Seventy-two thousand has surprised these poor people like this, and you won’t kill me because my price is too high until the first night of the auction in Wu Qingqing.
Wait, wait, wait for the auction. At the first night in Wu Qingqing, I will let you know what a real noble is.
What about the Li family? The Li family has more money than you, and I have 72 thousand.
Besides, this is not a question of money or not, but a family meeting.
Xie Dongyu’s small eyes are full of adoration. This kind of person who doesn’t care about money spends 72 thousand silver with his mouth open. It’s so handsome and cool
Brother fu, I must tell you
Fu Chen almost jumped from the second floor on a shaky footing, but these things didn’t work out.
Ps Tibetan brothers are in urgent need of recommended votes, and this guarantee will be very cool.
The third watch will be updated around eleven o’clock.
Chapter 42 The third more maiden’s first night
Chapter 42 A third girl’s first night is here.
Thousands of people in Shengbaotang heard that Fu Chen opened his mouth and all of them gasped for entertainment.
Thousands of people’s heads seem to have agreed to look at Fu Chen together.
This is too fucking challenging our limits.
The first big family lost its family, but it’s no small matter that it costs 72 thousand to buy weapons at 32 thousand. It’s really famous that it’s even better to meet without meeting.
Seventy-two thousand silver. This is the life of an ordinary family.
It’s 42 thousand higher than Li Jia Yi Lee. Is this still an auction? Just change it to sky-high price.
However, people didn’t recognize Fu Chen as a prodigal move in their hearts. For such a super family, everything has to be family-faced. Compared with the four big families, the Li family is too small.
It can’t be mentioned in the same breath. The price in Yi Lee is almost the normal price in the auction industry, but Fu Chen’s 72,000 is more than twice the price in Yi Lee.
Yi Lee Rao means to look at Fu Chen with a smile. It’s the first big family, but the hand is unusual.
Fu Chen smile is a response.
In my heart, my evaluation of Yi Lee has reached a higher level. This guy is really not simple. This price is obviously a slap in the face of the Li family. Not only is he not angry, but he can also give up his mind calmly and calmly. This guy is a strong opponent in the future.
The Li family is really unfathomable.
Qingfeng Jian was not surprised that Fu Chen took it and sold several weapons, and then antiques. These things were charming and enchanting, and Feifei’s auction price also soared, and all auctions were expensive.
Fu Chen thinks of Feifei’s love concept of breaking up at dawn in a man’s bed. You know, in this plane continent, human ideas are very conservative. Although men can have three wives and four concubines, there are really few women who dare to challenge the moral limit like this, and she can withstand the pressure of public opinion. She must be the only one who knows.
A woman with such a view of love as Feifei’s is likely to be a great stimulus to men in mainland China, and it is even more exciting to arouse men’s desire. In a sense, Feifei’s view of love is very similar to a modern one-night stand.
However, Fu Chen didn’t take Feifei too seriously. Although she had chased her, at that time, she looked down on herself and didn’t even touch her hands, let alone play rock music in bed.
These are, of course, things before Fu Chen crossed. Now he pays attention to whether it is very fall in price to auction some three or four Dan medicines at such a huge auction as Shengbaotang.
Refined pharmacists are divided into one to nine, but is Biyuan mainland so poor that it doesn’t even have some high-level refined pharmacists?
Thousands of people in this low-Dan medicine face are crazy about asking for the price like a pervert meeting a pure girl.
Every bottle of Dan medicine is auctioned at an unimaginable price. At this time, in their eyes, how much money is not as precious as the bottle of Dan medicine in front of them.
I also bought a bottle of Dan medicine antiques in the middle flowering period.
After the Dan medicine auction, Feifei, the beauty auctioneer, finally pulled the long-awaited first night auction of girls.
Two girls walked backstage, and these two were the top two girls in today’s auction.
Thousands of eyes are all in one brush, and the girl who is wearing ornamental ornaments in the room is hesitant to wear ornamental ornaments, which is even more hazy and looming. The attraction of beautiful legs like jade and small waist like a water snake simply makes men feel crazy and greedy for thousands of people, enjoying the allure of girls, especially when no men have touched girls.
Rao is Fu Chen’s concentration and high strength, and she can’t help but lock herself in that beautiful woman’s breasts and tight clothes, squeezing her pile of proud peaks tightly, which makes people want to climb hard at first sight.
I cann’t believe I still have cleavage
After exercising his body from the ancient compass, his hearing and vision are several times that of ordinary people. From his point of view, he can see well
A total of three girls, Wu Bo’s sister Wu Qingqing, were auctioned at the auction, and the first two were auctioned at a high price of 302,352.
Judging from the price, people are more interested in girls’ first night than Dan medicine, weapons and antiques, and spend a lot of money.
Xie Dongyu is even more excited about it.
Feifei moved her gentle and graceful charming body and walked to the center of the auction table. It seemed that her face was flushed with the warm atmosphere of the auction, but it was another attractive taste.
It makes people want to see it, and their emotions are boiling.
Face to face is the last auction project of Tangtang, and it is also the most wonderful auction of Tangtang. Let’s warmly welcome Miss Wu Qingqing, who has been highly regarded by Zhongyuan City.
Fifi deliberately provoked the auction to an unimaginable height.
The crowd shouted that people had stood up and shouted loudly, Qingqing Qingqing.
Fu Chen wondered if these guys who took the lead in calling Wu Qingqing’s name were so shameless when Sheng Baotang deliberately found him.