Don’t worry. I’ll take all the demons here and return them to Du Jie. You have to wait here for a few days. Let’s say goodbye after you refine the demon Dan.
Ulla expressed her willingness to accept Leitian to rule Leitian, which only took hu a few days to transform this city inferno, and at the same time, she refined a demon Dan Naola.
Ula turned into the demon Dan and entered the demon gourd world. He had just entered the Armageddon Cloud and was already formed.
The demon Dan Y force will transform his Yuan God into a black S-ray, which will hit Ulla with dizziness and brain swelling. It is impossible for the demon Dan to immediately turn a Jin Xian into a demon race. It is really difficult for him to bear the thunder force as an inferno.
The demon Dan’s Y force was called by the thunder-robbing team and merged into Ulla’s body. This Ulla could not have advanced pick Jin Xian even if she survived the doom. It seems that it is hopeless to build pick Jin Xian by the demon spirit gourd.
After other demons enter the demon spirit gourd, it is almost inevitable to be advanced, but when it comes to the realm of Jin Xian, this benefit is gone. Don’t say that Jin Xian is a true fairy. Isn’t it already accumulated to the apex and will not be advanced when entering the demon spirit gourd?
True fairy is not limited.
Leitian stabilized his mind and knew that he was the Tao. This function made him eager for success.
If the demon spirit gourd can make a large number of pick Jin Xian, what should we practice?
It’s better to make the false fairy advanced than the horror. What hallows can do this?
That Ula Du Jie was earth-shattering. It was a black S-ray, and then it was a disaster, and then it was a catastrophe.
He’s an ordinary Jin Xianxiu, so it’s definitely a disaster. He can’t get past Leitian and secretly sucked all these strange doom into the ruler of the stars and gods.
Stars and gods ruler can absorb the enemy’s attack. Although it can’t be transformed into immortals, it can be sent to Leitian again. Now there are thirty-six black hu in Jiang Yan, and there are five stars in the ruler that have different powers.
If you want to unify the southern continent in this underworld for 60 years, it will definitely not be enough to know yourself. The best way is to plunder and not build.
It is estimated that you are the real devil in the eyes of people in the underworld.
That Ula was beaten to death by Jin Xian’s robbery, but he couldn’t advance to pick Jin Xian. In fact, it is equal to re-establishing Yuan Shen, which is also a great benefit for him. After an advanced pick Jin Xian, his achievement will be ten times greater than that of Lai.
He is such a magic weapon that even the advanced pick Jin Xian’s strength is too much worse than that of the usual pick Jin Xian, and after being transformed into the demon family, his ability to come can be increased. The road of uniting the demon family’s magic is also leitian to cultivate him.
This golden fairy robbery lasted for three days and nights, and all the creatures in the demon gourd hid far away to see that the robbery cloud dispersed and Leitian came to Ula.
Thank you, Zhang N, for giving Wula the opportunity to achieve a higher fairy position. Wula prostrated himself.
Leitian laughed and said, don’t salute like this in our demon race n.
Ula thought, I don’t want to do this either, but I can’t help but worship him without knowing how to see you, but I don’t know that being transformed into a demon family by a demon spirit gourd is such an attitude even in Jin Xian.
Okay, let me ask you, who is Jiang Yan?
The demon spirit gourd world is isolated from the outside world. Asking Jiang Yan Jiang Yan here will not produce any vigilance in my heart.
Ulla got up and said, she is the heir of the ginger family. In the underworld, the ginger family is stronger than the three realms. Don’t provoke her.
Is the master of the ginger family a pick Jin Xian?
I don’t know how many times it is said that the demon throne is stronger than the demon king.
This heir
Generally, there are more than three heirs in the underworld family, especially in this cross-border family, Jiang Yan, the nine heirs of the Jiang family, ranks third, which means that even if she can’t control a family in the future, she will control a world.