The bronze mirror in his hand was photographed towards the three golden runes that came.
With a bang, the rune and the bronze mirror collided and gave off dazzling golden light. Several people were instantly covered with golden light and lost their vision for a while, and they couldn’t see anything except golden light.
Haikui only felt the stabbing pain all over his body, and hurriedly gritted his teeth and ran crazy to absorb the work * * and absorbed all the aura and mana around him into the body.
When the golden light slowly dispersed, the tingling feeling on Haikui also gradually disappeared. Tie Aosheng and Liang Dingnan had already retreated when the golden rune exploded. At this time, they looked at the strange scene with their eyes wide open.
The golden light is divided into two parts, one part is drilled into Haikui’s body, the other part is absorbed by the bronze mirror, and all of it is absorbed in just a few seconds.
Although Haikui looks like a bloody person, the wounds on his body are healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. This is the mystery of absorbing power. The absorbed spiritual force is enough to reshape the flesh.
Tieao sheng only felt that his mind was blank. He had never met such a thing.
The greed in his heart was like a fire, which was suddenly extinguished by a cold water splash. There was some confusion in his eyes, but he knew that he was far from the attack power of the jade operator, so he turned and ran without thinking.
Liang Dingnan knew that Tieao Sheng had just taken out the precious jewels, but he was bent on killing Haikui to avenge his apprentice, so he didn’t run away.
Haikui’s stabbing pain disappeared, but the wound above his chest had to be half-absorbed, and the aura he absorbed was not enough to support all the repairs. At this time, he just wanted to absorb the real force again.
See the release of jade operator iron proud ran Haikui shape flash quickly catch up to iron proud behind stretched out his hand to give directions.
Iron proud Ben was flying in the royal air when he suddenly felt the true qi lag for an instant. He fell down and fell half to death on the ground. Ouch! Ouch! Cried!
Haikui also fell on the ground and slowly walked up to him and held out her hand.
Tie Aosheng looked at Haikui in horror and reached out and panicked, "Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I don’t want the mirror, please don’t kill me."
Bao Jing Hai Kui raised the bronze mirror to Tie Aosheng’s face and asked, "Do you know this mirror?"
Tie Ao-sheng nodded. "This is a thing of ghosts, and it is a mysterious mirror of supreme ghosts and gods."
Haikui raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, "Do you know how to use it?"
Tie Aosheng just wanted to live at this time, but he dared not say, "This is because I followed my master to see this mysterious mirror of the supreme god and ghost in the Ghost Sect. It can be used to conjure up the opposing side to fight with it through legal decisions, but it has something to do with the caster’s level."
When he said this, Haikui immediately understood why the man said that it was called imitation, which means the same thing as liu er macaques. Isn’t liu er macaques just imitating the Monkey King and their powers are the same?