Everyone held their breath and said nothing.
No matter the old minister or the new minister, even the veteran, I dare not be their snake king temple again, but this can’t change the old habit and bad temper.
Especially when it comes to violence today, whoever doesn’t know enough will die and die miserably. On the theory that the snake king retakes the snake palace and defeats the dragon palace, it should be full of spring, but I don’t know that Cass’s face is dark and dark for nearly 3 days according to the time.
Don’t look at his majestic temple, he looks lazy and noble, but in his heart, he is more upset than when he hears that he just got the bride back. He won’t let his roommate talk to him, and he won’t even bother to directly shut the door and pity them for their help.
Everyone sighed lightly for an instant, and the hall was full of tangy heat.
Do you want to die
Cass raised his eyes, red eyes and sharp eagle clenched his hands and asked at the bottom of the temple. Damn it, that stupid woman didn’t know what was wrong with him. He was shut out of the door every day, hard and soft, and he was told to roll up his bags and get out of here quickly.
What’s wrong with him? What kind of woman does a snake king want, but he has to be mean to her. I can’t stand it any longer. I have to continue to think about it. It’s full of gas and it’s silted up into a disease. Suddenly, my ears screamed that the princess was gone.
Cass suddenly flew up from the golden chair, lifted her skirt, jumped to the bedroom, pushed the door and shouted angrily, where is the princess?
When the handmaiden came back from breakfast for the princess
Caspar kicked the door to pieces and sped off, picking up a handkerchief and stirring up the phoenix eyes with bloodthirsty light. When I caught Han Yee, you were dead. This stupid woman was really evil. I asked him to get married today and let her run. She couldn’t run, but he caught her and had to beat her ass. Hum, that air conditioning roared in the wind, pedaling around in colorful clouds, and he couldn’t think where the stupid woman could run when she was unfamiliar with the road.
The snake palace is empty to the east, and the phoenix runs away panting with its bags. Its face is red and its hair is messy. From time to time, it looks back at the snake king Kass and doesn’t make track for it.
Strange to say, it’s Korea’s crooked body, so people everywhere compete for the snake, Wang Long, who is too superstitious to love. I think the fox has been charming and seductive for five years, but it’s not half as good as that girl.
Take a breath and cover your chest. Phoenix stops to have a rest. I feel in distress situation. I come to Korea to make an appointment for a change of soul. What do you expect? This snake king intervened in it and robbed her. He didn’t say that he still wanted her to get married. Even if he charmed her again, an early Mo Xie in her heart would never betray her. He misunderstood her and didn’t secretly abscond, thinking about her and shouldered her bags and fled forward.
Suddenly, a vigorous tone came in front of me, and when I looked up, I saw a tall man wearing a mask, a black mask covering his face, and a black satin looked tall and straight, especially his eyes were faintly mysterious and proud, and there was a faint danger.
who are you
Phoenix panting asked.
You don’t need to know who I am, because the dead fox doesn’t need to know the hunter’s name. He replied that he was very domineering and concluded that Phoenix would die today with that strange treasure knife in his hand.
You want to kill me?
Phoenix flinched and trembled with fear. I can guess that this man is not an ordinary person and exudes strength. He is a dangerous character to be reckoned with, and his mask must have hidden secrets, even a little inexplicable.
You can’t escape.
What, what, you want to kill me, you hate me, you kill me, it’s good
Because you’re in my way
The man suddenly raised his big knife and chopped at Phoenix. The rapid attack frightened Phoenix but left no room to strike back. He felt that the knife stabbed her heart, her blood was completely frozen, and her soul was torn apart in an instant.
At the moment of death, her bony eyes stared as if she had seen something that surprised her. Before the man left, he caressed the black mask and kicked the bloody body with a sinister smile on his mouth. The solution always needs to be solved, so he seems to treat the phoenix as Korea.
The gurgling blood dripped all the way to the vicinity of the Snake Palace, smelling the bloody smell. Cass flew down from the clouds and stepped on the bloody blood, and suddenly found that the charming body was cold and the blood dried up, and even the soul was scattered.
Screaming and screaming, the snake palace kass carefully held the phoenix in his arms before stumbling, wiped her mouth and put her face on her cold cheek.
Instantaneous rupture of the heart
Without the slightest sign, he was torn by the softest wind in the world. I could vaguely hear the creaking sound, and his mouth was full of black blood.
I can’t believe it. Cass caressed her face, wiped her lips, kissed her eyelashes, hugged her tightly and shouted over and over again.
Waiyatou Waiyatou
He is desperate to cast spells for her and wants to save her even if he runs out of life. In that virtual fog, he cries that the world is long and narrow except for tearing like a beast, and the corners of his eyes are full of water mist, so he drips with her cold body.
Tear your voice, shout, and be grumpy, and order you to get up. Get up, and wake up a snake palace. Everyone can witness the tragic scene.
He held her tightly, put a spell on her, and tried to warm her tears drop by drop, but the cold cheeks brought him deeper injuries.
He called her up again and again until her throat was hoarse, but she was still stubborn, holding down the Adam’s apple and shouting, stupid woman, get up for me, get up for the king, I want to marry you, want you to be my only princess, and his tears turned into blood, which was so shocking that others’ hearts ached. Slowly, he became very silent without saying a word or growling, and hugged her tightly. He stood up slightly and stretched out his arm to become a long knife, so he and she went with him.
What would I do without you?
There’s no such thing as begging you to have pity on me.
Everything was like a nightmare, which made him numb with pain. Cass stumbled and picked her up and glanced to the west, hoping that the afterlife would be both blissful to the west. I haven’t washed your feet yet, and Cass muttered that I haven’t painted your eyebrows. He stroked her eyebrows and her armor was soaked with blood. Seeing that he was heartbroken, Aluyaka Lub hurriedly grabbed Cass’s sleeve before flying.