"I can’t find this person." Shi Ya has some nai. "If you come, you will give me a very small scope and didn’t say his name. Of course, I can’t find it." Game handsome eyebrow a wrinkly die tight "you didn’t even find the name" shiya is very popular in the city, if even she

Can brotherhood be worth 72 thousand

Seventy-two thousand has surprised these poor people like this, and you won’t kill me because my price is too high until the first night of the auction in Wu Qingqing. Wait, wait, wait for the auction. At the first night in Wu Qingqing, I will let you know what a real noble is. What about

At this time, the obedience of Huatian Zongdi has reached the critical point of life and death. The inferno is cruel. Presumably, everyone knows that people immediately enter the position of war to fight against the inferno army. The great sound of the elders Huatian Zongtai sounded in a Huatian City, and the powerful people rose from Huatian City to the wall of Huatian City.

Despite the large number of inferno troops, Huatian Zongwu is still well prepared after being surprised. At this time, we can see that Huatian Zongwu can stand in this Millennium not because of luck, but because of real strength. Now that the inferno attack is just around the corner, you have made great contributions this

Xin Qing nodded and explained that the demon domain is extremely vast, and there are quite a few large and small regions, which are roughly divided into four domains: east, west, north and south, while our beast domain is the junction of the western regions and the northern region, which is also known as one of the most chaotic regions in the demon domain.

Oh, Lin’s eyebrows are slightly raised. How can I hear this? Here comes another place that will make people feel headache. In some other areas of the demon domain, most forces are completely separated, and although the major races are frictional, they are generally flat, but only in this beast war domain, there are constant