Yin Jing Cheng of Xuanyin Mountain
At this time, the huge square at the top of Xuanyin Mountain was crowded with people, which was very lively. Many square forces gathered in this moment, and all kinds of noises gathered together, and finally they rose to the sky and spread far away, and they could be vaguely heard.
In some seats in the square, there are some big names such as various sects in the wild county, and at first glance, the number is quite large. Even the great magic door Murray Wu Meng Wu Zong is in it, and this array is quite luxurious.
I heard that these two days, they seem to have brought over the famous sects in Wild County.
Hey, according to my news, Yin Jingzong seems to want to form an alliance with the wild county forces and then completely squeeze into the top forces of Dayan Dynasty.
What this Teng brake ambition should be so big? There are many forces in the wild county. It’s easy to talk about it together, and the strength of the Great Magic Gate Wu Meng is not weaker than that of Yin Hou Zong. How could they allow such a thing?
Tengzha entered the realm of nature, and it is difficult to find an opponent in the wild county. Plus the rich background of Yin Jingzong, it is also a little bit of this information.
It’s difficult
In that huge square, look at those seats several times, and the sects of all sides will teach each other one by one, whispering in a low voice and quietly waiting to swing.
However, for those many whispering seats, some sects are still, so that people can guess what they are thinking
Suddenly, a bell rang out in the noise all over the sky. Suddenly, the noise became quiet. Many eyes looked at the front of the square, where there was the seat of Yin after the clan, and in the center there was the Teng brake of Yin after the clan.
In that many eyes, Teng brake slowly got up and slightly appeared in a faint smile. He said to the fuels around him, Today, you can come to me and thank me here first.
Teng brake words are also immediately let some sectarian forces hand in hand to reckon. Everyone knows that this Yin after the strongest even the big magic door Wu Meng dare not offend them.
Hehe, I’m sure everyone is curious that you will come to Tengcha today and smile, but you didn’t beat around the bush lightly. I’m sure you also know that my wild county has always been the largest county in the Great Inflammation Dynasty, but its status is not too high. The top forces in this Great Inflammation Dynasty are still the four major clans and those sects with strong backgrounds.
They enjoyed great resources in the Great Yan Dynasty, but it is really unwilling that we can be relegated to a domain.
Seat Murray Wuzong and others eyebrows a wrinkly slightly seems to know what this Teng brake wants to say, and beside them, Mu Qianwu Temple is also here. Both of them are elites, and it is also a bit heavy to see their father’s face.
Teng brake patriarch means that at this time a sectarian palm teaching is also hand way
Our wild county family is trying to squeeze into the top forces of Dayan dynasty, but if we can unite together, the top forces such as the four major clans will be on an equal footing. By then, we can definitely enjoy the resources in a wild county, and you can also enjoy the best. The words are full of temptation.
Teng brake patriarch wants us to form an alliance and is also a head of power.
Teng brake nodded with a smile and then his eyes slowly scanned the field. Finally, he stopped at Mu Leiwu Zongshen and said with a smile, I don’t know my suggestion.
It’s good to say that many people’s eyes are flashing when the sectarian forces are invited. However, it’s obviously impossible to be so simple because of this ambition, and they are also worried that they will have guns in their hands. It’s also good for the patriarch to speak. If we can form an alliance, then we will not be afraid to say that the status of the four patriarchs, the big sects with deep backgrounds, will rise more than now. Suddenly, when everyone is silent, an old man said that his words were in favor of Tengbrake’s proposal.
Hehe, today, Yin Zong’s prosperity is even stronger than Teng Brake’s patriarch’s. It is indeed able to lead our top forces to be equal. Another middle-aged man who is kind of like a tiger is also saying
Soon after these two populations, it was unexpectedly that some forces nodded their approval, and it seemed that Teng Cha Yi got a lot of approval.
Murray Wuzong’s eyes swept over those forces who agreed with him with a sneer. Why can’t they see that these forces have long been subjected to Yin after the Sect? But I know that their hearts are also heavy. In the past six months, Yin after the Sect has become more and more powerful, and it has been secretly wooing the forces that are not powerful. It is calculated that it is the first potential in the wild county, which is obviously extremely unfavorable news for the Great Demon Gate Wumeng. If even the Great Demon Gate Wumeng turns against each other, I am afraid it will be a little difficult to resist. After all, it is enough to make people extremely strong in the moment of creation.
Brother Mu Lei Wu Zongxiong didn’t know that the Teng Brake in the two recognition fields suddenly smiled and looked at Murray. Obviously, he also wanted to make the Great Magic Gate Wumeng, so this wild county base would belong to Yin Zong Tian.
This matter is too important, maybe we have to take a long-term view. That Murray Wuzong looked at each other and then laughed. Now they are afraid to refuse Teng Brake, which can be so delayed.
Smell speech that Teng brake is also a smile as if he didn’t know what Murray was thinking. After casually saying a few words, suddenly, with a wave of his hand, dozens of Yin Zong’s younger brothers carried a huge cage and walked slowly in it. A huge monster beast slammed into the cage and made a deep noise.
I’m afraid this monster beast’s fierce breath has to step into the natural environment and become a small one. Looking at the monster beast square in the cage, a series of shocking outcries suddenly broke out.
That’s the monster beast Mu Qianwu Temple in Lin. Looking at the cage monster beast’s face, it’s a slight change. Obviously, they are still quite familiar with Xiaoyan.
I’m afraid this monster beast’s strength has reached the realm of nature. I didn’t expect this to escape. The palm of Murray Wuzong’s hand was a little ugly. They all felt that they were fighting alone. Even if they changed, they couldn’t stand the small inflammation now, but Yin Wuzong was able to directly capture this doubt, which was in the table. Yin Wuzong’s strength far exceeded them.
This Teng-brake is to show us the power of the Yin Sect and demonstrate that Mu Qian’s silver fangs bite the low road.
I think everyone should be unfamiliar with this evil animal. Six months ago, Lin moved that little animal. It rushed into the Xuanyin stream at the same time. It was the little misfortune that died in it. This evil animal came alive. Today, the patriarch skinned the animal and cramped its blood in front of you to witness our Covenant. After the eyes were full of chills, he blasted the iron cage with one punch.
The cage burst, and Xiaoyan suddenly wanted to spread her blood wings and escape. However, before it left, the Teng brake was a step with a big hand and a huge force. The palm was semi-formed and then slapped on Xiaoyan’s body.
Xiaoyan’s body slammed into the square, and huge cracks spread from its side, and the scales burst and the blood was crazy, which was even more miserable.
If you offend me, even a beast patriarch wants it to survive and not beg for death.